Why I chose to be a Translator !

Apart from being one of my passions , I firmly believe in the importance of translation in this multi-cultural  vast world as a boat to  sail  towards far  lands  and  a tool to understand the inhabitants  of those lands  through bringing to light a world and a word  different from us or rather we think they are .

I once translated a poem  written by an Indian  and one of Tunisian  poets was astonished seeing the affinity between his poetic soul and that of the Indian .I remember him telling me ” the poetic soul and sensitivity is the same here and in Asia.” He’s absolutely right .

I believe in the power of translation in the dissemination of truth as well.The truth will be in the dark unless it is unvelied then spread in all directions and to achieve that  a truth seeker and a translator are required .

Though translation is an exhausting mission, the feeling when finishing the work is rewarding and beyond words .It is genesis ,genesis of one color out of two colors.

I have been working as translator for eight years now and my passion for translation grows stronger .My thirst for knowlege is never quenched either for  it’s thirst that keeps the desire for translation burning .Translation is knowledge.

By Sihem

Happy reading