When he is uneven sea

Be a lulling  ripple
When he becomes an uneven sea.
Shred his armor of sorrow.
Tell the soft breeze to carry his restless  ships
To genie lands and trade them for
Ancient arabian perfumes
To turn his days into a beautiful fairy tale.
Be a shining star
When the sun sets.
Like a fearless shooting star
Break against   his aloof shores
And sprinkle your  light
To tell you his hidden  wishes.
Written by arabian roses

The Sea Kiss


Let your toes  tease  the sleepy sand

And unveil  hidden  beautiful secrets of you  .

Don’t be afraid to stumble

The soft wind  will be there

To catch you,

And if you fall

Let the  tender sea kiss away  the pain .

Embrace  the  shy sun

If she  casts  upon you

her golden spell,

Don’t be afraid of it ,

Mysterious winter  can break it.


Written by arabian roses





Ocean’s Confessions

Close your eyes
Open your heart to the conch.
She is going to tell you a secret.
Hold her close to your heart
The  haughty sky  is eavesdropping.
Hold her  tight to your soul
She  is going to tell you
Epics about seamen
Betrayed by mischievous waves.
And wisper into your ear
Names of  beloved ingrained on the sand
And washed away by sea’s shaking hand,
Confessions of  kings 
Had tamed invincible tide
But yield to a woman’s tender gaze.
Kiss the  restless conch
And promise her
To keep her secrets.
Written by arabian roses