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Eureka !

Eureka ,Eureka,

Cried the tiny crow,

And his cries tore the long blanket of night.

An old crow ,

As old as dreams ,

Spread his tired wings,

And to  firmament  lifted his eyes

the sun shines but it’s not gold.

He closed his eyes and listen intently

To salt beads ‘chimes

Blue ocean shines but it’s not  gold,

Spend your journey

Looking  down at the ground

Looking for gold

And will never savour the sweetness

of soaring high .

Eureka ,Eureka,

Was the name of

A little crow who  grew old

Looking for earthly gold

that he forgot to fly like a bird.

By Sihem







An Ocean of Choices

I have always believed that life is an ocean of choices and that we always have a choice. For this I can’t put up with those who attribute their “misfortune” either to fortune or  to  “God”‘s will .

Here in my world ,a big number of  people  keep talking about “maktoub”  that mighty invisible wind that sail their boat in the ocean of life towards shores they never choose.

We can make choices  .At times I wonder why  they refuse to admit this truth ?Is it trick  to not take the responsibility of their deeds.I choose ,he chooses ,she chooses ,you choose ,they choose  .Choosing is a right like all other rights and it is  equally important to that  to freedom .Actually choice and freedom go hand  in hand ,for not choosing would make you feel deprived of your freedom  and to enjoy your freedom you have first  to exercise your right to choose .

Making choices cover all aspects of our life including relatinships, work ,health ,dreams ,money  and even love .This  might explain why the world is built on binaries ,like yes and no ,good and evil ,love and hatred, revenge and forgiveness.

From my experience,I ended up with an undeniable truth : financial independence guarantees our right to choose .No one dares to decide for you  .I know that we live in a world where rules reign and we have to comply to mainstream sociey but when the chance comes to choose ,seize it and make a choice even it is not  satisfactory .Though some decisions might be painful  for us or people around ,it’s far better than  staying on the fence , or  be a puppet in the hands of others .The  mere feeling is rewarding ;you  feel  alive and  worthy.

By Sihem

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Your Love Kept me Alive

It’s the love for a childless land that kept a farmer alive.

It’s the love for honor that kept a wounded soldier alive.

It’s the love for health that kept the sick alive.

It’s the love for challenge that kept a mountaineer alive.

It’s the love for hope that kept the unfortunate alive.

Life has many crowns ,but they are all adorned with  precious  love.

Written by arabian roses.