Give your mind a special treat !

1-If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?

2-If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

3-If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?

4-What nocturnal animal would you be if you had to choose and why?

5-Why are we asking each other these questions now?

6-Do they have the word “dictionary” in the dictionary?

7-If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?

8-What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

9-Would you break the law to save a loved one?

10-If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

11-How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

12-What are you most grateful for?

13-If you were granted three wishes from an angel or genie what would you want?

14-What are the flowers that you believe describe your personality and how?

15-If you were any particular geometric shape what would it be?

16-Do you believe in the afterlife?

17-What is the one thing that you would want your children to learn about life?

18-If you were an activist what would want to protest against?

4 reasons why we lOve our mother in law

     Reason 1
         It’s our mother in law who  has given us the most wonderful man or woman to share us our journey of life. Keep in mind whenever she frowns on the use of so much salt in her soup,or  teases the way you knot your tie  ,that she has given you the most precious gift a woman or a man can have;your other half.
  Reason 2
Instead of one mother ,you are blesssed with two , and it’s something to be grateful for .Some don’t even know their mother or can’t  find one.Besides most of the time the part that  your  mother  is used to play in your life now  is assigned to your new found  power:your mother in law,a part that she takes with a big heart.
Reason 3
 Mother in law is a grand mother too,and grand mothers are the sweetest thing  your children can have,so don’t deny them this blessing because of foundless fears or stupid arguments .No one can tell stories the way grand mothers do.
Reason 4
Be careful ! through  your  attitudes  towards  your mother in law  ,you’re teaching  your child how to treat his/her mother in law in the future  and mainly elderly people  as children always follow  in their parents’ footsteps.

Words that you MUST cross out!

 “I’ no good,I’m not good at anything , I can’t do it !”

Yes you can.What a man can you can .Nothing is unreachable  even a woman’s heart , and man’s history  is loaded with countless living examples on that  .
In the olden days ,our ancestors used to sit in their  rocky chairs  and watch the full moon  from a far , while sharing  stories about  its mysterious  beauty. Ancient  poets  too used to spin their  love poems ‘ lines from its silver light.But ,thanks to  man’s determination , belief in himself, and conviction that nothing can stand in his way to reach what he wants , the desolate shy moon and her chaperons as well are made to take off  their veils.
 “I can do it” is your “open sesame” magic words to get what you want  .Even if  people doubt your worth ,or underestimate your intelligence ,you have to turn that into an incentive rather than  a hindrance.Challenge is the motor that driving us towards success either challenging ourselves or other’s perceptions of us.
*write down the goals you want to achieve no matter how unreachable they look like  .Remember no one had ever dreamed of flying in the past,look now people go skydiving on weekends.What was a far reached dream ,becomes  a reality nowadays,and so does yours.
*Make a plan,and if  things go astray ,reshuffle  your cards .There are many options in life,and you have to pick out the suitable one to your goals.
*Work very hard to get what you want and never let tiredness and boredom overcome you .Rome wasn’t built in a  day.
And always sing your hymn “I can do it” from the beginning to the end.Don’t let life beat you and bear in mind that you have in you what can turn your losses into a  devastating victory :determination  .
Inspiring  Chinese quotes
“Great souls have wills; feeble ones have only wishes”
“Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.”
“A people without faith in themselves cannot survive”

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Sometimes crossing lines feels good

Walk barefoot

Yeah I know ,there is nothing unusual about that.We put  on our shoes ,we take off our shoes everyday. It’s part of our fabric as human beings.But what about taking them off outdoors like  when going to office,visiting your  parents-in-law, going to shopping malls and even  going to your date.Give it try for one single day  and you will feel good.I know it sounds a crazy embarrassing  idea as it is unacceptable in society where only beggars and fools  could show up barefoot in public places.Beg your pardon We ‘re society,We are the ones who draw those  lines which means We can skip them when we want to.

I am an islander , I love walking barefeet, and such picture is so widely common in my island especially in summer time,because  in winter  like migrating  butterflies ,most islanders move to the city to  work or to study.My island is a heavenly shelter we run to ,to break out of the  stangling rules and to  set the adventurous  genie imprisoned in us free.And one of those  things  is taking off  our shoes, and set our feet, longing for the tickling  touch of the sandy ground,and missing the cool caress  of the  dewy grass,free.
Some  ancient philosophies, thought that  there is  life-force energy called Chi (also called Qi or Prana) .It can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. Ground Chi is absorbed automatically and unconsciously when walking barefoot, which increases the amount of Chi absorbed by the body.It’s said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your vitality, your capacity to do more work and your ability to think more clearly.
p.s:Now  mothers in law  know how to make their son in law  vital,capable, hard-working,and smart ,just give in all his dearly loved shoes,slippers,and even his hem-sandals.
My shoes are bewitched like Cinderella’s
Once upon a time old shoes  cast a curse  to take revenge  on their  ungrateful  owners.It ‘s called foot trouble.
: High-heeled shoes cause arthritis, chronic knee pain, sprained ankles, and back problems.
: Shoe laces can be a choking hazard if you attempt to swallow them.
: Shoes worn or not, can be a serious tripping hazard.
: Wearing shoes that are too tight can cause ingrown toenails.
: In the event of an earthquake or other sudden shift in forces in your environment, shoes can become lethal projectiles.
: Most workplace accidents occur for people while they are wearing shoes.
: Shoes increase your weight, throwing off the balance inside your car as it rocks slowly halfway off of a cliff or bridge.
: Dogs may find your shoes enjoyable to chew on, and decide to chew on them with your feet inside.
: Shoes can cause you to be susceptible to fungal infections
It strengthens legs: Walking barefoot serves as an excellent means to strengthen our leg muscles, tendons and joints, as the body’s weight gets equally distributed on both the legs.It improves circulation: Walking barefoot helps to improve our blood circulation, as barefoot walking exercises various muscles in the legs and the feet, which in turn help to better the pumping back of blood to the heart! A better circulation of blood in your body ensures that blood doesn’t collect in your legs, thereby reducing your chances of developing Varicose Veins. The improved blood circulation also eases the pressure of the circulatory system helping immensely in reducing blood pressure.
It eases Back ache: Shoes disturb our sense of equilibrium along with promoting a faulty weight distribution which puts unnecessary strain on our spine which leads to back ache. Walking barefoot helps correct our posture and equilibrium along with promoting an equal weight distribution, which eases the strain off the spine and reduces the back ache  in the process.
It straightens Toes and helps avoid injuries: Kenyan Athletes are often found practicing their running skills barefoot! This is because running barefoot helps to avoid injuries to the feet as with 80% of the foot being in touch with the ground, the body’s equilibrium is maintained and weight is distributed equally which ensures that there is proportionate pressure on both legs, which in turn reduces the chances of any leg or foot injury in the athletes.Going barefoot is also known to help people with flat feet with their problem as it helps to improve their balance, it is also known to help straightens an individual’s toes (which is needed for maintaining the body’s equilibrium)Other popular benefits of walking barefoot are it helps cool down the body in summer and also helps the rest of the body be healthy due to the stimulation of the 200,000 odd nerve endings which spread out in the body! 
 but I’m a woman and  my shoes are  my best friend.

Love your feet

 Allah creatd eve from  Adam’s rib,this might explain why she’s so soft ,tender and vulnerable,and her body compared to man’s, is weak.

Woman ‘s body is a token of beauty  and life that she must tend like a flower and keep it from going rusty and the only way to that is appreciating it as a whole from head to toe.Here are some tips for woman on how to take care of her feet.

How to take care of your feet :
*Ingredients:    warm water,scented candles,epsom salt,foot towel and your favorite oil.


1- Foot bath

it’s like when you sit on a rock ,watching the sunset while  your feet are enjoying  the  sea water.Just realax and Soak your feet in warm water for few minutes.Don’t forget to put some drops of your favorite essential oil and if you long for those tingling sensations of the sea water ,make your own ocean ,by adding espom salt to your foot bath .It’s proven that they have the magic of healing bruises and help relax your tired feet.

Get your feet out of water and make sure they’re completely dry before starting massage.


2-Feet massage

a-Make a circular motions with your thumb and fingers over the sole of the feet and use more pressure in areas such as the heel of the foot.

b-Make a fist with your hand and knead the bottom of your feet.

c-Roll the toe between your thumb and forefinger as you slide your fingers down  the toe to the end. 

d-Squeeze the end of each toe .

3-Feet bath is a bless

-It  helps you relax .

-It improves circulation.

-Blood cleanses and gets rid of wastes and toxins  and stress cripples that mission,and to prevent that, treat your feet to a message as it decreases stress and allows  blood circulation.



Happy feet bath 🙂


2 little things can give you a big day

* Stretch gracefully  like a cat


You don’t need to hire a Yoga teacher ,because your sweet cat will do the job ,the only difference is there is no scheduled training sessions ;it might be in the early morning or after your nap,or at midnight .It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t miss  them because there are a lot to gain  .

Stretching like a cat  helps relieve your back aches , and reduce muscle tension.It also  enhances  muscular coordination ,and increases the circulation of the blood to various parts of your body and thus increasing energy leves.Cats are not a lazy fluffy ball .They are good yoga teachers ,just watch them carefully  and you will end up with precious lessons on  how to live healthier  .



Yell! let the seven sky hear your voice.Yell! let the world  know you are there .Yelling is  good for your health.Each morning ,before you set off on your journey to work ,yell.Chinese people  do that as part of their daily routine; they climb to the top of a hill, and let out some loud shouts before starting their daily exercise regime.If there are no hells nearby,build one. The yelling is good exercise for your   lungs.It’s hilarious too,it looks like  an invisible ghost  is answering you.

How to protect your skin from sun damage ChineseLY?

 *Say NO to sweet foods .

 Yeah  ,even dark chocolate  is on the list ;it ‘s an aquiantance of family Sweets.I know it’s a tough job for us ,we women, as we love sugary and sweet foods .

But time comes  to change our eating habits to protect our skin from sun damage .Besides it’s not charming at all  to end up with  a denture;no woman wants that,and no husnand expects that.

Also ” It turns out that sweet stuff can put your skin on the fast track to looking older. A diet high in sugar triggers an age-accelerating process in our bodies known as glycation. Glycation causes collagen breakdown and loss of skin elasticity, plus it increases the likelihood of wrinkling and agging, and can increase the effects of sun damage”.  Beauty Exclusives .

 *Say YES to bitter foods.

 According to traditional Chinese medical science, bitter vegetables  such as sowthistles and bitter gourds  can help relieve summer heat, eliminate fatigue, and harmonize the spleens and stomach.

 Bitter gourds, in particular, can be served as medicine. These gourds are widely believed to improve blood circulation, prevent stasis gastroenteritis and dysentery.


*Broccoli is your  best sunscreen.

Hate it or love it,you have to start eating broccoli to protect your skin from sun damage because  ,researchers found the compound sulforaphane, which is derived from broccoli sprouts, reduces the skin redness and inflammation caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

It turns out that the broccoli extract did not physically absorb the UV rays, but it appeared to work at the cellular level to prevent erythema. They say sulforaphane induces the formation of protective proteins in the skin and protects the skin from sun damage for several days.

*Chinese umbrella

The word umbrella comes from the latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow ,and it’s your last option  left if you fail to stick to the the other ones ,I mean replacing sweet food with bitter one, besides eating broccoli.

Carry with you a Chinese umbrella to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.Apart from being beautiful and glamorous ,Chinese umbrellas give shade from the sun.

Words woman would love to hear

* I’m proud of you*
Either she’s a housekeeper or executive manager, a doctor or a baby sitter,tell her you’re proud of her.Woman ‘s worth since the dawn of man,has always been judged by a curvy body and a pretty face, and “I’m proud of you ” shows   that woman  is valued by her mind and achievement too .It’s your acknowledgement that she  is not less  important  than you , and that behind that glittering shell,there is precious pearl ,a thoughtful mind.
*you’re the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life*
 It’s beautiful to wake up in the morning knowing that someone somewhere , is awaiting for you to wake up,because his day rests upon your tender smile or the  sweet words you whisper into his ear .Even when going through rough time ,keep smiling! tell her that she’s your  harbor  .Don’t make her feel  that she’s worthless and that she’s a  nothing but a  burden on your shoulder.
 *you’re beautiful*
Even Venus, the Goddess of beauty would love to hear this word.Woman is a token of beauty ,that was the way Allah shaped her . She’s the soothing  breeze in a simmering life,and that word  what keeps that spark ignited.
*I want to grow old with you *
 love her in all her seasons, spring and autumn, summer and winter ,even when her beautiful locks and rosy cheeks give in  their fresh colours  to time , give her your hand   to  lean on you when her knees start wobbling,the scent  of roses are refreshing but you can rest under old oaks in sunny days.