A Sword with Bladed Perfume by A.Fawaz

A poem by Ahmad Fawaz ( Lebanon )
Translated by Sihem Hammouda (Tunisia )

On the battlefield of soul, your spectrum wages
Delusive torrential raids,
Your breaths fall in perfume drizzle,
And with the sunbeam, the fall of smile races,
My soul then is split into a hill scented with your jasmine,
The heart at your gaze, shattered into two battlefields ,
And the soul bursts into whimpers,
That I chant and to which respond your topography’s valleys ,
And the echo soars to the head swaggering in glee,
For the melody of whimper is complete with meeting
Even if meeting was a fantasy,
The voluptuous lips lifted me back from subconscious,
And with life I quiver and feel I ‘m still in love!!

A Sword with Bladed Perfume by A.Fawaz

يغير طيفك على جبهة النفس
غارات وهمية كالطوفان
تتساقط انفاسك زخات عطر
يسابق هطول البسمة نور الشمس
تتشظـىى روحي كتلَ أريج من ياسمينك
وينشطر الوجدان لجبهتين من نظراتك
فتنفجر الروح بآهات متناغمة
أترنم بها فتجيب وديان تضاريسك
وترد الصدى لقمّة الراس المتخايل طربا
فلحن الآه يكتمل باللقاء
حتى ولو كان اللقاء حلما
فالشفاه المختمرة تعيدني من اللاوعي
فأنبض بالحياة.. واشعر أنني ما زلت على قيد الحب.!!
أ.فواز- سيف بحد العطر-

Darkness and Mist

A poem by Abdel Hakim Atiya ( Algeria )
Translated by Sihem Hammouda (Tunisia )

Darkness and Mist

Darkness me overwhelmed,
Mist my cities shrouded,
And sorrow in all roads cloaked.
A train I am,
From the steam age,
Inside a tunnel, blindfolded,
Fumbling for gleams of sunshin
Looking for thy smile ,
Appearing on the twilight.
Sorrowful thou art ,
I , like a candle burnt ,
Toward thy doleful world set out ,
Me my muse visited,
Words of longing on paper I sprinkled ,
And exploded into passion.
The blaze of my poem,
With life burst,
I my soul surrendered
To the ocean of your eyes,
My love, I am a man into thy immersed,
A gleam of light, I am
With path, our dream I sharpened And with pens of divine secret fate wrote this passion
I defied the maze of nightmares ,
With thy love in my breaths,
I descended my soul’s defeats,
To ascended your hair tresses.
I truly admit,
I turned you into an immortal story
Because thou art
A woman who outdid Cleopatra
Zenobia and all queens of the East
Deeply-rooted thy echo in the cave s of my soul is,
All distances thou art ,
Every crossroad too .

ظلام و ضباب

غيبني الظلام
ضباب غطى مدائني
حزن لبس كل الطرق
انا مثل قطار
من عصر البخار
مغمض العينين داخل النفق
ابحث عن خيوط الشمس
ابحث عن ابتسامتك
تلوح على محيا الشفق
عندما تحزنين
احترق كالشمعة
نحو عالمك الحزين انطلق
لا اكلم احدا
جائني الالهام
انثر حروف الشوق على الورق
انفجر عشقا
وميض قصيدتي
بالحب ينفلق
ارخيت ذاتي
في بحر عينيك
وانا فيك حبيبتي انسان غرق
اني خيط من الضوء
على الدرب سننت حلمنا
والقدر بأقلام الغيب كتب هذا العشق
حملت شعلة عشقك
تحديت متاهة الكوابيس
وحبك بين انفاسي قد شهق
نزلت من انكسارات ذاتي
صعدت جدائل شعرك
اعترفت بلا بهتان و لا كذب
جعلتك قصة التاريخ
لانك امراة تفوق كيليوباترا
وزنوبيا و كل ملكات الشرق
صداك ضارب في كهوف نفسي
وكل المسافات انت
وكل مفترق الطرق

بن عطية حكيم

Don’t shoot!

Wait Sir  ! Don’t shoot !

I need to comb my tousled  hair,

And wash my stainy face.

Oh !There is a hole in my shoe too

Wait sir  ! I won’t be late ,

I am going to wear my father’s shoes,

They are as big as the  gracious sky

But they fit because I walk like him,

My grand mother told me once .

Have you ever flown a paper plane,Sir ?

There is a hole in my paper plane,

Like the hole in my father’s skull .

Wait Sir, don’t shoot !

There  on that lonely  hill ,

I saw a  flower  this morning,

Do you think my mother will forgive me for

My dishelved clothes?

I didn’t know you’re coming for me .

oh !  I found a flower for your mother  too!

You need to hurry up before  it fades

Sir ,why are your eyes full of tears  ?

Written by arabian roses




ثورة عشق

.تعاتبني اذا غضبت ولا تفهم ان الرعد يدمدم اشتياقا للمطر

تقف وسط الفوضى التي رسمتها في محرابك  مشدوها

كراهب يقرا رسائل حب لاول مرة

تقرا جنوني في قلم الشفاه المكسر وقارورة العطر المراق

.ولاتفهم سطور حنيني فيها

.هذا ليس جنونا بل ثورة عشق يحتضر في دفتر يومياتك

by arabian roses


A Fighter without arrow dedicated to Marius Mocanu

…Then they lived happily ever after.

Nay, it is neither a folktale an old sailor

Could tell to kindle the flame of adventure

       In the soul of a retired ship dimmed,

Nor a sealed love letter

From an enchantress  to a hermit.

It’s an epic about an ordinary man,

Whose  name will be chanted in battlefields

When fearless soldiers are vanquished by fear.

 Before his exploits, invincible Hercules,

And grand Hannibal would bow in awe,

For unconquerable foes they fought

But inevitable fate he tamed.

It’s an epic about an ordinary man

Who taught fallen heroes that

  Hardship is his majesty’s gift

To strong souls for only

A strong soul could bear hardship

And   when a gift is taken from you

Dig for unnoticed blessing deep in you .

Written by arabian roses





Do you love her ?

He happened to turn around,

To see her teasing  the drunk ground,

With her  bare toes like a spoiled child.

She turned to him , and his oriental  eyes

Embraced hers as

 An expatriate embracing  an old letter

Smelt of  his torn  homeland.

“Do you love her? ” She asked.

“Who?” He said

“The rain.” She answered.

“Yes  I do” He smiled.

“Who do you love more ?Me or her?” She asked.

He smiled  affectionately at her,

“Are you jealous of the rain?”He asked .

“The rain is a woman ,isn’t she?” She said.

“Yes it is.For that I love her.

Her  dormant  revolt is enkindled

By a rain drop breaking gracefully along his lips

Then travels secretly to his  covert cities.

She averted her dewy eyes,

Black pearls falling down

Her soft burning cheeks.

He approached her laughing and saying:

You are  jealous of  the rain aren’t you ?

I  love her because she resembles you

You are the rain  and she is you .”

Written by arabian roses

She and Majnoun Leila

When  night falls and his madness is allayed ,

 Towards the deserted poems she slips away.

 His French coat asks about her unknown destination,

Whenever she travels by a French painting.

And her silver earring asks the cold floor,

About a lost beloved with a feverish  longing,

While she goes on searching

In the forgotten  verses,

For an old  name  reminiscent of his name

Or a woman that resembles her

But the old poems tell her

That Majnoun Leila  is reproaching

His insanity  for she is the most  insane of all

For a beloved has nothing but his insanity

As a  sincere proof of  his eshq.

Written by arabian roses

-Majnun Layla (Arabic: مجنون لیلی‎ Majnun Layla, “Possessed by madness for Layla”) also referred to as (Persian: لیلی و مجنون‎ Leyli o Majnun, “The Madman and Layla” in Persian) is a love story that originated as a short, anecdotal poem in ancient Arabia, later significantly expanded and popularized in a literary adaptation by the Iranian poet Nizami Ganjavi who also wrote Khosrow and Shirin. It is the third of his five long narrative poems, Khamsa (the Quintet).

-ʻIshq is an Arabic word used in Arabic as well as many other languages. (Arabic: عشق‎; in Persianeshgh; in Urdu: ‎ ishq; in Darieshq; in Pashtoeshq; in Turkishaşk and in Azerbaijanieşq), means “love”.


Your Love Kept me Alive

It’s the love for a childless land that kept a farmer alive.

It’s the love for honor that kept a wounded soldier alive.

It’s the love for health that kept the sick alive.

It’s the love for challenge that kept a mountaineer alive.

It’s the love for hope that kept the unfortunate alive.

Life has many crowns ,but they are all adorned with  precious  love.

Written by arabian roses.


The storyteller

The rain  her princely dance finished,

And to the  moist stage rainbow ascended.

The young storyteller hastily  unfolded

His shawl  then spread  on the  ground.

The children  were waiting restlessly,

Like a bracelet around

A Persian princess’s  ivory ankle,

And a hungry flame is burning inside.

Tell us the story of

Th seaman and the mermaid

Or the wizard who lost his magic wand.

An angelic whisper lulled the

Dusky souls hiding in the old tales

Forgotten in The young storyteller’s saddlebag.

Today I am going to tell you

The story of  orange ,yellow, blue

Green,violet ,indigo and red;

The seven  brothers  living in harmony together

Melting into each other ,

But never become one,

For their difference is what wove

The rainbow  .The storyteller princely said.

Written by arabian roses

Casa /Home

Trate de escribir

una canción de libertad.

cierro mis ojos,

pero lo único que veo

es a una mariposa

atrapada en telarañas

y a una muñeca

perdiendo su casa…

Written by arabian roses


I tried to write

a song about freedom.

I closed my eyes

But all that I can see

Is a butterfly caught in


And a doll that lost her home.

Written by arabian roses

Obsessive love

Your obsessive love  is torturing  me ,

Like a boat under the mercy

Of  a capricious wind.

And the aroma  from a tender caress,

Left in my books,

has opened my wounds,

Like a wounded pirate

Embracing the serene sand,

and suffering in silence

his loss.

Written by arabian roses

Amor obseso

Tu amor obseso me tortura,

Como   barco  a la merced

Del viento caprichoso.

Y el aroma de una  caricía tierna

que dejaste  en mi libros

abriendo   mi heridas ,

Cual  un pirata lacerado

Abrazando arena serena,

 Sufriendo en silencio

Su pérdida .

Written by arabian roses

The soothsayer

She took his rough hand in hers,
Passionately embraced his soft gaze,
Then closed her enchanting eyes,
“A thorny path is awaiting you “,
The soothsayer  whispered, 
“With rubies it is studded.”
 A  diamond  escaped her eyes .
To his lips he raised her trembling hand,
Kissed  her palm, then  reassuringly  said:
“A wife’s satin touch  can smoother  the unevenness of life ,
And a mother’s  passionate prayer can remove  unyielding mountains.”
No charm can  shield a soldier,
The wife in disguise ,tearfully continued,
Against  the fatal clasp  of fortune.
He was molded  in  his mother’s womb
And  will end up in the earth’s womb.
So will all mortal souls.
Written by arabian roses


If a beggar  knocks at your towering  door

Smile away  your scowling wrath

for a genuine smile   for the poor

is  shimmering alms.

Fill  his hands  stained with soot,

And God will purify your defiled soul ,

For a satisfied beggar’s prayer  ,

 is your unbreakable  armour,

when Soulless misfortune

breaks bondage of  its bitter soldiers.

Written by arabian roses

The lonely scarecrow

He wanders through the breathless

Battlefield of  life  .

Above him,

The  scarlet sun withdraws her spears

And night wraps his serene shawl

 Around houses’ shoulders

Grand and poor.

He doesn’t  yield for he believes

That when solemn autumn breaks

Summer’s painting brushes,

And winter cries,

sprightly spring comes by.

In the heart of  the battlefield of life,

A  lonely scarecrow,

Resting beneath the shade of a willow,

Is teaching dainty daffodils

 That neither a ghastly smile as his

Nor a raging rifle as his master’s

Can  take away what the divine

Hand  has bestowed on a famished soul.

Written by arabian roses


His love was a pact

But you love me unconditionally

You look into my heart

While he looked into my eyes

He couldn’t put up with my flaws

But you  show me the way to correct them

You hear  my long prayers

While he complained  about my loving  talks

 What is to gain from a short- lived love?

What is to gain from a secular love?

Love of a man is like sea waves,

Rises and falls

But the love of Allah i s like waterfall ; steady and strong.

 Written by arabian roses


انا تونسي شئت ام ابيت

. انا تونسي و تشهد عن  ذلك خارطة ميلادي

. و الارض التي تحملت خطواتي المتعثرة عندما كنت صغيرا

انا تونسي عربي اجيد تكلم لغات العالم

و لكني لا اكتب قصائد حبي الا بالعربية

.فهي لغة موطني موطن الحب تونس  

انا تونسي مسلم سمعت السماء ابي و هو يؤذن في اذني

.و صلوات جدتي على اجمل المرسلين محمد صلى الله عليه و  سلم

فكف عن تغريبي و تكفيري فردائي الذي لا يشبه رداءك لايترجم  عن عدائي

 و افكاري التي تتضارب مع افكارك لا تعني اني  فوضوي

بل تونسي يعشق الالوان فبدون  الوان لكان قوس قزح حزينا

.و تونس اميرة عربية تعشق ارتداء الاثواب الزاهية

ابعد عن صدري بندقيتك المهترئه 

 فصدري ليس بيتا للرصاص الجبان

  بل لاغنيات امي الجميله عن فارس 

حر لايهاب امتطاء ظهور الجبال 

يسمونه التونسي 


Written by arabian roses


War of Roses

Yesterday,I was a knight

But today I am a warrior.

A knight ‘s offering is a mild rose

But a warrior’s offering is  a wild soul.

 I shed my armor to shield my wounded heart

And go to the battlefield of your love

with one hand I drag  my coffin

with  the other I hold my honor.

I will fight viciously like a warrior

but die nobly like a knight.

Today,either  I win back  my soul

 Or drop my weapons at your feet

To become eternally  the captive

Of your bewitching eyes  .

Written by arabian roses


Childish pencils

He kissed his butterfly goodbye,

 freed his swing hanging from

His grandfather’s old apple tree

And embraced the wind perfumed

with his grandmother’s lullaby

That  was watching  him

walking away

With a prayer on her trembling lips.

It’s a land where boys

Chase death not dreams,

It’s a land where roses

Are colored with crimson ink

not childish pencils.

Now and then an epic hero

Arises from the tormented  heart of

A  little Palestinian boy.

Written by arabian roses

The Mad Poetess

In a  poetry book lives my prince charming

Taken captive by poems.

Being swept , poesy fears,

Into a burning  ocean of  tears

If he enfranchises  him

For his words are enamoured with

 His angelic eye smile,

weaving it into   sighs

for poets every night.

My wrath tore my treacherous poems  asunder

and my jealousy burned down my charmed words

My prince charming is my captive

and no woman but me

Will guard him

not even  my hymns.

Written by arabian roses


شاعرة مجنونة

يعيش حبيبي في ديوان شعر

سجين القصائد 

يخاف الشعر لو حرره

ان يغرق  في بحر من العبرات

فلقد تيمت كلماته بابتسامة عيون حبيبي 

فمنها  تغزل كل ليلة اهات للشعراء

مزق كل قصائدي غضبي

واحرقت كلماتي غيرتي

حبيبي هو سجيني

و لن تحرسه  امراة سواي

حتى و لو كانت صلاتي

Written by arabian roses

عندما يبتسم حبيبي

تجهم وجه حبيبي

فتلون وجه السماء

و تململ البحر الفضي

فقد اشتاق الى دياره الزرقاء

امواجي ماعادت تعرفني صاح البحرفي الم

قد تجهم وجه حبيبها ثانية اجابت  السماء

ابتسم حبيبي


فعندما لا تبتسم

يضيع سحر البحر الازرق

بين الغيوم

تمر الايام بدون تاريخ

و تصنع الشمس و المطر

قوس قزح من الوان حزينة

ابتسم حبيبي

فعندما تبتسم

المراة في

تصبح ملكة

تبني مدنها من ورق الياسمين

لكي تكتب على جدرانها  رسائل حب

لم تكتب  قط

ابتسم فقد اشتقت الى مدني

ابتسم حبيبي

فعندما لا تبتسم

المراة في

تصبح ملكة

لا عرش لها

فابتسم لكي تعرف مدني السلام

Written by arabian roses


الليل امراة

الليل امراة

تتزين بالقمر و النجوم

مراتها صفحة النهر الفضية

و عطرها ندى الصبح الخجول

الليل امراة

تحيك وشاحها من دفء عينيك الطفوليتين

و تغزل من تنهداتك الشرقية لحنا للسكون

الليل امراة فوحدها المراة

تعشق  الرقص  حافية القدمين

متدثرة بجدائل شعرها  وقت السحور


Written by arabian roses

انا تونسية يا سيدي

انا تونسية  يا سيدي

على خارطتي تعيش كل  النساء

اعشق  شرب القهوة عند المساء

المعطر بالياسمين  و ابتسامة امي الحنون

 اعشق تقبيل جبين  الشجر

فالشجر انيسنا في الدرب الطويل عند السفر

و صيد حبات المطر

لتبوح لي بسرها

كي تحبني  يا سيدي حب الصحراء للمطر

انا تونسية يا سيدي

عشقي لك كعشق الليل للنهار

لا يتغير

و لكن يا سيدي احذر المراة الساكنة في

فان غارت

 صارت كموجة غاضبة

  تشعر بالغيرة من سفينة

تداعب  وجه حبيبها البحر

فان غارت

بكت و دمرت

Written by arabian roses


I dream of  a land where

young spring and solemn autumn  can walk side by side

  where the grand sea embraces the timid pond

where stars don’t feel jealous of fireflies.

I dream of an honorable  man

Who wouldn’t mention

the name of his beloved

to  travel only across  his lips.

I dream of a  love

that  makes lofty mountains bend in front of it

and ample sky bless it.

I dream of a land where  woman is  loved

Not tamed.

Written b arabian roses


A truce with a pirate

You seized  my  merry love letters

and turned  them into  inconsolable paper boats

Then summoned seagulls and

Declared yourself an emperor

Of conquerable words.

You stained your sculpted face  with

their  ethereal blue dew

to feel the softness of  a tortured heart,

to pass on  to your deserted veins

its sweetness,

and take you to untamed sea

your dauntless ships have never tasted  before

 the sea of homesickness .

Written by arabian roses


A woman in love

When I seize that trouble in your mild eyes

My castles of joyousness collapse

And I wish  I were invincible billow

to engulf your ships of sorrow.

When your laughter caresses my restless heart

My ribs turn into  a lyre

And my soul sings the most bewitching song ever

A song of love  .

Your tears are as   ruinous as  falling stars

They torn my soul asunder.

Your laughter is as shining as a  merry  firefly

It  takes me to a place I have never been before,

the kingdom of a  man in love.

Written by arabian roses

When he is uneven sea

Be a lulling  ripple
When he becomes an uneven sea.
Shred his armor of sorrow.
Tell the soft breeze to carry his restless  ships
To genie lands and trade them for
Ancient arabian perfumes
To turn his days into a beautiful fairy tale.
Be a shining star
When the sun sets.
Like a fearless shooting star
Break against   his aloof shores
And sprinkle your  light
To tell you his hidden  wishes.
Written by arabian roses

The Sea Kiss


Let your toes  tease  the sleepy sand

And unveil  hidden  beautiful secrets of you  .

Don’t be afraid to stumble

The soft wind  will be there

To catch you,

And if you fall

Let the  tender sea kiss away  the pain .

Embrace  the  shy sun

If she  casts  upon you

her golden spell,

Don’t be afraid of it ,

Mysterious winter  can break it.


Written by arabian roses





Ocean’s Confessions

Close your eyes
Open your heart to the conch.
She is going to tell you a secret.
Hold her close to your heart
The  haughty sky  is eavesdropping.
Hold her  tight to your soul
She  is going to tell you
Epics about seamen
Betrayed by mischievous waves.
And wisper into your ear
Names of  beloved ingrained on the sand
And washed away by sea’s shaking hand,
Confessions of  kings 
Had tamed invincible tide
But yield to a woman’s tender gaze.
Kiss the  restless conch
And promise her
To keep her secrets.
Written by arabian roses

He’s a thief

He steals  the sea’s  pearls, and the earth’s gold bangles  and  leaves  them   flowers instead . He told me that people kill to grow  gold, but they won’t kill  each other to grow flowers.

He steals  the river’s joyful ripple to heal the  rusty souls.He told me that nothing could rival a song sung by a river infatuated  with life.

He steals all evil thoughts and  cast on them love spells. He told me ,only  magic can wipe them out,the magic of  human touch.

He steals mountain’s highness .He told me it will teach man to never yield.

Written by arabian roses

A restless thunder

The thunder was groaning.

He had bad dreams,

The  gracious sun whispered gently to the summer breeze.

But his groan became appalling.

He’s summoning the wind and the rain,

The clouds yawned.

His beloved’s sighs, kept him restless.

the sun lowered her head graciously,

The earth ‘s pretty face went red , She said.

She soaked a lot of blood last night.

My locks were smoothering  when touching their  flaming  souls,

Added the summer breeze,

Trees were falling apart under their heavy angry foosteps too.

The earth looked up at the sky

and saw a tear in her eyes

the rain was weeping.

And unveiling the beatiful face of earth

Flowers shook their heads and ashen ghosts run away.

From above the thunder  was waiting impatiently

to see his  earth  ‘s beautiful locks glowing under the sun  again.

Written by arabian roses

I’m in love

I’m in love with the wind  that never gets tired of  carrying  my paper  boats .

I’m in love with the moon that sprinkles light in dark paths.

I’m in love with the rain that plays for me music of life when  I feel down.

I’m in love with wild butterflies .They’re angels in disguise.

I’m in love with rainbow that draws  hope everywhere.

I’m in love with my diary that keeps my secrets.

I’m in love in love that makes our tears more precious than diamonds.

Written by arabian roses.

وأنت تعدّ فطورك

وأنت تعدّ فطورك


‎لا تنس قوت الحمام

وأنت تخوض حروبك فكّر بغيرك

‎لا تنس من يطلبون السلام‎

وأنت تسدّد فاتورة الماء، فكّر بغيرك

‎من يرضعون الغمام

وانت تعود إلى البيت ، بيتك ، فكّر بغيرك

‎لا تنس شعب الخيام

وأنت تنام و تحصي الكواكب ، فكّر بغيرك

‎ثمّة من لم يجد حيّزاً للمنام

وأنت تحرّر نفسك بالاستعارات، فكّر

بغيرك ‏

‎من فقدوا حقّهم في الكلام

وأنت تفكّر بالآخرين البعيدين ، فكّر


‎قل: ليتني شمعةٌ في الظلامْ

محمود درويش

Music box

I took my colored pencils to draw you but their colors melted away under the warmth of your heart.

When a treasure chest for your love poems I made the sea , his heavenly waves shunned him.

I hunt  all bird songs to make for you a music box  but their songs were tuneless  being bewitched with the charm of your voice.

Rainbow was praying for rain to rekindle his fading colors.

The seven seas  wolfed my love letter in bottle I wrote you  to soothe  the envious waves.

Jealous  sea can wash away your name from his sandy forehead.

From your drawings, rainbow can steal colors.

But the warm hymn you whisper to  world’s heart  is invincible , because it’s a hymn of a man of honor.

Written by arabian roses

“Mohamed ” a poem by Mahmoud Darwish


Mahmoud Darwish (Arabic: محمود درويش‎) (13 March 1941 – 9 August 2008) was a Palestinian poet and author who won numerous awards for his literary output and was regarded as the Palestinian national poet.In his work, Palestine became a metaphor for the loss of Eden, birth and resurrection, and the anguish of dispossession and exile.



nestles in the bosom of his father, a bird afraid
of the infernal sky: father protect me
from the upward flight! My wing is
slight for the wind … and the light is black

wants to return home, with no
bicycle … or new shirt
yearns for the school bench …
the notebook of grammar and conjugation, take me
to our home, father, to prepare for my lessons
to continue being, little by little …
on the seashore, under the palms …
and nothing further, nothing further

faces an army, with no stone or shrapnel
of stars, does not notice the wall to write: my freedom
will not die, for he has no freedom yet
to defend. No perspective for the dove of Pablo
Picasso. He continues to be born, continues
to be born in a name bearing him the curse of the name. How
many times will his self give birth to a child
with no home … with no time for childhood?
Where will he dream if the dream would come …
and land is a wound … and a temple?

sees his inescapable death approaching. But then
remembers, a leopard he has seen on the tv screen,
a fierce one besieging a suckling fawn. When it
came near and smelt the milk, it would not pounce.
As if the milk tames the wild beast.
Hence, I will survive – says the boy –
and weeps: for my life is there hidden
in my mother’s chest. I will survive … and witness

a destitute angel, within a stone’s throw from
the gun of his cold blooded hunter. For
an hour the camera traces the movements of the boy
who is merging with his shadow:
his face, clear, like dawn
his heart, clear, like an apple
his ten fingers, clear, like candles
the dew clear on his trousers …
His hunter could have reflected
twice, and say: I will spare him till when he spells
his Palestine without mistakes …
I will spare him now subject to my conscience
and kill him the day he rebels!

an infant Jesus, sleeps and dreams in
the heart of an icon
made of copper
an olive branch
and the soul of a people renewed

blood beyond the need of the prophets
for what they seek, so ascend
to the Ultimate Tree
Mohamed !

(October 2000)

(*) Translation of 20/11/2000. All rights reserved.

A salute to a soldier

 For  a man who  gives  his crimson love  to quench a thirsty  princess  for freedom
We bow in respect.
For a man   who ingraines his love poems on brown sand with his warm blood
We kneel down and pray wholeheartedly.
For a  man who trades his rosy life for that of many ashen lives
We send  salutes  of heroes.
The desert bathed in your pure blood will grow sweet -smelling roses
The   princess will ascend to the throne of queen of queens
Your attire of a soldier will be the dignity flag.

A beloved ‘s confession

It was me who stole your Queen chess piece. I hate it when you call her
my inamorata, that word is mine.

It was me who made your car’s four tires flat the other day ,it wasn’t
the delivery boy. I didn’t want you to go to the mountains ,I had a bad

It was me who put your black t-shirt in the clothing donation box, it
wasn’t your mum. I hate it when girls liked it on you.

It was me who made myself catch a cold, I went barefoot in the rain. I
love the way you get worried about me when I ‘m sick.

It was me who broke the CD you ex-girl friend gifted you .I hate that
look on your face whenever you listen to it.

My eternal love

My soul is sparkling with his love like a full moon
Now I know that I found my true love
A love that shakes me inside like a typhoon
And break to pieces old loves
Now I know I ’m no longer alone
He has always been there
How can’t I feel his presence
Now I will carry his love inside of me
And never let it go
Now I ’m ready to go through tunnels of darkness
Because his love will enlighten my path
I know I can touch the sky, hunt stars
Because he can hear me when I pray
He feels what i feel
Now i can confess my love without fear
Because I know he won’t laugh at me
Now I can tell him ‘I love you’
And never feel small
Because I know he will not tease me
Now I can feel complete loving him
His name is Allah the most beautiful name ever
I love Allah and how beautiful his love is in me.
My soul is sparkling with his love like a full moon.


I’m missing you

Remember that shooting star we used to wait for to make a wish is
missing you.
Remember that old bridge  under which ,we used to hide from rain is missing you .
Remember that oak tree we used to engrave our names on it is missing
you .
Remember that wild butterfly we used to chase is missing you .
Remember that tune we used to whistle is missing you.
Remember that girl that you used to love is missing you .


You Are Me

Did I tell you that I love your grey eyes when you smile?
They turn into a piece of moon enlightening my dark life
Did I tell you that I love it when you frown?
You remind me of a tired sleepy night happy with the arrival of
the dawn.
Did I tell you that I love it when you get angry and make me cry?
After thunder and rain, the loving sun comforts the anxious
Did I tell you that I love my name?
For when you say my name it looks like a hymn
whispered by a lost angel.
Did I tell you that I know when you don’t like my silly jokes but you
smile on them?
Did I tell you that I love you and I will always love you in all your
seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn?.


His love was a pact
But you love me unconditionally
You look into my heart
While he looked into my eyes
He couldn’t put up with my flaws
But you  show me the way to correct them
You hear  my long prayers
While he complains  about my loving  talks
What’s is to gain from a short lived love
What is to gain from a secular love
Love of a man is like sea waves
Rises and falls
But the love of Allah i s like waterfall ; steady and strong.

My lonely door

My  pillow is complaining about my burning tears
She’s longing for  cool summer nights
My piano is turning away my melancholic tunes
He’s yearning for  your cheerful   music tones
My mirror is asking about  your boyish smile
And my house corners are missing  your bewitching perfume
Spring lost its way to  my home
colours withers and ashen shadows reign
And cheerful songs melted away into  sighs
All beings  are waiting for a knock at my lonely door
A knock that will  stir in them again  life beat
Your knock  .

War of roses

Yesterday,I was a knight
But today I am a warrior.
A knight ‘s offering is a mild rose
But a warrior’s offering is  a wild soul.
 I shed my armor to shield my wounded heart
And go to the battlefield of your love
with one hand I drag  my coffin
with  the other I hold my honor.
I will fight viciously like a warrior
but die nobely like a knight.
Today,either  I win back  my soul or drop my weapons at your feet
to become eternally  the captive of your bewitching eyes  .
Written by arabian roses

My childhood friend is Christian

My name is Muslim,
I am the descendant of Ibraham
Purity is my cloak
Merciness is my law
Love  reigns  my heart
Benevolene soaks my soul
Humility adorns my  footsteps
you might be my neighbor,or boyhood friend
and a mslim   respects his neighbor,honor his friend
You might be Budhist ,Chritians  or Hindu
But we all   kneel  and pray that our fellow men  seize  the light.

A Beloved’s prayers

 I wish I could  hunt all sweet dreams 
And put them under your pillow
 to comfort your lonely nights.
I wish I could give you the Northern star
To guide you in  your life track.
I wish I was a fairy tale
so you won’t forget me wih the passage of time.
I wish I could take all your  pains
And bury them in the seven earth.
I Wish  I was an old folk song
to blow in me life with every breath.

Migrating love

I whisper into   withering  flowers  your name
I make of every passing clouds  a love messenger   to you
I chase moonlight to feel the   touch of your face
When it fells on you 
 with migrating sparrows  I send you   my love poems
with rain drops,  I awash away your sorrows
Your heart is my home
Your smile is my moon
Seas or deserts set us apart
Love is a  restless nomad.

You are my fairy tale

I made of your laughters a lightning bridge to wonderland
I made of  your name  a  charm necklace around my neck.
I envy your shadow because  he can walk by your  side
I feel jealous of you mirror because she can  caress  your face
Knights live in fairy tales but you live in my heart
Smile,or frown,yell or laugh
I  love you in all your  parts.

A love letter to lord

 Whenever I fall down
I call upon you.
you  come to  me
And help me get to my  wobbling  feet.
Wherever I  turn my anxious eyes
I feel your reassuring presence
Tapping on my perturbed heart.
My Lord,never desert me
I can’t walk that thorny road alone
I need your divine guiding light.
Whenever I lose my soul in tunnel of darkness
 I  see  you  there
handing on your divine hand to me
Showing me the way out
washing away my sinful traces.
I love you Allah
And my heart,with every beat
prays  that you love me back.

My heart territory

You reproached me for scratching the sky
Those are the  love poems
my heart  is repleting with,and only big sky fits them
so I entrusted her with them.
You reproached me for disturbing sleepy stars
You made a wish ,I  wanted to give you a shooting star
 to mak it come true,that’s why I tried to wake them up.
You reproached  me for dying  my hair   blue
You   love blue sea and I  wanted you to love me too.
My love for you  is bigger than  lofty sky
My love for you is deeper than  blue sea
But today I disown you of my heart  territory
And abdicate  my throne  of servility
  to seek a land
where its master treats me like a queen.

My missing crown

Tonight I heard the stars whispering a  name.

And I  saw the  clouds withdrawing  their grey veil away from the sky’s face.

And the moon is untangling  her glowing  silver locks

The moon is not sighing tonight.

Tell me why butterfly?

It’s your prince birthday.

My prince birthday!  Then get me my pink  shoes and my crown .

I  must look at my best attire tonight.

But  dearest of the dear ,another woman has your crown now  .

I forgot that I’m not his princess anymore.

Everyone is  there in his party ,but me.

Still, I will go,butterfly.

Fire ,fire glows  me, turn me into ashes

And you ,wind sprinkles me where I can see him but  he can’t see me .