1) A lie is like a bead in a pearl necklace once the thread is unfastened, one falling bead will lead to the fall of others in the same way one lie will pave way to many lies.2) A man’s heart is like a puzzle, any woman can do it provided that she puts the right piece in the right place.3) Women always fall in the love of their friend because they always find what they’re yearning for in a partner in that friend; never misspells their names, smiles on their silly jokes, and tells them stories of his childhood.4) Heart is a temple where the soul dwells so never tarnish it with hatred and grudge.

5) Muster your courage and tell the world you’re in love, because once you sing that song you will hear it everywhere, the world is just waiting for someone to beat the drum for the song of love.

6) Never hesitate to confess your love, who knows you doing that in that timing to that person might save his life. The people who love us are that thin thread hanging us to life.

7) My heart have been sick for years but lately I can hear his beats, it’s like he’s reshuffling his cards with death to make a space for your love, I won’t die today nor tomorrow.

8) Love and death play with the same rules, when it’s time to the game to start, age, color , place, religion do not matter.

9) Why do we speak out our hatred while we just whisper our love?

arabian roses

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