The oness of our hearts

“The voice of life flows through many vessels and though we cannot claim all poetry as our own, the Oneness of our hearts always share the same story in myriad verses~ We Are One~! Blessings of Love~ ”     By Satprem


13 thoughts on “The oness of our hearts

  1. deep within a voice speaks,
    when I get hurt,or Iam glad,
    rather than speaking out before anyone,
    I penn it down in words,
    the feelings flood and form a poem…

          1. Iam really glad,lucky,thankful I found you… 🙂 …
            nobody has ever picked the pieces,
            that I left behind,
            for they spoke of my heart,
            some had tears in them,some had smile,
            everyone picked what they wanted ,
            and left the rest scattered therein..

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