Innocence with the bow and arrow

They disrobed him of his innocence

And ordained  him a soldier,

They smashed his  childhood dreams

Under their giant feet,

Then scattered them

along  the mantle of a heartless life .

They effaced his  good name

And carved on his fragile heart

a bow and arrow .

His shrieks torment  the serenity of

river’s ripples.

And gracious wind longs for

His gentle laughter .

From afar ,the moon was watching

a tormented mother

wandering  the rosy earth

chasing  her toddler ‘s fading perfume .

Written by arabian roses


6 thoughts on “Innocence with the bow and arrow

    1. As always 🙂 right ? You’re most welcome . Why don’t you share your thoughts too you know you’re always welcome to Sudipta ;I’ll post them here if you don’t mind .

    1. Recruiting children as soldiers is so painful , I don’t know what made me write about that yeterday ,something inspired me to but I cant remember what it is .I’m glad it touched your heart =)

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