His love was a pact

But you love me unconditionally

You look into my heart

While he looked into my eyes

He couldn’t put up with my flaws

But you  show me the way to correct them

You hear  my long prayers

While he complained  about my loving  talks

 What is to gain from a short- lived love?

What is to gain from a secular love?

Love of a man is like sea waves,

Rises and falls

But the love of Allah i s like waterfall ; steady and strong.

 Written by arabian roses



12 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Pour ceux qui ont connu l’amour,il n’y a pas d’amour aussi beau et aussi fort que celui de Allah. جازاك الله كل خير ووفقك لما فيه رضاء الله و رسوله الكريم.

    1. Glad you did =)لان الله يحبنا وفي حب ه لنا و حبنا له نحن الفائزين لانه الله غني عن حبنا لكن نحن لانقدر ان نستغني عن حبه =) شكرا لانك اوليت وقتك و اهتمامك افكاري المتواضعة =)

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