A letter from the sea

The sea took the sun hostage,
Said the  breathless dawn,
I saw him summoning an army of  upheaving waves
And   building an unconquerable castle.
He made  the sun his queen
the sky sighed,
Always the sea has been true to his word
I  give in my  blue color
And he never takes our  gracious sun.
He made the sand his messenger to us
the moon said,
It’s a letter from the sea
Since the dawn of man
The waves  have carried your ships
of war and of peace.
The lovely sand guarded your letters of love
you entrusted with
and  lay it at the feet of the beloved.
I has  gifted you pearls to adorn her crown
after your reunion .
But you discrowned me for
your greed stole all my pearls
And  tarnished  my virgin waves.
you also  turned my  prestine sand into a graveyard  of evil .
Today I took your sun hostage and make her  my empress 
To bring warmth to the cold heart of  an emperor
Whose throne was unsurped .
Your  night will be eternal till
Dolphins come home again .
Written by arabian roses

4 thoughts on “A letter from the sea

    1. Honestly I wasn’t sure the words will be beautiful but I wanted to share . I think I need to work on some lines in the poem 🙂 I feel something is missing .Still;I’m so happy you find it interesting 🙂 thank you sooo much for appreciation .

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