How does love taste when…?

I receive a lot of love from my parents,siblings,nephew, niece , and my students as well. Honestly, I’m not that kind of person with whom people  would fall in love instantly because some find me secretive  and serious  while others think I’m quit ,actually quieter than a cat in a cold winter ,but once they know me very well , I always get  the lion’s share of their love,something I consider a God-given gift because winning some’s love is so precious.

We all  are full of flaws .Some can be seized by people around us , and some never flaot around us to be seen.

I believe that tolerating  those flaws  is a token of love,true love.In fact accepting those we love as they are and never try to change them proves that we really love and appreciate  for who they are. We  are human,and human beings  are not perfect,so why looking for perfection  in imperfection ?

I hate it when my mother or father or sister or a friend tries to change me.Change means you’re not good enough or you failed to meet someone’s expectations.I’m not born to satisfy the expectations of any nor was anyone  born to meet my expectations.I believe that I’m a woman with innate potentials and the job of those who love me is  to discove or nurture but never ask me to change.I would prefer to use the word “improve” to change  when talking about my personality because  I feel that  the word “improve” equals caring but change equals ” disappointing someone or failing to meet their expectations.” I love people for who they are and I want them to love me in the same way.Though I’m imperfect ,I’m worthy.

Written by Sihem


pains are coins

A week ago  my little sister was admitted to hospital because  her childbirth was delayed .We always hear  about  heart-rending stories about tough delivery.For this reason  we were worried.

I can’t deny  that I am very excited to be an aunt again , but I was  anxious too ,so anxious.I even  went as far as telling  her the other day  to give up the idea of having another child in the future .I didn’t mean to bother her  though I did ,but  seeing her in pain and the fear that something bad might happen to her scared me to death.

My mother believes  that giving birth to children  is what keeps life beats throbbing and she’s right for  joy  swept our house with the arrival of Jasmin, Joseph, Lina,and Jacob but the fear was great too.

Life is not free ,neither is happiness.It seems like pain is the coin that we must  put in life pocket to enjoy the pleasures in it.As a muslim, I was taught that pain is our God’s way of purifying us  from our bad deeds and that the almighty distributes pains to people according their ability to endure  and   the secret  of survival lies not only in faith but in love for life itself. Yes, though life is painful most of the time,the rewards are  worthy of keep going no matter what happens or will happen.

written by Sihem

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The soul of giving

Gifts! I love gifts for a gift is a token of  caring ,love and gratitude .I’m not that rich but whenever I am offered the chance to offer my family members  or any of my students or a friend of mine a gift I seize it.

Small or big, cheap or expensive, gifts always have their lasting magic  on souls; the soul of the giver as well as  that of the receiver.

I don’t know about you ,but I ‘m very impatient with birthdays, too impatient that  I  could not  wait  for a birthday  to light up to offer my gift .I always hand  it over  a day  or two days ahead of time because I love seeing  shimmering eyes especially when I’m the holder of the match.

Still, I didn’t know  the great power that lies in a gift till yesterday, I mean that gift  received when not expected,a gift that  is  a token of respect.It was “a souvenir” that a friend brought for me from Egypt.Receiving makes me feel shy though gifts make me happy  that’s why when I was handed over the gifl  I was drown in a sea of mixed feelings ,a beautiful sea of happiness,gratitude and shyness.I even could not sleep that night not because of the gift but because of the word I was gifted with the gift. “Sihem ,you are a good person”.I always receive gifts , but this word is the most precious  of all that I will always cherish.

Really , nice  words though  cost us nothing,they are the most precious gifts ever .For this reason  prophet Muhammed  may peace be upon him ordained us to “speak a good word or remain silent.”


Written by Sihem





!يوريكا !يوريكا

!يوريكا !يوريكا

بقلم سهام حمودة

!  يوريكا  !  يوريكا

،صاح الغراب الغضّ  الغرير

.ومزّق بصراخه لحاف اللّيل الطويل

من بعيد كان  غراب عجوز

، في عمر الأحلام يرقبه

،نشر جناحيه الخبيرين

،ثم رفع ناظريه  إلى السماء

،للكواكب  بريق ولكنها ليست ذهبا

أغمض عينيه وأرهف السمع

،إلى عزف حبات الملح

يلمع  سطح المحيط

.ولكنه ليس  ألماسا

،حذار أن تمضي  درب الحياة

وقلبك  منحن نحو الأرض

،باحثا عن الذهب

فالروح من  الإله

.جبلت على التحليق عاليا

!يوريكا !يوريكا


Why I chose to be a Translator !

Apart from being one of my passions , I firmly believe in the importance of translation in this multi-cultural  vast world as a boat to  sail  towards far  lands  and  a tool to understand the inhabitants  of those lands  through bringing to light a world and a word  different from us or rather we think they are .

I once translated a poem  written by an Indian  and one of Tunisian  poets was astonished seeing the affinity between his poetic soul and that of the Indian .I remember him telling me ” the poetic soul and sensitivity is the same here and in Asia.” He’s absolutely right .

I believe in the power of translation in the dissemination of truth as well.The truth will be in the dark unless it is unvelied then spread in all directions and to achieve that  a truth seeker and a translator are required .

Though translation is an exhausting mission, the feeling when finishing the work is rewarding and beyond words .It is genesis ,genesis of one color out of two colors.

I have been working as translator for eight years now and my passion for translation grows stronger .My thirst for knowlege is never quenched either for  it’s thirst that keeps the desire for translation burning .Translation is knowledge.

By Sihem

Happy reading


A Sword with Bladed Perfume by A.Fawaz

A poem by Ahmad Fawaz ( Lebanon )
Translated by Sihem Hammouda (Tunisia )

On the battlefield of soul, your spectrum wages
Delusive torrential raids,
Your breaths fall in perfume drizzle,
And with the sunbeam, the fall of smile races,
My soul then is split into a hill scented with your jasmine,
The heart at your gaze, shattered into two battlefields ,
And the soul bursts into whimpers,
That I chant and to which respond your topography’s valleys ,
And the echo soars to the head swaggering in glee,
For the melody of whimper is complete with meeting
Even if meeting was a fantasy,
The voluptuous lips lifted me back from subconscious,
And with life I quiver and feel I ‘m still in love!!

A Sword with Bladed Perfume by A.Fawaz

يغير طيفك على جبهة النفس
غارات وهمية كالطوفان
تتساقط انفاسك زخات عطر
يسابق هطول البسمة نور الشمس
تتشظـىى روحي كتلَ أريج من ياسمينك
وينشطر الوجدان لجبهتين من نظراتك
فتنفجر الروح بآهات متناغمة
أترنم بها فتجيب وديان تضاريسك
وترد الصدى لقمّة الراس المتخايل طربا
فلحن الآه يكتمل باللقاء
حتى ولو كان اللقاء حلما
فالشفاه المختمرة تعيدني من اللاوعي
فأنبض بالحياة.. واشعر أنني ما زلت على قيد الحب.!!
أ.فواز- سيف بحد العطر-

Darkness and Mist

A poem by Abdel Hakim Atiya ( Algeria )
Translated by Sihem Hammouda (Tunisia )

Darkness and Mist

Darkness me overwhelmed,
Mist my cities shrouded,
And sorrow in all roads cloaked.
A train I am,
From the steam age,
Inside a tunnel, blindfolded,
Fumbling for gleams of sunshin
Looking for thy smile ,
Appearing on the twilight.
Sorrowful thou art ,
I , like a candle burnt ,
Toward thy doleful world set out ,
Me my muse visited,
Words of longing on paper I sprinkled ,
And exploded into passion.
The blaze of my poem,
With life burst,
I my soul surrendered
To the ocean of your eyes,
My love, I am a man into thy immersed,
A gleam of light, I am
With path, our dream I sharpened And with pens of divine secret fate wrote this passion
I defied the maze of nightmares ,
With thy love in my breaths,
I descended my soul’s defeats,
To ascended your hair tresses.
I truly admit,
I turned you into an immortal story
Because thou art
A woman who outdid Cleopatra
Zenobia and all queens of the East
Deeply-rooted thy echo in the cave s of my soul is,
All distances thou art ,
Every crossroad too .

ظلام و ضباب

غيبني الظلام
ضباب غطى مدائني
حزن لبس كل الطرق
انا مثل قطار
من عصر البخار
مغمض العينين داخل النفق
ابحث عن خيوط الشمس
ابحث عن ابتسامتك
تلوح على محيا الشفق
عندما تحزنين
احترق كالشمعة
نحو عالمك الحزين انطلق
لا اكلم احدا
جائني الالهام
انثر حروف الشوق على الورق
انفجر عشقا
وميض قصيدتي
بالحب ينفلق
ارخيت ذاتي
في بحر عينيك
وانا فيك حبيبتي انسان غرق
اني خيط من الضوء
على الدرب سننت حلمنا
والقدر بأقلام الغيب كتب هذا العشق
حملت شعلة عشقك
تحديت متاهة الكوابيس
وحبك بين انفاسي قد شهق
نزلت من انكسارات ذاتي
صعدت جدائل شعرك
اعترفت بلا بهتان و لا كذب
جعلتك قصة التاريخ
لانك امراة تفوق كيليوباترا
وزنوبيا و كل ملكات الشرق
صداك ضارب في كهوف نفسي
وكل المسافات انت
وكل مفترق الطرق

بن عطية حكيم

livre: Adultére Auteur : Paulo Coelho Résumé écrit par Sihem Hammouda

livre: Adultére1557205-193x300
Auteur : Paulo Coelho
Résumé écrit par Sihem Hammouda (de page 11 à page 100)
Paul Coelho nous introduit dans le monde de son héroïne,Linda,une journaliste réputée travaillant pour un journal sérieux(engagé)et mariée à un homme éperdument amoureux d’elle.Le monde idéal de Linda,dont tout le monde rêve (qui fait rêver) a été bouleversé par une interview qui lui a été accordée par un écrivain qui lui affirma:«Je m’en moque totalement d’être heureux,ce qui est dangereux,parce qu’on ne sait jamais ce qu’on va trouver au-delà. » Depuis,elle s’etait aperçue qu’elle mourait chaque jour un peu plus à l’intérieur d’elle-même.Elle en avait ras-le- bol de feindre le bonheur et de se donner tant de peine à essayer de rendre son entourage heureux,mais elle n’avait pas le courage d’avouer sa mélancolie et ses angoisses grandissants.Elle craignait qu’elle perdrait son époux si elle dévoilait ses vrais sentiments.À vrai dire,il était devenu difficile pour elle,après dix ans de mariage,de préserver l’ardeur de l’amour qu’elle vouait à son homme,et qui avait commencé à s’estomper depuis longtemps.Sa rencontre avec Jacob König ,avocat et futur membre du conseil de l’Etat de Genève et qui était aussi son petit ami d’adolescence,a saupoudré du sel dans sa blessure déjà douloureuse.Cette retrouvaille a éveillé en elle «la femme» qui suscitait le désir des hommes et l’envie des femmes.Dans cet élan sentimental, nostalgique et effréné,Linda n’a pas hésité à commettre l’adultère avec cet homme sachant qu’il était marié.La quête d’un sens de la vie à mis Linda sur le sentier de la trahison conjugale,cependant elle ne n’éprouvait,pour autant, aucun sentiment de culpabilité car elle savait emprunté ce chemin de plein gré.Je me demande si son époux allait découvrir sa trahison dans le chapitres suivants et quelle serait sa reaction en conséquence.

The Alchemist  Book Summary by Sihem Hammouda

The Alchemist
Book Summary by Sihem Hammouda
The Alchemist is a book that traces the journey of Santiago , an Andalusian shepherd boy who was brave enough to forge his own destiny, and being rewarded at the end of it by fortune and true love .
Santiago is far from being the common shepherd we’re used to .He is as wise as a philosopher and as brave as a soldier. Though he masters Latin and Spanish, he chooses to be a shepherd rather than a priest to fulfill his dream of travelling the world because “knowing the world is what a man was born to do rather than knowing God and learning about man’s sins.”
Life is full of possibilities and Santiago is ready to take risks .He has no fear of leaping into the unknown or treading a foreign land in the pursuit of his dream . Even his father yielded to his wish and gave him money to buy his own flock of sheep .He wanted him to live a dream he buried deep down for he believed that he was born to care of food and water unlike his son.
On his journey to Egypt , Santiago decided to visit Tarifa to ask a gypsy who interprets dreams to decode his . He told her that he was in the field with his sheep when a child appears to him .The child then plays with the sheep and ignores his orders to stop. All of a sudden the child gets up takes him by both hands and transports him to the way of Egyptian pyramids then told him “ if you come here ,you will find a hidden treasure” (13-14) .The dream stops there and Santiago wakes up . But all that the woman can do is to reiterate the obvious message of the dream which disheartens him but he was happy though for he doesn’t have to pay for her because she requested one-tenth of the treasure when he finds it .

Upon leaving the Gypsy’s house, Santiago sits in the Plaza to read a book .There he meets an old man claimed to be Mechizedek ,the king of Salem .The old man told him that everyone has a personal legend ,or a dream he wants to achieve and urged him to follow his and forge his destiny though it might be tough. He gave him two magical stones : Urim and Thummim which represent ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively to help him make decisions when he is at loss and cannot understand the omens ;the language of the world .Even when he is not physically present the king appears as a symbol or an idea to help Santiago continue pursuing his personal legend in times of doubt.
Upon arriving in Tangiers, he meets at the bar a man who promises to serve his guide and help him get to the pyramids but the man turns out to be a thief and steals his money. Santiago regrets him listening to the omens that misled him. He cried a lot and thought that ‘ God was unfair because this was his way god repaid who believed in his dreams.’ But he soon gathered himself and decided to think of himself as an adventurer in quest of his treasure rather than a poor victim of a thief.

To make up for his loss ,he starts working for a crystal merchant .It is the kind of job that won’t make him happy but he works hard and puts aside money to buy some sheep .Unlike Santiago,the merchant doesn’t much like change ;he wants to live his life according with Muslim law .His dream of going to Mecca keeps him alive that he fears that if it is realized he will have no reason to go on living .This explains why he is shocked when he knows that the boy would cross the desert just to see the pyramids .He thinks they’re just a pile of stones . He hates to take risks too that’s why when Santiago asks him to build a display case for the crystal to attract more people the merchant refuses .He fears that people will pass by and bump into the display case and pieces will be broken But he eventually yields under the shepherd insistence .As a result business has improved and money was pouring into the cash drawer. In less than a year, he doubled his flock, did business with the Arabs besides mastering Arabic .Meeting up the thief turned out to be a blessing against all odds.
By the end of his journey ,Santiago meets the alchemist who resides the Al-Fayoum oasis .He is a powerful practitioner of alchemy .He appears to possess magical powers and wisdom that connects him to the mystical soul of the world .This connection provides him with supernatural abilities and it allows him to guide Santiago on his quest to understand the soul of the world .The alchemist teaches Santiago to follow his heart and never give up her dream. He assured him that if Fatima’s love is true she will wait him .Santigo left fatma armored by her kiss and promises to come back once he found his treasure .

When digging for his treasure near the pyramids, he was attacked by refugees from tribal wars .They beat him fiercely and took his money. Before leaving him near to death their chieftain told him that it was foolish of him to believe in dreams for he once dreamt of a hidden treasure in a ruined church in Spain where a shepherd and his sheep sleep. From this ,Santiago realized the truth where his treasure is buried .It turned out that he crossed the desert to discover that his treasure was waiting for him all along at home.santiago goes home to find his treasure awaiting for him .After he digs it out , he plans to visit the gypsy to give her share of it then return to his beloved Fatima.15727106_733944923419665_5319432414498527138_n

قراءة نقدية في كتاب امرأتنا في الشريعة و المجتمع للطاهر الحداد

IMG_20170608_1قراءة نقدية في كتاب امرأتنا في الشريعة و المجتمع للطاهر الحداد
إعداد الأستاذة سهام حمودة
يكشف كتاب” امرأتنا في الشريعة و المجتمع ” سنة 19300 للكاتب والمصلح الاجتماعي التونسي الطاهر الحداد عن الضيم الذي تعرضت إليه المرأة التونسية والجهل الذي يلف عالمها في مجتمع ذكوري استعبد أنوثتها وسجن عقلها وروؔض روحها •فدعا بني جنسه إلى أن يردوا إليها حقوقها التي شرعها الإسلام و تعليمها حتى يتسنى لها الخروج إلى الحياة من غيابة الخنوع والهوان أسوة بالمرأة الأوربية •وجدير بالذكر أن العديد من العلماء والمشايخ هاجموا بشدة كتاب الحداد وكان على رأس منتقديه الشيخ محمد الصالح بن مراد الذي ألف كتابا للرد عليه بعنوان “الحداد على امرأة الحداد ” وتوؔج هذا الهجوم بفتوى تكفر الحداد وتطالب حجز الكتاب•
يستهل الكاتب كتابه بتذكير بني جنسه بحقيقة قد نسوها أو قد تناسوها لما تمثله من خطر حقيقي على وجودهم الذي يستمد قوته من طمسها ألا وهي أن المرأة هي “ٲم الإنسان ” و”نصف الإنسان” وشطر الأمة” • وما تحقيرها إلا تحقير لأنفسهم و ما احترامها إلا احترام لأنفسهم و يأسى الطاهر الحداد لما آل إليه حال المرأة في المجتمع التونسي في تلك الحقبة حيث أنها في نظر المجتمع لم تكن إلا كيانا “منفصلا عن الرجل ” لا شٲن لها في نهوضه أو سقوطه وهو سر خيبة المجتمع التونسي حسب اعتقاد الحداد حتى انه يرسم مقارنة بين حال المرأة في الغرب وحال هذه البائسة في تونس فبينا حرص المجتمع الغربي على تعليم المرأة وتربيتها ومنحها حقها في ممارسة حريتها المدنية واستثمارها لتعود خيرا على منزلها و وطنها حرمت من حقها في تقرير مصيرها ففريق يدعو إلى تربيتها وتعليمها و منحها حقها الشرعي في استثمار حريتها المدنية فتحقق لها فخرا ونصرا في الحياة وفريق آخر يرى أن المدنية العربية صاغها الرجال وان المعرفة التي تحتاجها المرأة هي المعرفة المتعلقة بوظيفتها في المنزل فقط • لهذا على خلافا للدول العربية الأخرى لم تنجح تونس في النهوض بالمرأة و لو بمقدار ذرة في حياتها •

ويعيب طاهر الحداد على المجتمع الذكوري قصر نظرهم فهم لا يرون في المرأة إلا “وعاء لفروجهم” وليس لها من الحقوق شيء كالبهائم ومع ذلك فهو يحدوه الأمل أن إنكار حقوق المرآة سينتهي يوما ما وستهب رياح التغيير الذي لن يستطيعون له ردا لان نهوض المرأة هو نهوض الجميع وهو يستشهد بمثال الحكومات الفرنسية التي تؤمن بقوة تعليم المرأة في نهوض الشعوب لهذا وضعت في أصول برامجها تعليم بنات المسلمين بالمدارس الابتدائية لهن واستنباط طرق أخرى لتغير حياتها إلى الأفضل لهذا هو يرى أن الإصلاح الاجتماعي ضروري بل هو مسالة بقاء أو فناء والإسلام يحث عليه خلافا ما يدعيه عبدة الأوهام والعادات الموروثة الرثة •
وينقسم الكتاب إلى قسمين : القسم التشريعي والقسم الاجتماعي •
استعرض الطاهر حداد في القسم التشريعي الحقوق المدنية التي حبا الإسلام بها المرأة موضحا المكانة المرموقة لها في الإسلام فالنصوص التشريعية أكرمت المرأة خلافا للممارسات الظالمة تجاهها تحت اسم الإسلام أما في القسم الاجتماعي فسعى الطاهر حداد إلى تعرية المجتمع التونسي بالكامل فعدد الانتهاكات التي يمارسها الرجل أبا أو زوجا تعاضدهم في ذلك أحيانا المرأة نفسها في ثوب الأم ضد المرأة فاستعبدوا جسدها وعقلها وروحها ٬يدفعه في ذلك توقه إلى الإصلاح الجذري والنهوض بشعب كامل لا يتحقق إلا بالنهوض بالمرأة ومعاملتها كما شرع الدين الإسلامي وكان الحداد يخاطب المجتمع التونسي أحيانا بشدة وأحيانا أخرى بترغيب فيصور لهم ما سيتمخض عن إصلاح حال المرأة من توفيق للعائلة و للمجتمع بأسره وهو في ذلك يرشدهم كيف يصنعون منها مكسبا وطنيا ثمينا وليس عبئا ثقيلا •
في بداية القسم التشريعي يشرح لنا الكاتب كيف أن الإسلام جاء بأحكام و أخلاق لا عهد للعرب بها وخاصة ما جاء بخصوص المرأة وما كان منه من إثبات في شخصيتها المدنية والاجتماعية آو في حقوقها مزدوجة مع الرجل • فالمرأة ‘ركن للعمران ونصف الرجل في الحياة ‘• إذ كان الرسول الكريم محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول “أنا أبو البنات” وجاءت رسالته فأنقذت المرأة من الموت فحرم الإسلام وٲد البنات و أعاد للمرأة اعتبارها ورد إليها حقوقها المدنية المسلوبة ويعدد الطاهر الحداد هذه الحقوق وهي الحق في الشهادة والقضاء٬ أهلية وحق التملك ٬الحق في طيب الحياة٬والحق في الميراث•

ولحماية المرأة والرجل على حد السواء حرم الإسلام الزنا وعده فاحشة وشرع الزواج لان في الزنا تحلل من جميع ما ينشٲ عنه وطريقه الهلاك لما قد يؤدي إليه من ارتكاب جرائم درءا للفضيحة إذا حملت المرأة من الزنا ويجعل المرأة تختاره لكسب لقمة عيشها إذا عجزت عن العمل• ولبشاعة الزنا جعل الإسلام عقابه شديدا فشرع حد الزنا للزاني والزانية مائة جلدة أما المتزوج منهما فحده الرجم بالحجارة ليموت •
وبما انه حرم الزنا شرع الإسلام الزواج وقننه واعتبر العاطفة أول أركانه وحث الزوجين على التعاون على الحياة ليثمر ثمره الطيب في حديقة الحياة كما في الآية ” وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة” أما الازدواج الطبيعي فغرضه عظيم وهو تعمير الأرض لهذا حث الإسلام الزوج على احترام زوجته و الحنو عليها وحسن معاشرتها •وخلافها لما دأب عليه العرب خوؔل الإسلام للمرأة حقها في اختيار زوجها متى كانت رشيدة حتى أن من الفقهاء من يعطي المرأة الحق في فسخ نكاحها إذا زوجت قبل البلوغ ولم تره صالحا بعد ذلك ويعلم الإسلام الناس أن للمرأة حقوق مماثلة لما عليها من الحقوق للرجل •
أما عن تعدد الزوجات في الإسلام فيرى الطاهر الحداد أنها “سيئة من سيئات الجاهلية” إذ كان العرب يعددون نساءهم بلا حد لاستغلالهن في خدمة الأرض وخدمة البيت وإشباع غرائزهم فجاء الإسلام ليضع حدا أقصى لتعدد الزوجات ثم تدرج إلى اشتراط المساواة والعذل بينهن وجعل الخوف من عدم العدل كتحقيقه•
أما الطلاق فلقد سنه الإسلام إذ تعذر الوفاق ولقد ترك الإسلام حق الطلاق بيد الرجل غير انه منح المرأة الحق في الرجوع للمحكمة وهي تحميها من أي ضرر يلحقها في ذلك أو يقع الطلاق أو يقع الطلاق جبرا على الرجل •ولقد أوسع القران لتدارك الغلط في الطلاق بتيسير الرجعة في مرتين منه فان جاوزها إلى الثالثة وجب عقابه ومنعه منها أن يتزوج منها إلا أن تتزوج بغيره•لهذا نهي الإسلام عن معاملة المرأة بشدة و حث الرجل على حسن معاشرتها لما له من النفوذ الظاهر عليها فيستطيع تأديبها حتى لا يفر منها إلى الطلاق من الوعظ باللسان وحسن فعله إلى الهجر في المضاجع إلى الضرب ولقد فسر بعض العلماء الضرب بأنه رمي طرف الثوب عليها توبيخا لما فعلته وليس ضربها ضربا مبرحا يكسر عظامها •

كما اقر الإسلام تعويضا ماليا في الطلاق الذي يعبر عنه مرة بالفداء ومرة بالإمتاع•يبين القران انه إن كان الطلاق طلبا من احدها دون الأخر من غير وجه شرعي فان كانت المرأة كان لزوجها أن رضي اخذ الفداء من متاعها في البيت وهو ما يعبر عنه الفقهاء بالخلع وان كان الرجل فعليه الإمتاع لها سواء دخل بها أو قبل البناء كما قرر القران أيضا لغير المدخول بها نصف الصداق•
وينتهي الطاهر حداد في نهاية القسم الشرعي إلى أن النصوص الشرعية الإسلامية تزخر بكنوز من حقوق وحريات المرأة التي غبنوها إياها وان الإسلام في سعيه إلى الإصلاح يؤكد على ضرورة احترام هذه الحقوق ففي الإسلام كل عباد الله سواء وجزاءهم مناط بإعمالهم دون أن يستثني فيذلك النساء من الرجال كما في الآية “لقد خلقنا الإنسان في أحسن تقويم “•

القسم الاجتماعي
ينتقل بعد ذلك الكاتب إلى القسم الاجتماعي الذي عنونه “كيف نثقف الفتاة لتكون زوجا فأما” و يستعرض في الجزء الأول من هذا القسم الثقافات التي نهلتها الفتاة التونسية في تلك الحقبة من أمهاتهن أو من الموروث العتيق• إذ كان الأهل يأخذون الفتيات الصغيرات إلى معلمات في المدن يتمرن فيما تعمل الخياطة والتطريز مقابل ثمن بخس فيتهيآن لسن الزواج فتصنع الفتاة جهاز منزلها وثياب عرسها بنفسها أما إذا كانت فقيرة فتساعد أهلها وتسدد حاجاتها للزواج وتقوم الأمهات أيضا بتعليم بناتهن صناعة النسيج التي تعد أوفر ربحا لمن يكتسب منها تساهم النسوة بهذا العمل في مصاريف البيت في حين يتلهي الرجال باللعب بالحصاة و النواة و الحديث الفارغ أما في البوادي فيشتغل النساء في الحرث و شؤون الزراعة في مزارع المعمرين و الأجانب مع أبائهن و أزواجهن الذين ينفقون ما تجنيه في شرب “التاي” والخمور وسائر المخدرات وعندما يشتد الضنك بها تضطر للعمل كخادمة في البيوت •
إلى جانب الثقافة الصناعية تدرب الأمهات بناتهن على القيام بشؤون المنزل من طهي وغسل وتنظيف ومع ذلك فالبيت يضل في أسوء حال من الفوضى لعدم تطور فهم المرأة في إدارة المنزل وإدخال البهجة عليه لما تعتمده من موروث جامد في ثقافتها المنزلية ويشير الكاتب إلى أن شؤون المنزل في البوادي اشق فالمرأة تحتطب من الغابة وتستقي من الآبار وتدي رحاها لتطحن الحبوب لإحضار الطعام وبينما هي في كد ومشقة يكون الرجل في المقهى أو ما يعبر عنه ب’الكنتية’ مع رفاقه يتلهى بشرب ا”التاي” و الخمر •ومع ذلك فان نساء الباديات أكثر طاعة من نساء الحضر لقسوة الرجال بطباع البداوة •
أما عن العقل زينة المرأة فيتم حشوه بالأوهام والخرافات فيطمسون بصيرتها كالإيمان بالغول و نفع التمائم أما عن الثقافة الأخلاقية فيرى الكاتب أن اعتماد الأهل وسائل الشدة والعقاب كوسائل تهذيب يبعد الأطفال عن إدراك الفضيلة ويزيد في ارتياعهم وتدعيم أخلاق الضعف والهزيمة أمام من يرهبون والعنف و القسوة على من يستضعفون أما في غرس خلق الحياء الشديد في الفتاة فقد اتلف ثقتها بنفسها فضعفت و خبت ذاتها واختفت في العدم حتى أنها ترتاع لأي حدث بسيط لسذاجتها و بعدها عن الحياة فلا سلاح لها إلا البكاء• كما يصور للمرأة أن الرجل جبار يتسلط بقوته على المرأة ويصور للرجال مكر النساء وكيدهن في الاستيلاء على الرجل وجعله طوع بنانهم فتلجٲ المرأة للدجالين لترويض زوجها بسحر قد يتلف عقله ويعود ذلك لما ورثاه من ثقافة زوجية سقيمة أما الصحة فلا تعرف عن الفتاة عن قواعدها شيئا فإذا أصاب طفلها مرضا استنجدت بوصفات العجائز السحرية فتعجل بموت المريض إضافة إلى جهلها بالنظافة وفوائد الرياضة البدنية لها و في نمو أطفالها بل إنها تحاول قتل نشاطهم بالضرب و القسوة فتنشئ بذلك جيلا خامدا خاملا •

أما عن الزواج فيخبرنا الحداد أن الفتاة كانت تزف إلى بيت زوجها الذي اختاروه أهلها مذهولة فيباغتها القدر إما بزوج دميم أو طاعن في السن فتذبل أو تعبر عن سخطها بإهمال بيتها فتوضع في معهد زجري يسمى’ دار جواد ‘ لتأديبها فيضيق عليها في طعامها وكسائها ولا تباح زيارتها إلا بإذن ومشقة حتى تثوب إلى رشدها فالإكراه و الجبر هما ما يسوسان حياة المرأة وإذا أراد الزوج الطلاق فهو ميسر له ولا يعوض لمطلقته ويتم خروجها من المنزل بالإكراه و يعود تسرع العائلات في تزويج أطفالها دون سن الرشد من الكبير ومن المسن وهن لا يميزن بين الخير و الشر وبين الجد والهزل إلى إيمانهم أن في بقاء الفتاة في البيت حتى تبلغ سن الرشد قد يدفعها إلى ارتكاب الرذائل فتسيء لسمعة العائلة لهذا يختارون لها زوجا لا ترغب به فينتهي الزواج في كثير من الأحيان إلى طلاقهما أو الزواج من ثانية والمرأة في ذلك لا حول لها ولا قوة لها يفعل بها ما تملي عليهم أنانيتهم وشهواتهم •
أما تعدد الزوجات فيرى الطاهر الحداد أنها ظاهرة شهوة فأبناء المعددين للزوجات فالأب غارق في لذته لا يشعر بواجبه تجاهه أبنائه فينمو فيهم بغض لهم وحب الانتقام منهم وهناك من النسوة من يخفن “ضرة” فيمعن في المصاريف فتخرب بيت زوجها فتعيش في فاقة معه أو تلجا إلى الدجالين لسحره فلا يتزوج عليها •كما يفضح الحداد في هذا الجزء من الكتاب ظاهرة ” المتذوقين” وهم الذين يأخذون من كل شيء أحسنه ويتزوجون لمتعة واللذة بحساب الأشهر •
وليوقظ في الناس الحس بالمسؤولية تجاه المرأة وتدارك ما اقترفوه ضدها من انتهاك لحقوقها يصور الحداد مشاهد البؤس الاجتماعي في العائلة والمجتمع والذي يؤمن انه نتيجة لاستعباد واستبعاد المرأة • فلو أن المرأة الصناعية مثلا والتي كانت تعمل في صناعة النسيج والحرير آنذاك اكتسبت علما وثقافة يساعداها في تطوير تلك الصناعات لساهمت في تقدم المجتمع التونسي •ويصور الكاتب أيضا في القسم الاجتماعي تأثر الشعب التونسي بالحضارة الأوربية التي جلبها معه الاستعمار الفرنسي ويرى الحداد أن تاريخ التطور الحديث في الشرق يرجع إلى تاريخ اتصاله بالمدنية الغربية الحاضرة فالمغلوب يميل إلى تقليد الغالب في زيه وأساليب عيشه التي يراها مصدر خير فينزع عنه رداءه البالي القذر وهذا الاتصال قائم على محض الرغبة في نهب التسلية من حياة ميتة ومن اجل ذلك انحصر عملنا في استهلاك المال للاستمتاع بمواد الحضارة الغربية فانتشر الفقر ومنينا بالخيبة والفشل •هذا في المدن أما في البوادي فترك الأهل أراضيهم وانتقلوا للعيش في المدن وهكذا اشتركت كل الطبقات في إفلاس البلاد أما المرأة فاندفعت بقوة في طلب اللذة فثارت وتمردت وأهملت منزلها ولم تعد قانعة بالحياة التي تحياها تنشد الترف والبذخ أما الرجل لم يتحمل راتبه الزهيد و تحمل مصاريف زوجته فخير البطالة على العمل باجر زهيد أو الفرار من المنزل الذي كان يجده دائما مهملا و غير مرتب لهذا فضل الأزواج ارتياد المطاعم الفاخرة فرادى ومجتمعين للتمتع بالجمال تاركين المرأة تتخبط في بؤس العائلة و لا يدفعه الرجوع إلى البيت إلا النوم أو حاجة بشرية •

لفت الطاهر الحداد أيضا إلى ظاهرة الزواج من الأجنبيات التي تزيد من وضع الفتاة سوءا إذ يجد الرجل في الأوربيات ما لا يجد في المرأة التونسية من ذوق ومعرفة وحسن تدبير وأناقة ولكن تهذيب الأوربيات و لكن ثقافتهن لم تهيأن بها للاندماج في عائلاتنا فينتج عم هذه الزيجات الطلاق •
ولقد دفع نفور الزوج من البيت المرأة إلى اكتشاف الحياة التي خارج أسوار منزلها والتي أخذت منها زوجها نهارا وليلا فلم تر إلا الحياة السافرة وانهماك في لذؔاتها و الهتاف البالغ لكل مستحدث في الوسطي الأوربي من الأزياء والأشكال وانساقت في هذا تيار التطور الجارف وتطورها مرجعه تعلمها في المدارس الحكومية اختلاطها بالمعلمات الفرنسيات وزيارة منازلهن ورؤية ما فيها من زينة وترتيب ومشاهدة الحياة العامة في الطرقات و قراءة الروايات الفرنسية والذهاب إلى السينما و المسرح•لقد كان تيارا اجتماعيا لا مرد له تاهت فيه لما وجدت فيه من تسلية ومتعة ووفقا لتطور النفسية الشاملة للرجال دون أي نظر في تهذيبها أو صقلها •
يتناول الحداد أيضا مسالة خطيرة وهي الحجاب و استغلاله من قبل الرجل لاستبعاد المرأة من الحياة العامة •يعد الحجاب رخصة المرأة للخروج من المنزل وهو لها حصانة اجتماعية من الوقوع في السوء أما الرجال فانصرفوا إلى حياة اللهو والمجون وما جرهم إلى ذلك إلا انفرادهم بأنفسهم في احتجاب المرأة وعزلتها عن رؤية هذه الحياة الماجنة ولقد حرم الحجاب المرأة من التعلم وحقها في تدبير ثروتها حتى صارت ألعوبة في أيدي الوكلاء دون أن تقدر أن تحمي نفسها ولقد حرم أطفالها من الهواء النفي أو كانوا يلعبون دون رقابة حتى فقدت الأمهات أطفالها والحجاب تأثير على صحتها لحرمتنها من الهواء النقي و الرياضة فزاد في بؤسها فكانت تدعي أن الصالحين طلبوا زيارتها وعقد النذر لهم لسنح الفرصة في الفسحة• وهو يشرح لنا كيف أن الاحتكاك بالحضارة الغربية أدى إلى السفور الذي كان سببا في انتشار الفجور للاختلاط بالأوربيين وقاتلا للشبان الأحياء بالعاطفة وذاهبا باستعدادهم للمستقبل لما يثيره فيهم من الشهوة إضافة إلى القضاء على صناعة النسيج بعد أن غمر النسيج الأوربي البلاد •
ويؤكد طاهر حداد في الجزء الأخير من الكتاب على أهمية تعليم وتربية المرأة حظها حظ الرجل في ذلك فحرمانها من التعليم يوسع الهوة بينها وبين الرجل المتعلم ويبعدهما عن الاتفاق في بناء حياة مشتركة بمعناها الصحيح فالتعليم حاجة أساسية للإنسان آو سيبقى جاهلا عاطلا غبيا يعيش تحت امرأة وسيادة نصفه الأخر وهو حقها الطبيعي ومن الظلم حرمانها منه بدافع الأنانية والشهوة الغالبة فالتعليم سيساعدها في القيام بوظيفتها المنزلية والعمرانية عل أحسن وجه •

ستكون المرأة مصدر الروح القومي لأبنائها إذا ما تعلمت أصل دينها وتاريخ وطنه ولغته •تعلم العلوم الرياضية والطبيعية سيثقف عقلها بالمنطق ومعرفة الأشياء على حقيقتها وستعكس هذا النور على أطفالها وتكون لهم عونا في نضوجهم العقلي والنفسي كما أن تعلم الرياضة البدنية سيعين على شحنها بنشاط معنوي وإذا تعلمت مبادئ الصحة ستهتم بعائلتها ولن تنخدع بإرشادات الجاهلين أما فن التربية فسيساعدها في خلق جيل نقي عقلا و روحا • و يرى الحداد أيضا أن في تعليمها فن تدبير المنزل خيرا كثيرا على عائلتها إذ ستصبح عونا في تنمية ثروة المنزل المشترك بدلا ا تكون ثقلا على الأب •
ويحض الطاهر الحداد على تربية المرآة وصقل مواهبها وعاطفتها حتى لا تموت تحت تأثير الحياء الشرقي الذي اخمد في المرأة روحها عن الإشعاع واخرس ملامحها عن النطق كما يجب تهذيبها عاطفتها الغير مثقفة فتكون قادرة على إنشاء أطفال قادرين على الانتصار على
فيهم من قوي جسمانية ومعنوية “وما العلم إلا سلاح يحتاج إلى روح وإرادة يستعملانه للظفر بالحياة مهما تعسرت طرقها وعظمت تكاليفها ”
يعد كتاب “امرأتنا في الشريعة والمجتمع “مشروعا إصلاحيا تنويريا تم طمسه ونبذ وتكفير صاحبه من قبل المشايخ المحافظين وذوي الرؤية المتشددة لما فيه من تهديد لمصالحهم فاختار الحداد العزلة إلى أن توفي ولم يسر في جنازته سوى نفر قليل من أصدقائه إلى أن جاء الاستقلال وحولت أفكاره إلى قوانين مجلة الأحوال الشخصية في 13 أوت 1956 التي سن فيها قوانين للأسرة ومن أهمها منع تعدد الزوجات وجعل الطلاق بيد المحكمة عوضا عن الرجل •

قراءة في كتاب “الأمير ” لنيكولا ميكيافيلي

كتبتها الأستاذة سهام حمودة
نيكولا دي برناردو دي ميكيافليي، ولد بفلورنسا في 3 ماي 1469م، وتوفي بها في 21 يونيو 15277م.كان مفكرا وفيلسوفا سياسيا ايطاليا إبان عصر النهضة •أصبح ميكيافيلي الشخصية الرئيسية والمؤسس للتنظير السياسي الواقعي •أشهر كتبه على الإطلاق “الأمير” الذي أهداه إلى “لورنزو الجديد” أحد أفراد آل ميديتشي. ويمكن تصنيفه إن صح القول بما عرف في العصور الوسطى الإسلامية بـ” الأدب السلطاني” وأدب “نصائح الملوك” وهو كتاب يناقش فيه ماهية الإمارات، وأنواعها، وكيفية امتلاكها، ولماذا تٌفقد، مع رسم للصفات التي تخول للأمير أن يحفظ ملكه من الزوال •
ويتسم أسلوب ميكيافلي بالبساطة مع دقة وعمق في الأفكار وكأنه ارتأى من ذلك أن ينتفع بالكتاب كل من يطمح إلى بلوغ الإمارة من العامة و السادة ولقد ضرب الكاتب الكثير من الأمثلة عن الأمم الغابرة أو المعاصرة في تحليله السياسي لحال الإمارات والأمراء لتجلو رؤيته في ذهن القارئ•

يفتتح ميكيافلي كتابه بالحديث عن الحكومات القديمة فيصنفها إلى صنفين :جمهوريات عادلة وملكيات معتدلة تنقسم بدورها إلى ملكيات عريقة في القدم وملكيات حديثة •ويلفت ميكيافلي إلى سهولة التحكم في المماليك الموروثة فكل ما على الأمير فعله هو اقتفاء آثار من سبقه من الأمراء خلافا للمماليك الحديثة التي يصعب السيطرة عليها ويعزو ذلك لما يعتمل في صدور أهلها من مقت وعداء للمغتصبين إضافة إلى عجزه عن كسب إخلاص ورضا الخائنين الذين يسروا له الاستيلاء على الحكم أو التخلص منهم لأنه يدين لهم والحال لن يستقيم له إلا بكسب محبة الشعب حسب اعتقاد ميكيافلي الذي ينصح الفاتح الجديد بمعاقبة كل من تسبب في القلائل وتقوية مواطن الضعف في هيئة حكومته • ومن العوامل المساعدة على الحفاظ على حكم الفاتح الجديد هو قتل أفراد الأسرة المالكة القديمة مع الإبقاء على القوانين القديمة و الشرائع السالفة وبذلك يستأنس أهل الولاية بحكامها المحدثين مثلما فعلت فرنسا •
كما يشير عليه إذا كانت الولاية المفتوحة تختلف عن الدولة القاهرة في اللغة و الأخلاق ان ينتقل إلى العيش بين أهلها فيساعده ذلك على أن يقف على أسباب الدسائس والفتن فيسعى في تلافيها قبل أن تسوء الأوضاع بيد انه لو غاب عنهم وتركهم وشٲنهم فسيعيث عماله فسادا في تلك الأراضي فيخسر ود الأهالي •كما يحضه على تأسيس المستعمرات لا الحاميات لان أهل المستعمرات أكثر إخلاصا من أهل الولاية المغتصبة وهي لا تكلفه شيئا خلافا للحاميات التي تستلزم نفقات يعجز عنها خراج الولاية فضلا عن بقاء الجنود في البلاد المفتوحة الذي سيولد الحقد والبغضاء •وعلى أميره أيضا أن يحول دون استغاثة أهل تلك البلاد بجيرانهم من الدول فينصب نفسه زعيما على تلك الدول ويضع نفسه موضع المدافع عنها فيحفظ ملكه•

ويعد ميكيافلي تدمير البلاد وتخريبها بعد فتحها هي أنجع طريقة للتحكم فيها حتى لا يطالب أهلها بالحرية وهو ينصح بإهلاك الأسرة الملكية القديمة إذا كانت البلاد المفتوحة ملكية ويرى ميكيافلي أن من يمتلك ولاية بفضل حزمه أكثر توفيقا ممن يعتمدون على حظهم الحسن لان الذين يعوزهم الحظ يخشون العواقب ويحسبون لكل حركة و سكنه حسابا أما الذين وصلوا إلى الإمارة بفضل حسن الطالع فيعتمدون على إرادة من رفعوهم• فالمحارب يجب أن يكون قبل كل شيء مالك سلاحه •
أما من بلغوا الإمارة بالإثم والغدر وتمكنهم من العيش امنين في أوطانهم فيعزو ميكيافلي ذلك إلى حكمتهم في استعمال القسوة •فالقسوة الحكيمة هي التي يستعملها الرجل ليحصل على مركز ثم سرعان ما يستبدلها بأعمال نافعة للرعية وعلى الفاتح أن يستعمل القسوة مرة واحدة ولا يعود إليها أبدا إذا ٲمن الشعب جانبه ويسعى لإرضائه وتهدئته والعيش معه على وتيرة واحدة فلا يغير سلوكه لخير أو شر •
أما في الإمارة المدنية والتي تتمثل في بلوغ الإمارة برضا الوطنيين وليس برضا الإشراف ينصح ميكيافلي الأمير بٲن يسعى لكسب ثقة الشعب وصداقته لٲن “من يبنى على رضا الشعب يبنى على الرمل ” على حد قوله فهو لا غنى له عن الشعب إذ هو يعيش مع الأمة التي لا تتغير ولكن الأشراف يتغيرون كما انه لا يمكنه حفظ نفسه من غضب الشعب لوفرة عدد العامة ولكنه يستطيع حماية ذاته ضد الأشراف بقتلهم حتى في المحن لا يستطيع ٲن يعول إلا على شعبه و الأمير الذي يخشى شعبه أكثر من العدو عليه أن يبني حصونا أما من يخشى العدو أكثر من شعبه فلا حاجة له بتشييد الحصون فأحسن الحصون ما كان مشادا في قلوب الرجال سداه المحبة ولحمته الإخلاص فإن الأمير ذو الحصون لا ينجو إذا كان الشعب ناقما عليه •
إلى جانب شعب يحبه٬ يحتاج الأمير للاحتفاظ بملكه إلى قوانين عادلة وأسلحة قوية والأسلحة التي يدافع بها الأمير عن مملكه إما تكون له وإما تكون لجنود مأجورة وأما لجنود مساعدة وإما مختلطة والأمير العاقل يتجنب دائما هذه القوة الأجنبية ولا ينتفع إلا بجنوده ويفضل أن ينهزم بجنوده على أن ينتصر بجنود غيره فواجب الأمير أن يكون له قوة حربية من أبناء وطنه•
على الأمير أيضا أن يتعلم فن الحرب أو لن يحترمه جنوده ولا يٲمن جانبهم فعليه أن يمارس الصيد ليعود بدنه المتاعب وليقف على طبيعة الأراضي فيساعده ذلك في أن يعرف بلاده فيعرف كيف يذود عنها أما تدريب العقل فلا يكون إلا بدرس تاريخ العظماء والبحث في أسباب النصر والخذلان واقتفاء اثر رجل عظيم واتخاذه قدوة له كما قلد قيصر الاسكندر •
وينصح ميكيافلي الأمير الذي يريد حفظ عرشه أن يقلل من طيبته وان يستعمل الخير أو ضده في الأوقات والأحوال المناسبة و هو يرى أن من الأمور الحسنة أن يذاع عن الأمير كرمه ولكن لا ينبغي له أن يهتم باتهامه بالبخل إذا كان لا يريد سرقة شعبه•يجب أن يكون رءوفا أيضا ولكن لا يسئ استعمال الرأفة ولا يخشى الاتصاف بالقسوة في سبيل توحيد شعبه٬ محبوبا مهابا٬ يحفظ الوعود ويراعي العهود ولكن عليه أن يكون نصفه حيوان ونصفه إنسان فعليه أن يكون ثعلبا ليتقي الحفائر و الحبائل وأسدا ليرهب الذئاب•ماهر في فن التظاهر بغير شعوره وينقض العهود إذا كانت ضد مصلحته •
هذه هي صفات الأمير الميكيافلي التي ستمكن صاحبها من النصر أبدا وهي صفات القائد عظيم الذي ستتوحد تحت رايته كل إيطاليا وجعلها قادرة على الدفاع عن نفسها ضيم الأجانب وطردهم ، ولا تهم الوسيلة عنده بل الغاية مهما كانت قاسية أو ظالمة لان الغاية تبرر الوسيلة وهو مبدأ تقوم عليه الميكيافلية التي أصبحت مذهبا فكريا سياسيا اعتمدته ايطاليا و ألمانيا لتحقيق وحدتهما القومية ودواء ناجع للتشتت القومي والسياسي لهما   ورغم نبذ أفكاره في البداية أصبح كتاب “الأمير ” يعد نقطة تحول في تاريخ الفكر السياسي العالمي و دستورا لكل دكتاتورا إذ يرى لكل دكتاتورا إذ يرى موسوليني أن كتاب الأمير” دليل رائع للسياسي”.

بقلم سهام حمودة

الصندوق الاسود بقلم سهام حمودة

الصؔندوق الأسود


وقفت على أطراف أصابعها وطبعت قبلة حارة على خده الأيسر· لم يستطع أن يمنع نفسه من الضحك فقد كانت تضع عطره  · تملكته رغبة جامحة في أن يضمها إلى صدره  بقوة ولكنه تجاهلها حتى لا يخيفها ·

كانت اللحظات التي يمضيانها معا قصيرة جدا ولكن الفوضى التي تحدثها ما إن تدير ظهرها  وتغلق الباب خلفها عارمة قوّضت كل أنظمته المستبدة · دلف إلى مكتبته حيث تعود أن يركن  لساعات طويلة يقرٲ  فكتبه المرفأ الذي يهرب إليه كلما اشتدت الأنواء بعقله ·

جلس إلى مكتبه ثم ٲخرج من تحت قميصه الأسود سلسلة فضية يتدلى منها مفتاح صغير· نزعها من عنقه ثم  مد يده إلى الدرج وفتحه ليخرج منه دفترا أنيقا·ابتسم وهو يتصفحه : كان صندوقه الأسود ولكن  منذ قدومها إلى قصره لم يدون فيه شيئا ·أعاده إلى مكانه ،أغلق الدرج بالمفتاح ثم وضع السلسلة حول عنقه ودفنها تحت قميصه ·

قام عن كرسيه  ووقف أمام مجموعة كتبه الضخمة وهو يضع يديه في جيبي بنطاله· كانت جل كتبه عن التاريخ و الفيزياء و الفلسفة·  فكر انه يجب أن يقتني كتبا جديدة تدخل البهجة إلى مكتبته  فقد مر زمن طويل على آخر كتاب اشتراه في مزاد للكتب ببريطانيا   ; ربما عليه اقتناء كتب عن المرأة ·رمق كرسيها الهزاز بطرف عينه وقد تدلى طرف وشاحها على الأرضية ، انحنى والتقطه ،كانت تعبق منه رائحة الزهور البرية ·لقد امضيا الهزيع الأخير من الليل   تقرٲ له حتى غلبها النعاس في كرسيها·  دنا منها وحدق بها وهي نائمة وقد تساقطت خصلات شعرها على خدها  و افتر ثغرها الجميل عن  ابتسامة فاتنة كأنها ترى حلما جميلا ،سمعها تغمغم  بشيء  لم يفهمه· ابتسم فقد كان هو أيضا يتكلم في نومه· انحنى نحوها، اخذ الكتاب من بين يديها وحملها بين ذراعيه ثم اتجه إلى غرفتها ·بدت كطفلة وديعة لا حول ولا قوة لها   فغمره شعور عذب  : رغبة في حمايتها  من شرور العالم·

تنهد وهو يعيد وشاحها إلى مكانه فهو يحزنه جدا انه أقحمها في معاركه فلطالما خاض حروبه بمفرده · فجأة سمع قرعا خفيفا على الباب ثم انفتح ببطء و ظهر من خلفه رجل مسن قد  اشتعل رأسه شيبا تشع من عينيه طيبة  الآباء وحكمة العجائز·التقت عيناهما اللتان كانتا بنفس اللون: لون اللوز فبادره بالسؤال بلهفة :

-هل تعتقد أنها سوف تعودˁ

-سوف تكون هنا قبل مغيب الشمس!

– لقد كانت تضع عطري عندما غادرت هل لديك أي تفسير لذلك ˁ

تقدم العجوز منه وهو يتغنى بصوت أجش:

-Enfant ! si j’étais roi, je donnerais l’empire,
Et mon char, et mon sceptre, et mon peuple à genoux
Et ma couronne d’or, et mes bains de porphyre,
Et mes flottes, à qui la mer ne peut suffire,
Pour un regard de vous !

Si j’étais Dieu, la terre et l’air avec les ondes,
Les anges, les démons courbés devant ma loi,
Et le profond chaos aux entrailles fécondes,
L’éternité, l’espace, et les cieux, et les mondes,
Pour un baiser de toi !

 تطلّع إليه الشاب في دهشة ٳذ كانت هذه أوّل مرة يسمعه يقول شعرا ·ابتسم العجوز له لكنه أشاح بوجهه عنه حتى لا يقرٲ الخوف في عينيه :كان خائفا أن لا تعود فلا يجد من يهرع إليه عند قدومهم مثلما كان يفعل عندما كان صغيرا إذا جن الليل ·تعود أن  يهرع إلى والدته فيرتمي في أحضانها ليجد السلام والأمان ، يهرب من أصوات  تلاحقه كلّما حل الظلام  حتى أن والده جهز البيت بالأضواء في كل مكان ولكن الأصوات كانت ذكية جدا فلم يخفها النور الذي يتستر به الليل والصبي   فضاق أبوه  ذرعا به وبأصواته  وهجر أمه التي سرعان ما تدهورت صحتها وماتت  فكفله جده فاحش الثراء  ·لكن رغم ثرائه وعلمه  لم تحبه امرأة قط و لم تتحمل أنثى  معاشرته و أصواته المخيفة التي كانت كلعنة رافقته منذ صباه حتى  ٲمهر  الأطباء عجزوا عن تحريره منها  · اعتزله الجميع  وأصبح قصره مثل القصور التي يحكى عنها في القصص الخيالية المرعبة فأزمع  العجوز أن يحضر له رفيقة كل ليلة مهما كلفه الثمن  لتسامره حتى بزوغ الفجر· كانت بعضهن يضحكن أو يحملقن فيه بدهشة  عندما يطلب منهن فقط أن يقرٲن له أو يروين له حكاية   فيظنُنؔ أن به مسؔا من  الجنون فيرحلن في الحين أو يرفضن الرجوع ثانية حتى قابلها هي صدفة :كان ليلتها  واقفا عند الرصيف كدأبه  يبحث عن   بنات الليل لعله يحظى برفيقة لحفيده ،رآها  تركض باتجاهه لا تلوي على شيء ، ارتطمت به وسقطت عند قدميه  ،  امسك بيدها  على حين غرة و أبى أن يفلتها  ،توسل إليها   أن ترافقه إلى بيته  لمساعدة  حفيده  المريض واعدا إياها بمبلغ كبير من  المال إذا أذعنت لأمره ،رأى الرعب والألم  في عينيها ولكنه لم يحررها فألمه اشد من ألمها ، قاومته بشدة ولكن لما رأت الدموع في عينيه  استكانت و رق قلبها له·

 لم يسألها العجوز عن اسمها، قادها إلى المكتبة أين وجده جالسا قرب المدفأة يحدق في النار  ، حتى انه لم يرفع عينيه نحوهما كأنه لا يشعر بوجودهما · أومأ  العجوز لها بالجلوس على كرسي حذوه وطلب منها أن تقرا له من كتاب وضع على الطاولة حتى بزوغ الفجر ثم خرج  ·لوهلة انتابها الخوف لبقائها وحيدة معه فكل  شيء يبدو جنونيا لكن سرعان ما تبدد  وحلت محله سكينة لم تفهم مصدرها· أخذت الكتاب وفتحته  ، عضت على شفتها السفلى  فقد كان كتاب فلسفة وهي لم تكن من محبيها أبدا ·شرعت في القراءة بتأنّ ، كانت تارة  تقرا وتارة تنظر إليه خلسة لترى إن كان يشعر بوجودها ولكنه كان يحدق في نار المدفأة فسكتت ،التفت إليها   دون أن ينظر في عينيها  وكأنه يطلب منها أن لا تتوقف فتابعت القراءة بصوت عذب بعث الدفء في المكان والطمأنينة في قلب العجوز الذي كان يقف وراء الباب الموارب يراقبهما  وعند انبلاج الصباح رحلت الفتاة ·

في رحلته ليلا للبحث عن أنثى تمنى العجوز أن يلتقي بها مجددا فقد لاحظ أن حفيده أحب رفقتها إذ سأله في الصباح عمّن تكون، كانت تلك أول مرة يهتم بهوية من يحضرهن إليه ·

عقدت الدهشة  لسانه عندما رآها واقفة في نفس المكان وهي تحتضن كتابا  كأنها تنتظره· ابتسما عندما التقت عيناهما فقد قرأ كل منهما أفكار الآخر·  كانت الساعة تشير إلى الثانية صباحا عندما انسحبت من المكتبة بهدوء حتى لا توقظه · رقص قلب العجوز  فرحا عندما وافقت أن تأتي كل ليلة ·وهكذا تحولت المكتبة الباردة إلى مكان يضج بالحياة و استسلمت  رائحة كتبه القديمة  لسحر عطرها  وعلا صوتها العذب على أصواته المخيفة فما عاد يسمعها وشيئا فشيئا بدا يشعر بأنه رجل عادي لكنه  لم يخبرها  عن سره خوفا أن يخيفها كما أخاف الأخريات فترحل عنه وتتركه وحيدا فيصبح فريسة سهلة للأصوات من جديد ·

وذات يوم  عندما كانت و العجوز  يرتشفان القهوة في حديقة القصر تذكرا الليلة التي التقيا فيها فسألها عن سبب وجودها في ذلك المكان المخيف المقفر تلك الليلة الباردة و لماذا كانت تركض  ·ارتعشت أصابعها  وهي ترفع الفنجان إلى شفتيها،  رشفت القهوة ثم أطرقت رأسها·

-هل تهربين من شخص ماˁ هل يحاول احد ما أذيتكˁ

رفعت رأسها ونظرت إليه بعينين حزينتين وأردفت قائلة :”هم أشخاص! لا اعرف عددهم و لكنهم كثيرون ·لا اعرف كيف يبدون و لكن أصواتهم مخيفة · لا استطيع رؤيتهم  و لكنني استطيع سماعهم · هم لا يأتون إلا  ليلا إذا حل الظلام و لف السكون الوجود، يأتون ليلا عندما أكون وحيدة لهذا كنت أحاول الهروب منهم في تلك الليلة ·”

ارتسمت على وجهه ابتسامة شاحبة ولم ينبس ببنت شفة أما هي فوضعت فنجان القهوة على الطاولة وانتصبت واقفة ثم ذهبت إليه لتودعه والعجوز يراقبها من بعيد حتى اختفت داخل القصر سقطت دمعة حارة من عينه فلعنتهما تشبه لعنته الأبدية·

سهام حمودة




Don’t shoot!

Wait Sir  ! Don’t shoot !

I need to comb my tousled  hair,

And wash my stainy face.

Oh !There is a hole in my shoe too

Wait sir  ! I won’t be late ,

I am going to wear my father’s shoes,

They are as big as the  gracious sky

But they fit because I walk like him,

My grand mother told me once .

Have you ever flown a paper plane,Sir ?

There is a hole in my paper plane,

Like the hole in my father’s skull .

Wait Sir, don’t shoot !

There  on that lonely  hill ,

I saw a  flower  this morning,

Do you think my mother will forgive me for

My dishelved clothes?

I didn’t know you’re coming for me .

oh !  I found a flower for your mother  too!

You need to hurry up before  it fades

Sir ,why are your eyes full of tears  ?

Written by arabian roses




ثورة عشق

.تعاتبني اذا غضبت ولا تفهم ان الرعد يدمدم اشتياقا للمطر

تقف وسط الفوضى التي رسمتها في محرابك  مشدوها

كراهب يقرا رسائل حب لاول مرة

تقرا جنوني في قلم الشفاه المكسر وقارورة العطر المراق

.ولاتفهم سطور حنيني فيها

.هذا ليس جنونا بل ثورة عشق يحتضر في دفتر يومياتك

by arabian roses


The English Woman Part Two

                    Her name was Anne-Marie  and knowing that  filled our  childish hearts  with a happiness rivaling that  when grabbing a one-legged crab  after a long day of chase  on a slippery beach under a feverish sun. It was an overwhelming happiness .
                   Anne-Marie came from England  and she spoke French .  I knew that the language she spoke was French because I and my brothers  were taking lessons in French  .Actually for years the little girl me  thought that French is the mother tongue of English people  .
                  Summer holiday was over so  I and my family left home to go back home .Nothing but  my grandma ’s reassuring words that soon winter vacation would come ,could sooth the pain of leaving my native island.
                 The English woman and my uncle paid us a visit  .I and my siblings  were on  cloud nine.  We sat next to her smiling shyly saying nothing but our eyes revealing a lot of our happiness.  I remember  that day as if it were yesterday. We were writing  on a wooden  slate things we wanted  to tell her .I can’t remember clearly all  the sentences we wrote that evening ,but ‘ Je t’aime ‘ was an  unforgettable sentence because  it translated  and still translate  all the  genuine love in tiny Tunisian hearts, a love that   knows no boundaries .
Written by arabian roses      to be continued 

The English woman Part One

The English Woman Part One

arabian roses'whispers

I remember the day  when she first appeared  on  the  stage of our childish life, as if it was yesterday. My two brothers and I were sitting on the edge of  the stony bench ,our  tiny toes  were  hardly touching  the floor. We were dying  to know  who she was  .We are used to see myriad of them descending from  carriages and going into my uncle’s Ali Baba handicraft store but they had never entered our territory ,my grandmother’s house.
Seeing them  sitting shoulder to shoulder aroused a relentless curiosity that had to be quenched.”She’s a friend of mine”, my uncle said.She’s from England. We marveled at her snowy skin  for it was summertime and we looked  like  chocolate sculptures with our tanned faces .There was something in her that made us fall under her spell instantly , an unbreakable spell : kindness.
To be continued
written by arabian…

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A Fighter without arrow dedicated to Marius Mocanu

…Then they lived happily ever after.

Nay, it is neither a folktale an old sailor

Could tell to kindle the flame of adventure

       In the soul of a retired ship dimmed,

Nor a sealed love letter

From an enchantress  to a hermit.

It’s an epic about an ordinary man,

Whose  name will be chanted in battlefields

When fearless soldiers are vanquished by fear.

 Before his exploits, invincible Hercules,

And grand Hannibal would bow in awe,

For unconquerable foes they fought

But inevitable fate he tamed.

It’s an epic about an ordinary man

Who taught fallen heroes that

  Hardship is his majesty’s gift

To strong souls for only

A strong soul could bear hardship

And   when a gift is taken from you

Dig for unnoticed blessing deep in you .

Written by arabian roses





Dawn Rain

            We woke up at  3:00 am for  Suhur , which is a pre-dawn meal in Ramadan , prayed , and read few chapters from Quran then all retreated  to their rooms to take a rest. It was 5:00 am when it started drizzling. I was sitting at my desk staring at my notebook trying to write something but to no avail , my heart ‘s whispers wouldn’t come  . I guess I have writer’s block . My spiral notebook is in a mess , it was a gift from my twin brother  and I  have to piece together its pages before he sees  that . I love spiral notebooks but I fail to keep them one piece . It’s like I have a  graveyard of notebooks.

       The house was so quiet .Crowing of roosters was overwhelming the serene horizon perfumed with  drizzle beads . I jumped from my seat and headed towards  the French window and opened it  to greet the morning rain . I smiled  at the sky  that was studded with generous grey clouds . Deep down I know that  Mika’el the angel of rain was soothing the heat of the earth by bathing its summer breeze before muslims start their fourth day of fasting by the command of Allah .
        We fast  14 hours a day  in my home country . We abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk and they’re very precious moments  that a muslim treasures and the  joy of breaking fast is unrivalled . Everything about Ramadan is rewarding , so is the  feeling it creates within us ,that of  gratefulness for being a muslim .When the sun goes down  indicating time to  break our fast , with the very first sip of water a fathomable but intangible feeling overwhelms me . A   feeling  that  I  know where it comes from but words can’t describe it . A feeling that makes my soul  recite merely  “there is no God but Allah ” . 
 by arabian roses



Do you love her ?

He happened to turn around,

To see her teasing  the drunk ground,

With her  bare toes like a spoiled child.

She turned to him , and his oriental  eyes

Embraced hers as

 An expatriate embracing  an old letter

Smelt of  his torn  homeland.

“Do you love her? ” She asked.

“Who?” He said

“The rain.” She answered.

“Yes  I do” He smiled.

“Who do you love more ?Me or her?” She asked.

He smiled  affectionately at her,

“Are you jealous of the rain?”He asked .

“The rain is a woman ,isn’t she?” She said.

“Yes it is.For that I love her.

Her  dormant  revolt is enkindled

By a rain drop breaking gracefully along his lips

Then travels secretly to his  covert cities.

She averted her dewy eyes,

Black pearls falling down

Her soft burning cheeks.

He approached her laughing and saying:

You are  jealous of  the rain aren’t you ?

I  love her because she resembles you

You are the rain  and she is you .”

Written by arabian roses

She and Majnoun Leila

When  night falls and his madness is allayed ,

 Towards the deserted poems she slips away.

 His French coat asks about her unknown destination,

Whenever she travels by a French painting.

And her silver earring asks the cold floor,

About a lost beloved with a feverish  longing,

While she goes on searching

In the forgotten  verses,

For an old  name  reminiscent of his name

Or a woman that resembles her

But the old poems tell her

That Majnoun Leila  is reproaching

His insanity  for she is the most  insane of all

For a beloved has nothing but his insanity

As a  sincere proof of  his eshq.

Written by arabian roses

-Majnun Layla (Arabic: مجنون لیلی‎ Majnun Layla, “Possessed by madness for Layla”) also referred to as (Persian: لیلی و مجنون‎ Leyli o Majnun, “The Madman and Layla” in Persian) is a love story that originated as a short, anecdotal poem in ancient Arabia, later significantly expanded and popularized in a literary adaptation by the Iranian poet Nizami Ganjavi who also wrote Khosrow and Shirin. It is the third of his five long narrative poems, Khamsa (the Quintet).

-ʻIshq is an Arabic word used in Arabic as well as many other languages. (Arabic: عشق‎; in Persianeshgh; in Urdu: ‎ ishq; in Darieshq; in Pashtoeshq; in Turkishaşk and in Azerbaijanieşq), means “love”.


Your Love Kept me Alive

It’s the love for a childless land that kept a farmer alive.

It’s the love for honor that kept a wounded soldier alive.

It’s the love for health that kept the sick alive.

It’s the love for challenge that kept a mountaineer alive.

It’s the love for hope that kept the unfortunate alive.

Life has many crowns ,but they are all adorned with  precious  love.

Written by arabian roses.


حبيبي و المطر

حانت منه التفاتة اليها 
وهي تضرب الارض الثملة
.بقدميها كطفلة مدللة 
التفتت اليه و احتضنت عيناه الشرقيتين عيناها 
كمغترب يحتضن رسائلا قديمة

تفوح برائحة وطنه

?قالت :هل تحبها

?قال: من 
.قالت: المطر .
.قال: نعم .
?قالت : اتحبني انا ام هي اكثر 
:ابتسم في حنو وقال 
?اوتغارين من المطر
قالت وقد سعرت ثورتها
حبة مطر تتكسربغنج فوق شفتيه
ثم تسافر سرا الى مدنه
?اوليست المطر انثى
.اجابها :بلى. لهذا احبها.
,اشاحت بوجهها الندي عنه
وقد تساقطت لالئ سوداء
.فوق خديها الاسيلين
,دنا منها وهو يضحك
لم اعلم انك من المطر تغارين
فانا احبها لانها تشبهك
.فانت المطر

Written by arabian roses

The storyteller

The rain  her princely dance finished,

And to the  moist stage rainbow ascended.

The young storyteller hastily  unfolded

His shawl  then spread  on the  ground.

The children  were waiting restlessly,

Like a bracelet around

A Persian princess’s  ivory ankle,

And a hungry flame is burning inside.

Tell us the story of

Th seaman and the mermaid

Or the wizard who lost his magic wand.

An angelic whisper lulled the

Dusky souls hiding in the old tales

Forgotten in The young storyteller’s saddlebag.

Today I am going to tell you

The story of  orange ,yellow, blue

Green,violet ,indigo and red;

The seven  brothers  living in harmony together

Melting into each other ,

But never become one,

For their difference is what wove

The rainbow  .The storyteller princely said.

Written by arabian roses

Casa /Home

Trate de escribir

una canción de libertad.

cierro mis ojos,

pero lo único que veo

es a una mariposa

atrapada en telarañas

y a una muñeca

perdiendo su casa…

Written by arabian roses


I tried to write

a song about freedom.

I closed my eyes

But all that I can see

Is a butterfly caught in


And a doll that lost her home.

Written by arabian roses

Obsessive love

Your obsessive love  is torturing  me ,

Like a boat under the mercy

Of  a capricious wind.

And the aroma  from a tender caress,

Left in my books,

has opened my wounds,

Like a wounded pirate

Embracing the serene sand,

and suffering in silence

his loss.

Written by arabian roses

Review of “The Broken Necklace”

Review 01

The Broken Necklace

Short Stories are quite different than a full fledged novel. In a novel the author enjoys the liberty of giving all the detail of the characters and circumstances. But in a short story, the author has to be very keen to tell the story within a very few pages and at the same time has to give a background account of the characters and circumstances without wasting the pace of the story.

“The Broken Necklace” certainly has that characteristic of a short story. In three pages you have created two characters; the reader is very clear about Camellia and Ahmed. How they look, how they feel, the bondage of love between them, their adopted son, Ahmed’s mother’s grief for a blood-grandchild, everything. The message is very clear. Story line is crisp, very convincing, easily understandable.

Now, a few things to remember. As I told you earlier, you need to work on your Punctuations and formatting. If I think from a reader’s point of view, text formatting matters a lot while reading a book. Poorly formatted texts are very difficult to concentrate on and texts with perfect formatting and stylish looks are eye pleasing to the readers.

Now, coming back to the story; storyline is clear. But, there is a scope for the readers to make out, what actually happened to that necklace (??). That scope raises a lot of questions. But, as a reader, I prefer more clarity on the background of a story.

Now, it’s time to rate the story. I give it a seven out of ten. One more point could have been added had the formatting been better.

 I am open for any and all discussion. . . . . . .

by Sudipta Bhattacharjee



Amor obseso

Tu amor obseso me tortura,

Como   barco  a la merced

Del viento caprichoso.

Y el aroma de una  caricía tierna

que dejaste  en mi libros

abriendo   mi heridas ,

Cual  un pirata lacerado

Abrazando arena serena,

 Sufriendo en silencio

Su pérdida .

Written by arabian roses

The English woman Part One

I remember the day  when she first appeared  on  the  stage of our childish life, as if it were yesterday. My two brothers and I were sitting on the edge of  the stony bench ,our  tiny toes  were  hardly touching  the floor. We were dying  to know  who she was  .We are used to see myriad of them descending from  carriages and going into my uncle’s Ali Baba handicraft store but they had never entered our territory ,my grandmother’s house.
Seeing them  sitting shoulder to shoulder aroused a relentless curiosity that had to be quenched.”She’s a friend of mine”, my uncle said.She’s from England. We marveled at her snowy skin  for it was summertime and we looked  like  chocolate sculptures with our tanned faces .There was something in her that made us fall under her spell instantly , an unbreakable spell : kindness.
To be continued
written by arabian roses

The soothsayer

She took his rough hand in hers,
Passionately embraced his soft gaze,
Then closed her enchanting eyes,
“A thorny path is awaiting you “,
The soothsayer  whispered, 
“With rubies it is studded.”
 A  diamond  escaped her eyes .
To his lips he raised her trembling hand,
Kissed  her palm, then  reassuringly  said:
“A wife’s satin touch  can smoother  the unevenness of life ,
And a mother’s  passionate prayer can remove  unyielding mountains.”
No charm can  shield a soldier,
The wife in disguise ,tearfully continued,
Against  the fatal clasp  of fortune.
He was molded  in  his mother’s womb
And  will end up in the earth’s womb.
So will all mortal souls.
Written by arabian roses


If a beggar  knocks at your towering  door

Smile away  your scowling wrath

for a genuine smile   for the poor

is  shimmering alms.

Fill  his hands  stained with soot,

And God will purify your defiled soul ,

For a satisfied beggar’s prayer  ,

 is your unbreakable  armour,

when Soulless misfortune

breaks bondage of  its bitter soldiers.

Written by arabian roses

The lonely scarecrow

He wanders through the breathless

Battlefield of  life  .

Above him,

The  scarlet sun withdraws her spears

And night wraps his serene shawl

 Around houses’ shoulders

Grand and poor.

He doesn’t  yield for he believes

That when solemn autumn breaks

Summer’s painting brushes,

And winter cries,

sprightly spring comes by.

In the heart of  the battlefield of life,

A  lonely scarecrow,

Resting beneath the shade of a willow,

Is teaching dainty daffodils

 That neither a ghastly smile as his

Nor a raging rifle as his master’s

Can  take away what the divine

Hand  has bestowed on a famished soul.

Written by arabian roses

15 awards perfumed with Jasmine

My awards this time  are perfumed with Jasmine because they were a precious  gift from a Tunisian blogger  .To find out how Tunisian man think ,how he spends his  leisure time , and how he perceives the world ,you’re welcome to visit .Don’t worry, language wouldn’t be a barrier to communicate with him for he can speak French,English and Arabic fluently .









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Les règles sont:
1-Visiter et remercier celui qui t’a remis la/les distinctions.
2-Nommer 10 bloggers.
3-Copier et coller les distinctions sur ton blog
4-Répondre aux questions posées.

1-Quelle est la signification de la vie pour vous?

la vie est un don de Dieu que nous devrions apprécier en faisant ce qui plaît à Dieu

-2-Qu’est ce que le bonheur ?

-être en bonne santé et avoir un peu d’argent pour faire ce qui plaît à Dieu et ce qui plaît aux gens que j’aime 🙂

3-Pourquoi as-tu créé ce blog?

-J’adore ecrire 🙂 🙂 🙂

4- Quel est le plus important dans ta vie: L’amour ou la gloire ?


5-Qu’elle est la chose que tu aimes sur les blogs?

-la plupart des blogueurs  ici apprécient ce que les autres écrivent

6-Quelle est la meilleure décision que vous avez faite?

7-Croyez-vous que l’amour inconditionnel existe vraiment dans une  relation ?


8-Croyez-vous en Karma ? Si oui alors quel est le bon et le mauvais Karma selon vous ?

-Comme je suis capable de choisir ,je suis responsable de mes actes bonnes ou mauvaises .
9-Croyez-vous en la renaissance ou à la vie après la mort ? Si oui, donc pourquoi?

oui,Je crois à la renaissance.

10- Quel est le meilleur moment de votre vie?

-quand mon père a arrêté de fumer

Mes nominés sont:











arabian roses:)

He can read your thoughts about his wife!

That  we can’t  go beyond what meets the eyes  is not only an indication that  we are perfect human beings  ,but also a blessing that  unfortunately go unnoticed by us.
  At times , we wish we could read others like an open book and see inside their hearts  to know their real intentions, their hidden thoughts and true feelings to spare ourselves deception and disappointment , loss and pain.  And we go on to  wonder why  Allah  didn’t infuse us with  that majestic power  which is something easy for him, “The Originator of the heavens and the earth . When He decrees a matter, He only says “BE!” – and it is. [Noble Quran 2:117] . We need to remember that whatever Allah does, is for our best. Allah says :’…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.’ (Surah Baqarah: 216) .
Imagine that people can read your mind in the same way you can read theirs .There might be  dreadful  secrets you don’t want to share  or dark thoughts you don’t want others to hear  or speak of, in that some secrets are too dreadful that the most trustworthy friends  would shun you because of them and some thoughts are too painful that they can kill like a son’s feverish wish  that his sick father dies soon to  inherit his lands , a husband’s past love affairs or a saint’s criminal past  .This may explain why most of the people don’t say what they think or say what they think you want to hear or they just keep their opinions to themselves  to spare themselves trouble and spare others pain .The  prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم (May peace be upon him) said :”a good word is better than silence and silence is better than evil talks!.”  The same issue was highlighted in Ephesians 4:29 “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”
Also,by not letting others step into your inner world , Allah is giving you a space of your own to reconsider your thoughts before you act,  for once a dark  thought is translated into a word or an action ,it cannot be effaced from people’s memory for  our actions  define us  , even if people  forgive us ,they will never ever forget and they  will always  remind us of our  misdeeds even if they are as old as the hills . It’s  necessary to reconsider our thoughts ,opinions before we  speak and act   .This will help us to  wipe out evil  thoughts  and embrace good ones,  and that we sometimes say or do  what we do not really think or mean proves that we can control our thoughts as well. Then when negative thoughts about others go through your head ,try to  put yourself in their shoes  to understand why they behave they way they do . Also,  try to count your gains once your real intentions  are revealed and you will find out that it is  a zero -sum game .Whereas your gains will outnumber your losses if your actions  mirror your real intentions, good intentions.
 Like  christians ,we  muslims  believe that every man has with him a companion from among angels and a companion from among the a (demons) as prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم May peace be upon him said “There is no one among you but he has with him a constant companion (qareen) from among the jinn and a constant companion from among the angels.” They said, “You too, O Messenger of Allaah?” He said, “Me too, but Allaah has helped me against him (the devil-companion) and he has become Muslim.” and the evil thoughts come from the shaitan that  strives to turn us from doing good , and to not fall in his trap  ,we must  discard those evil thoughts  by seeking  refuge in Allah . Say  ” I seek refuge in Allah from shaitan,the accursed one” and the evil suggestions will go away from you. Remember that you can’t blame the shaitan for your actions for you are  the doer  . It is related by Abu Hurairah that the Apostle of God said:“God has forgiven my followers evil thoughts and misgivings and there will be no punishment on them until they are acted upon or uttered by the tongue .Bukhari and Muslim. Do istagfar ,say ” I seek  forgiveness  of  Allah” when you had bad thoughts .Prophet Muhammad used to recite this at least 100 times a day and  used to offer night prayers till his feet became swollen. Somebody said, to him,” “Allah has forgiven you, your faults of the past and those to follow.” On that, he said, “Shouldn’t I be a thankful slave of Allah)?” (Bukhari, Hadith 4459) 
One also needs to understand that  iternal thoughts  is  first and foremost Allah ‘s criteria to  measure our  faith   and honesty towards  him  . Allah doesn’t judge us by our actions but by our intentions into our hearts because actions can be soaked with hypocracy  in that  people do things   to please  the creatures not the creator  . Some pray to attain the pleasure of Allah while others pray to be seen by men and gain wordly recognition .The action is the same but the intentions are different, so is the reward. As prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم  (May Peace be upon him) said
:”The worst of people with Allah on the day of judgment are the two-faced.”
 Remember that we can fool people but we can’t fool Allah who is all- hearer and all-knower  .And fooling his creature  is equally  dangerous for being kind to others is  a sign of our unconditional faith, a  key to his love and our  passport to  heaven as prophet Muhammad said’“You will not enter paradise until you have faith. And you will not complete your faith until you love one another.” Hence Allah despises the hypocrites whose actions are not congruent with their intentions and loves those who worship him as though they see him . Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:‘if Allah loves a person, He calls Jibrael saying, ’Allah loves so and so; O Jibrael love him.’ And make an announcement amongst the inhabitants of the heaven: “Allah loves so and so therefore you should love him also, and so all the inhabitants of the heaven would love him, and then he is granted the pleasures of the people on the earth.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

So let’s wage a war against bad intentions and dark thoughts .Let’s  tame them in the same way we tamed rebellious  waves  and conquered lofty mountains . Let  our words and actions be a mirror of genuine and kind thoughts and pure intentions not only because we are blessed creatures into whom Allah  breathed his soul and evil doesn’t befit us.Let’s  pour into the world kindness for “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa. 

Written by arabian roses


My home is a book

I wish my home was a book

I would  live in a fairy tale

And live happily ever after.

I would conquer wonderland

In children’s stories

Then surrender to orphans.

I would steal  a magic wand

To rekindle old women’s  smiles,

be a knight

reign a land

wherein bread is for all

and water is dulcet

and untarnished  like a maiden’s soul.

Written by arabian roses


His love was a pact

But you love me unconditionally

You look into my heart

While he looked into my eyes

He couldn’t put up with my flaws

But you  show me the way to correct them

You hear  my long prayers

While he complained  about my loving  talks

 What is to gain from a short- lived love?

What is to gain from a secular love?

Love of a man is like sea waves,

Rises and falls

But the love of Allah i s like waterfall ; steady and strong.

 Written by arabian roses


انا تونسي شئت ام ابيت

. انا تونسي و تشهد عن  ذلك خارطة ميلادي

. و الارض التي تحملت خطواتي المتعثرة عندما كنت صغيرا

انا تونسي عربي اجيد تكلم لغات العالم

و لكني لا اكتب قصائد حبي الا بالعربية

.فهي لغة موطني موطن الحب تونس  

انا تونسي مسلم سمعت السماء ابي و هو يؤذن في اذني

.و صلوات جدتي على اجمل المرسلين محمد صلى الله عليه و  سلم

فكف عن تغريبي و تكفيري فردائي الذي لا يشبه رداءك لايترجم  عن عدائي

 و افكاري التي تتضارب مع افكارك لا تعني اني  فوضوي

بل تونسي يعشق الالوان فبدون  الوان لكان قوس قزح حزينا

.و تونس اميرة عربية تعشق ارتداء الاثواب الزاهية

ابعد عن صدري بندقيتك المهترئه 

 فصدري ليس بيتا للرصاص الجبان

  بل لاغنيات امي الجميله عن فارس 

حر لايهاب امتطاء ظهور الجبال 

يسمونه التونسي 


Written by arabian roses


War of Roses

Yesterday,I was a knight

But today I am a warrior.

A knight ‘s offering is a mild rose

But a warrior’s offering is  a wild soul.

 I shed my armor to shield my wounded heart

And go to the battlefield of your love

with one hand I drag  my coffin

with  the other I hold my honor.

I will fight viciously like a warrior

but die nobly like a knight.

Today,either  I win back  my soul

 Or drop my weapons at your feet

To become eternally  the captive

Of your bewitching eyes  .

Written by arabian roses


Childish pencils

He kissed his butterfly goodbye,

 freed his swing hanging from

His grandfather’s old apple tree

And embraced the wind perfumed

with his grandmother’s lullaby

That  was watching  him

walking away

With a prayer on her trembling lips.

It’s a land where boys

Chase death not dreams,

It’s a land where roses

Are colored with crimson ink

not childish pencils.

Now and then an epic hero

Arises from the tormented  heart of

A  little Palestinian boy.

Written by arabian roses

The Mad Poetess

In a  poetry book lives my prince charming

Taken captive by poems.

Being swept , poesy fears,

Into a burning  ocean of  tears

If he enfranchises  him

For his words are enamoured with

 His angelic eye smile,

weaving it into   sighs

for poets every night.

My wrath tore my treacherous poems  asunder

and my jealousy burned down my charmed words

My prince charming is my captive

and no woman but me

Will guard him

not even  my hymns.

Written by arabian roses


شاعرة مجنونة

يعيش حبيبي في ديوان شعر

سجين القصائد 

يخاف الشعر لو حرره

ان يغرق  في بحر من العبرات

فلقد تيمت كلماته بابتسامة عيون حبيبي 

فمنها  تغزل كل ليلة اهات للشعراء

مزق كل قصائدي غضبي

واحرقت كلماتي غيرتي

حبيبي هو سجيني

و لن تحرسه  امراة سواي

حتى و لو كانت صلاتي

Written by arabian roses

عندما يبتسم حبيبي

تجهم وجه حبيبي

فتلون وجه السماء

و تململ البحر الفضي

فقد اشتاق الى دياره الزرقاء

امواجي ماعادت تعرفني صاح البحرفي الم

قد تجهم وجه حبيبها ثانية اجابت  السماء

ابتسم حبيبي


فعندما لا تبتسم

يضيع سحر البحر الازرق

بين الغيوم

تمر الايام بدون تاريخ

و تصنع الشمس و المطر

قوس قزح من الوان حزينة

ابتسم حبيبي

فعندما تبتسم

المراة في

تصبح ملكة

تبني مدنها من ورق الياسمين

لكي تكتب على جدرانها  رسائل حب

لم تكتب  قط

ابتسم فقد اشتقت الى مدني

ابتسم حبيبي

فعندما لا تبتسم

المراة في

تصبح ملكة

لا عرش لها

فابتسم لكي تعرف مدني السلام

Written by arabian roses,man,photography-548182d1305aba99581dff110123a628_h.jpg

الليل امراة

الليل امراة

تتزين بالقمر و النجوم

مراتها صفحة النهر الفضية

و عطرها ندى الصبح الخجول

الليل امراة

تحيك وشاحها من دفء عينيك الطفوليتين

و تغزل من تنهداتك الشرقية لحنا للسكون

الليل امراة فوحدها المراة

تعشق  الرقص  حافية القدمين

متدثرة بجدائل شعرها  وقت السحور


Written by arabian roses

انا تونسية يا سيدي

انا تونسية  يا سيدي

على خارطتي تعيش كل  النساء

اعشق  شرب القهوة عند المساء

المعطر بالياسمين  و ابتسامة امي الحنون

 اعشق تقبيل جبين  الشجر

فالشجر انيسنا في الدرب الطويل عند السفر

و صيد حبات المطر

لتبوح لي بسرها

كي تحبني  يا سيدي حب الصحراء للمطر

انا تونسية يا سيدي

عشقي لك كعشق الليل للنهار

لا يتغير

و لكن يا سيدي احذر المراة الساكنة في

فان غارت

 صارت كموجة غاضبة

  تشعر بالغيرة من سفينة

تداعب  وجه حبيبها البحر

فان غارت

بكت و دمرت

Written by arabian roses

Invade your heart ,steal his beats and tune them to the symphony of love ! (part 2)

That he’s different from you doesn’t mean he’s subordinate to you. Difference is the fount of knowledge, enrichment and enlightenment and beauty. Allah has created legion of different species of flowering plants, animals,fish, and human. Nature taught all creatures to live in peace and harmony for in their differences lies the essence of their survival. But she failed to tame human beings whose differences set their hearts apart ,and torn the map of their souls.You can sow the field of the other and he can pick the fruits ,that allured his mind ,or soul or heart ,from yours .I’m the other ,you’re the other .I can teach you a lot about my world to understand it better  and you can enlighten me about yours too  in return to not tread on some traps that might ruin the bridge of harmony we’re trying to build together .Because to understand how the other’s world works, is the secret of a strong bond .So ,when the other steps into your territory ,gift him a big basket that is replete with amazing traditions, inspiring folktales ,healing stories, instead of aiming your rifle to his heart.

Written by arabian roses

Invade your heart, steal his beats and tune them to the symphony of love! (part 1)

That she or he left you behind doesn’t mean you’re not worth his /her love .It doesn’t mean  that she or he is ungrateful either. Beginnings  are like delivering  child ;they’re painful ,but they bear life within them . Breaking up is a beginning.It’s a sea that is replete with  pearls of hope, of life,of love, and of change  .You just have to bend down and gather them to make  out of them a necklace to put around the life and take  that crown of sadness, off her beautiful head. Remember  when you look back at those days , to look at them with grateful heart ,because she or he set you free to taste the happiness that  you deserve, a happiness that you didn’t know with him or her.You wish  sometimes that you can turn the clock back to do things differently to make things work .You wouldn’t wish that if that person is worthless. Deep down you believe  there is good in him or her,and that  giving up on you doesn’t mean she  /he is not . The earth never bears grudge against the earthquake  ,because she knows ,it’s nature’s way to  start a new beginning  the next day. There is no timeless  earthquake , nor timeless  sadness either.


I dream of  a land where

young spring and solemn autumn  can walk side by side

  where the grand sea embraces the timid pond

where stars don’t feel jealous of fireflies.

I dream of an honorable  man

Who wouldn’t mention

the name of his beloved

to  travel only across  his lips.

I dream of a  love

that  makes lofty mountains bend in front of it

and ample sky bless it.

I dream of a land where  woman is  loved

Not tamed.

Written b arabian roses


love! love! love!

 Love! love! love!  It’s my command for you today . Make it a rule in your life .
Love your wife whose beauty couldn’t stand the test of time but her genuine love for you does .Love her  because she will be your wife in heaven but she will be more gorgeous and younger. Her grey hair and wrinkles are God’s way to test your love.  Never give up on your wives .
Love your kids  who are the jewelry of life . If you doubt that pay a visit to  a childless home and you will seize the blessings of having a child  .
Love your neighbors  .I remember my mother telling me that  even paradise won’t be a pleasant place to live in  without people.
Love your work or find something you love and rejoice in doing even making paper planes or paper boats ,I love doing that !  You can go to places you have never been on a paper boat and can be any  person you want to be in a paper plane.
I wonder why when the word “love” caressing our senses we blush  or look away to not let other see the effect of that word on our souls .I wonder why when being kids, we  didn’t feel that way . We were not afraid of that word  .” I love you ”  was a message from  our heart that we just delivered to the receiver instantly and directly without crossing any bridges or choosing any short cuts . And delivering that  verbal letter of love  was always accompanied with a smile of triumph  not a pinch of  regret.I wonder why when we grew up , the word  “I love you ” filled us with shame,guilt and fear. It’s shame because we  should not take the first  step to confess our love .It’s guilt  because a decent person doesn’t fall in love . Some say love is taboo. It’s fear of rejection. Why does love comply to rules but hatred doesn’t .Why do people feel at ease when expressing their hatred and contempt but ashamed and reluctant when  confessing  their  love.Why beautiful feelings are always enchained  but negative feelings are flowing free everywhere.
Written by arabian roses
P.S  I would be so grateful if you  draw may attention to any mistakes you may find in the article above =)

A man of honor

I know a MAN who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan. Man enough to love a strong woman years older than him, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears to no human but her, cleaned after himself and sewed his clothes, and was faithful to her till her last breath. He was courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts or looks, an
d was moderate, open minded and tolerant. His neighbor was Jewish and his cousin-in-law was a Christian priest. Was beaten and exiled when he was helpless. Was merciful when he became stronger. Intelligent, wise and a hard worker, built a long lasting nation out of nothing in the last 20 years of his life. He had no parents, but loved his daughters and grandchildren. His last will was “Be good to women”.
This MAN is my PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) a man worth looking up to – peace be upon him – Don’t just read, read and think who you are, and who you want to be for the people and the women you love.

(Copied and shared, please do the same)
we protest against the disrespect of our prophet (P.B.U.H)

Just pack of lies

Why do some people say things they don’t really mean? Just cold bare words !What if their lies become the only beautiful home someone somewhere  feels safe between its ribs.Then we wonder where all those homelss hearts come from!
Why do we give up on people just because we couldn’t understand them or tolerate their differences? We ‘re willing to read a book millions of times to decode its meaning , but we fail to decipher a human soul’s gaze or tear or sigh  ! Why do books become more expensive than human souls?
Why does “I love you” become a bait  some use to fool and to take advantage of  other  instead of  warming  their hearts?
Why do some love ,enjoy and keep hurting the ones who love them truly and unconditionally  though they know the malicious  hurt they’re causing them?
written by me!

A Holy Whisper

 When   hardship enslaves you

I will  fall on my knees and pray hard

With  my heart

And my prayers will find you

Just as the river finds the sea

For a prayer  is a holy whisper

That never loses  its way

It will find you and  set you free.

When capricious fortune frowns at you

I will raise my hands in prayer

And your days are going to turn into

  A garden of roses.

When your box of wishes is  torn

By the skilful hand of life

Don’t blame the carpenter

Call  God’s name and pray

to mend your box and grant your wishes.

Never knock the door of human soul

God answers your call instantly

but  a carpenter usually  procrastinates .

Written by arabian roses

My earthly stars

I will tame fireflies

And turn them into earthly stars

To illuminate your  long way

In a starless night!

Don’t forget to kiss

Your  loving mother’s forehead

And thank  caring God

For your blessed day

Before you go to bed.

If you do,my fireflies will tell me on you.

Sweet dreams to you.

Written by arabian roses

Be your own hero!

Be your own hero !  You don’t have to  carve a hero from the bones of Napoleon or  Alexander the great and erect it in your heart to lead you  or to inspire you . Just set free the shy hero lurking  within you. Trust his directions ,the way they trusted theirs and if the road is obstructed , dig your way through the earth . Never  give up  when your fingers bleed ;bind your wounds and resume the fight  because you must learn how to conquer pain for you’re born free . Let your will subdue the pain . Time heals bruises but  not regrets  so  be intrepid and take the initiative . Seek inspiration in your soul not in theirs  so that  when you tame the lofty mountains  some day , history will  bow before your strength  not  that of Samson ,before your wisdom not that of  Hannibal . Remember you ‘re born to walk  by  the side of great men not behind them .
 Written by arabian roses
happy reading =)

I am in love

I’m in love with the wind  that never gets tired of  carrying  my paper  boats .

I’m in love with the moon that sprinkles light in dark paths.

I’m in love with the rain that plays for me music of life when  I feel down.

I’m in love with wild butterflies .They’re angels in disguise.

I’m in love with rainbow that draws  hope everywhere.

I’m in love with my diary that keeps my secrets.

I’m in love in love that makes our tears more precious than diamonds.

Written by arabian roses

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Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?
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What’s your favourite Shakespeare Play?

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Who is your favourite author?

Daniel Steel.

Name three people who you greatly admire.

Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him,Omar Ibn El Khatab peace upon him.

What’s your favourite album ever?

I love all beautiful songs 🙂

Which primary colour do you most dislike?



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arabian roses

A Frozen Wish

Embrace the  troubled waves

To comfort her worries

When her ungrateful ships forsook her

To conquer new home.

Soften  her pain when broken against rough rocks

Like a frozen wish broken along the lips of

An old woman

In  her lonely birthday.

Thank  the sea

Just as

  The  parched desert thanks the rain

For cooling   the flaming sun’s whispers

against your  soft skin.

Learn fidelity from the wave that  has never abandoned  her shores.

Bathe your soul in the salty ocean

To know how tears shed by a broken heart taste,

To never hurt a bewitched spirit by love.

Written by arabian roses

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it to let a  friend in need down ?   If you do, who’s then  going to carry your coffin? Only a friend’s shoulder can bear the weight of your cold bones.Was it worth it to scream at your old mother ? If you do, how  then are you going to pay her lost whispers  to sooth  your  young frail soul  back? Only your tender voice can empower her weakness.

Was it worth it to unveil a woman or a man’s sins ?  If you do, how then do you expect the Almighty to cover yours? Only your prayers for them can dim the darkness of sin in you.

Was it worth it to argue with your neighbor on worldly possessions? If you do then who’s going to dig your grave? Only a neighbor and a father and a son weep when entrusting the earth with you .

Was it worth it to take life from people ? If you do ,then who’s going to share with you winter ? Only human beings love dancing under  the rain.

Was it worth it to fight for worldly possessions that we will leave behind us when we die and take none ?  Was it worth it to spend all our lifetime drowned  in hatred because of tiny differences that  Allah has created to keep monotony and brooding clouds away from our life and grow seeds of compassion in our souls?

Written by arabian roses

When the wind blows out my candle

May that light in those eyes that

Have always watched over me

As a child

 With love , fear and grace ,

Keep  glowing like shimmering stars.

May that smile on your angelic face that

has nurtured hope in me ,

Blooms like  a  dainty rose.

I  pray hard  mother

that your days will be studded

with Jasmine,

 White  and dulcet ever after,

And  that sorrow never finds

  A way to your  heart .

Your blessing prayers are enlightening my path

  when the wind blows out my candle

Heaven is under mothers’ feet,

Allah has promised,

And I vow  like a knight

to be a decent man

to be together again

In paradise .

Written by arabian roses

When the wind blows out my candle (dedicated to Qusai Hanandeh’s mother)

The Sole Moon

When your night is starless,don’t blame the lonely  moon. Laugh ,because laughter is contagious, and you will see glowing souls  adorning  the bare sky.
When your flowers fade away,don’t blame the rain. Cry ,and they will wake up, flowers love playing tricks to see how much you love them.When your heart is broken , don’t blame love.  Gather the pieces and gift them to hope. He will find the right person to seal them.

When you fall down,don’t blame life.From ingratitude of others we learn to be grateful.We appreciate our blessings only when losing them.

When your shoes were torn, don’t blame the rocky road.Walk barefoot and feel  its soft soul.That was nature’s plot to notice her and to be nice to her.

When a friend betrays you,don’t blame honesty. It’s Lord ‘s way to jog your memory.Look back  at your life mirror,you might have betrayed  a friend unknowingly once  and he or she is waiting for your hearty apology.

Writtrn by arabian roses

My home is a book

I wish my home was a book

I would  live in a fairy tale

And live happily ever after.

I would call children’s stories

my grandson and  my grand-daughter .

I would steal  a magic wand

To rekindle old women’s  smiles,

be a knight

reign a land

wherein bread is for all

and water is dulcet

and untarnished  like a maiden’s soul.

Written by arabian roses

Farewell my love,the earth said

I saw from afar the shy sun untangling her  golden locks,

And the dainty moon  trying on  his silver cloak,

The  stars  too are  busy polishing their foreheads.

I also heard  my arabian roses reproaching the wind

For  messing up their beautiful petals

And the nightingale is hushing them for

The earth is embracing her love Ramadan.

It’s time to leave but she can’t let him go.

Eid is coming tomorrow,

The sun and the moon tell her,

You have to  wipe your tears

 And welcome him with a big  smile,

for children doesn’t love sorrow.

But after 30 day-stay

It is  hard to say goodbye

With a deep sigh  the stars say .

Written by arabian roses

The lonely guitar dedicated to June Pauline Zent

His forgotten heart

Feels lonely.

  So does his old guitar.

His rough hands molded

By faceless  time,

Yearn for

A  tender touch

To rejuvenate

His  antiquated melodies.

So does his lonesome guitar.

The veins of life in the old man

Are parching

Rust  has made of

the strings of  the guitar

His eternal home.

From afar the Northern star

Listens to sad love songs

played by an old woman on a broken guitar .

Written by arabian roses

A sepia tone pencil drawing by June Pauline Zent 18×24  I took it from ″

Innocence with the bow and arrow

They disrobed him of his innocence

And ordained  him a soldier,

They smashed his  childhood dreams

Under their giant feet,

Then scattered them

along  the mantle of a heartless life .

They effaced his  good name

And carved on his fragile heart

a bow and arrow .

His shrieks torment  the serenity of

river’s ripples.

And gracious wind longs for

His gentle laughter .

From afar ,the moon was watching

a tormented mother

wandering  the rosy earth

chasing  her toddler ‘s fading perfume .

Written by arabian roses

Elusive Love

His hair is disheveled

And he is dressing modestly

Whispered the Northern star

To the  blushing sky

The dusk is approaching

Urged the solemn night .

Their poems

Bathed in passionate  tears

tears him apart ,

the sky said ,

The sigh of  their tortured souls

by the whip of  a mortal  love

torments him

a mortal love

elusive love


ship sails ,

 is attuned with the wind

of  beauty ,of  wealth ,of power

and doomed to die away some day.

The sad moon at last peered through the dark veil  of night

He  prayed that their hearts will be invaded by

  an army of  love the flame of which keeps burning

In all seasons ,

A  genuine love

makes soul aglow

it’s the ardent love of Allah .

Written by arabian roses


You reproached me for scratching the fair sky

Those are the  love poems

My restless  heart  is repleting with

And only big sky can contain them

so I entrusted her with .

You reproached me for disturbing sleepy stars

You made a wish  last night

I  wanted to give you a shooting star

 To mak it come true,

That’s why I tried to wake them up.

You reproached  me for coloring  my dark hair   blue,

You   love blue sea and I  wanted you to love me too.

My love for you  is bigger than  lofty sky

My love for you is deeper than  blue sea

But today I disown you of my heart  territory

And abdicate  my throne  of servility

  to seek a land

where her lord treats me like a  fairy queen.

Written by arabian roses

A truce with a pirate

You seized  my  merry love letters

and turned  them into  inconsolable paper boats

Then summoned seagulls and

Declared yourself an emperor

Of conquerable words.

You stained your sculpted face  with

their  ethereal blue dew

to feel the softness of  a tortured heart,

to pass on  to your deserted veins

its sweetness,

and take you to untamed sea

your dauntless ships have never tasted  before

 the sea of homesickness .

Written by arabian roses


The Amazing Patience of the Prophet Ayub (Job)

The Amazing Patience of the Prophet Ayub (Job)
by Ibn Kathîr
Ibn Ishaaq stated that he was a man of Rum. His names was Ayub Ibn Mose Ibn Razeh Ibn Esau Ibn Isaac Ibn Abraham. Someone else said he was Ayub Ibn Mose, Ibn Rimil Ibn Esau Ibn Isaac Ibn Jacob. There have also been other statements in his lineage. Ibn Asaker narrated that his mother was a daughter of Prophet Lut.It was said, also, that his father was one who believed in Abraham when he was cast into the fire.The first opinion is the most plausable as he was a descendant of Abrahams offspring as Allah Almighty declared:

“That was the reasoning about Us which We gave to Abraham (to use) against his people: We raise whom We will degree after degree: for thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge. We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) We guided: and before him We guided Noah and before him We guided Noah and among his progeny David Solomon Ayub Joseph Moses and Aaron: thus do We reward those who do good” Quran 6:83-84
Allah the Almighty praised His worshipper Ayub in His Glorious Quran:


“Truly! We found him patient. How excellent a slave! Verily, he was ever oft-returning in repentance to Us” Quran 38:44
Ayub was repentant, remembering Allah with thankfulness, patience and steadfastness. This was the cause of his rescue and the secret of Allah’s praising him.

A group of angels were discussing Allah’s other human creatures, how those who were humble earned Allah’s displease, while those who were arrogant incurred His displeasure. One of the angels remarked:

“The best creature on earth today is Ayub, a man of noble character who displays excellent patience and always remembers his Generous Lord. He is an excellent model for the worshippers of Allah. In return, his Lord has blessed him with a long life and plenty of riches, yet he is never haughty or selfish. His family, his servants, as well as the needy and the poor share in his good fortune; he feeds and clothes the poor and buys slaves to set them free. He makes those who receive his charity feel as if they are favouring him, so kind and gentle is he.”

Iblis, overhearing all this, became annoyed. He planned to tempt Ayub to corruption and disbelief, so he hastened to him. He tried to distract Ayub from his prayers by whispering to him about the good things in life, but Ayub was a true believer and would not let evil thoughts tempt him. This disturbed Iblis more; thus he began to hate Ayub even more.

Iblis complained to Allah about Ayub. He said that although he was continuously glorifying Allah, he was not doing so out of his sincerity but to satisfy Allah so that his wealth should not be taken away. It was all a show, all out of greed. “If You remove his wealth then You will find that his tongue will no longer mention Your name and his praying will stop.”

Allah told Iblis that Ayub was one of His most sincere devotees. He did not worship Him because of the favors; his worship stemmed from his heart and had nothing to do with material things. But to prove Iblis the depth of Ayub’ s sincerity and patience, Allah allowed him to do whatever he and his helpers wished with Ayub’s wealth.

Iblis was very happy. He gathered his helpers and set about destroying Ayub’s cattle, servants, and farms until he was left with no possessions. Rubbing his hands in glee, Iblis appeared before Ayub in the guise of a wise old man and said to him:

“All your wealth is lost. Some people say that it is because you gave too much charity and that you are wasting your time with your continuous prayers to Allah. Others say that Allah has bought this upon you in order to please your enemies. If Allah had the capacity to prevent harm, then He would have protected your wealth”

True to his belief, Ayub replied:

“What Allah has taken away from me belongs to Him. I was only its trustee for a while. He gives to whom He wills and withholds from whom He wills”

With these words, Ayub again prostrated to his Lord.

When Iblis saw this, he felt frustrated, so he again addressed Allah:

“I have stripped Ayub of all his possessions, but he still remains grateful to You. However, he is only hiding his disappointment, for he places great store by his many children. The real test of a parent is through him children. You will then see how Ayub will reject You”

Allah granted Iblis authority, but warned him that it would not reduce Ayub’s faith in his Lord nor his patience.

Iblis again gathered his helpers and set about his evil deeds. He shook the foundation of the house in which Ayub’s children were living and sent the building crashing, killing all of them. Then he went to Ayub disguised as a man who had come to sympathize with him. In a comforting tone he said to Ayub:

“The circumstances under which your children died were sad. Surely, your Lord is not rewarding you properly for all your prayers?”

Having said this Iblis waited anxiously, hoping Ayub was now ready to reject Allah. But again Ayub disappointed him by replying:

“Allah sometimes gives and sometimes takes. He is sometimes pleased and sometimes displeased with our deeds. Whether a thing is beneficial or harmful to me, I will remain firm in my belief and remain thankful to my Creator”

Then Ayub prostrated to his Lord. At this Iblis was extremely vexed. Iblis again called on Allah:

“O my Lord, Ayub’s wealth is gone, his children are dead, but he is still healthy in body, and as long as he enjoys good health he will continue to worship You in the hope of regaining his wealth and producing more children. Grant me authority over his body so that I may weaken it. He will surely neglect worshipping You and withh thus becomes disobedient”

Allah wanted to teach Iblis a lesson that Ayub was a devoted servant of his Lord, so He granted Iblis his third request but placed a condition:

“I give you authority over his body but not over his soul, intellect, or heart, for in these places reside the knowledge of Me and My religion”

Armed with this new authority, Iblis began to take revenge on Ayub’s body and filled it with disease until it was reduced to mere skin and bone and he suffered severe pain. But through all the suffering Ayub remained string in his faith, patiently bearing all the hardships without complaining. Allah’s righteous servant did not despair or turn to others for help but remained hopeful of Allah’s Mercy. Even close relatives and friends deserted him. Only his kind loving wife stayed with him. In his hour of need, she showered her kindness on him and cared for him. She remained his sole companion and comforter through many years of his suffering.

Ibn Asaker narrated: “Ayub was a man having much wealth of all kinds: beasts, slaves, sheep, vast lands of Haran and many children. All those favors were taken from him and he was physically afflicted as well. Never a single organ was sound except his heart and tongue, with both of which he glorified Allah, the Almighty all the time day and night. His disease lasted for a long time until his visitors felt disgusted with him. His friend kept away from him, and people abstained from visiting him. No one felt sympathy for him except his wife. She took good care of him, knowing his former charity and pity for her”

Therefore, Iblis became desperate. He consulted his helpers but they could not advise him. They asked:

“How is it that your cleverness cannot work against Ayub, yet you succeeded in misleading Adam, the father of man, out of paradise?”

Iblis went to Ayub’s wife in the form of a man. “Where is your husband?” he asked her.

She pointed to an almost lifeless form crumpled on the bed and said: “There he is, suspended between life and death.”

Iblis reminded her of the days when Ayub had good health, wealth and children. Suddenly, the painful memory of yeas of hardship overcame her, and she burst into tears. She said to Ayub:

“How long are you going to bear this torture from our Lord? Are we to remain without wealth, children or friends forever? Why don’t you call upon Allah to remove this suffering?”

Ayub sighed, and in a soft voice replied:

“Iblis must have whispered to you and made you dissatisfied. Tell me, how long did I enjoy good health and riches?”

She replied, “For eighty years”

Then Ayub asked, “How long am I suffering like this?”

She said, “for seven years”

Then Ayub told her:

“In that case I am ashamed to call on my Lord to remove the hardship, for I have not suffered longer than the years of good health and plenty. It seems your faith has weakened and you are dissatisfied with the fate of Allah. If I ever again health, I swear I will punish you with a hundred strokes! From this day onward, I forbid myself to eat or drink anything from your hand. Leave me alone and let my Lord do with me as He pleases.”

Crying bitterly and with a heavy heart, she had no choice but to leave him and seek shelter elsewhere. In his helpless state, Ayub turned to Allah, notto complain but to seek His mercy:


“Verily, dsitress has seized me, and You and the Most Merciful of all those who show Mercy. So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his family to him (that he had lost) and the like thereof along with them – as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all who whorship Us” Quran 21:83-84
Almighty Allah also instructed:


“Commemorate Our servant Ayub behold he cried to his Lord: “The Evil One has afflicted me with distress and suffering”! (The command was given:) “Strike with thy foot: here is (water) wherein to wash cool and refreshing and (water) to drink.” And We gave him (back) his people and doubled their number as a Grace from Ourselves and a thing for commemoration for all who have Understanding.” Quran 38:41-43
Ayub obeyed, and almost immediately his good health was restored. Meanwhile, his faithful wife could no longer bear to be parted from her husband and returned to beg his forgiveness, desiring to serve him. On entering he house, she was amazed at the sudden change: Ayub was again healthy! She embraced him and thanked Allah for His mercy.

Ayub was now worried, for he had taken an oath to punish her with a hundred strokes if he regained health, but he had no desire to hurt her. He knew if he did not fulfill the oath, he would be guilty of breaking a promise to Allah. Therefore, in His wisdom and mercy, Allah came to the assistance of His faithful servant, and advised him: .



“And take in your hand a bundle of thin grass and strike therewith (your wife), and break not your oath. Truly we found him patient. How excellent a slave! Verily, he was ever oft-returning in repentance to Us”Quran 38:44
Abu Huraira (ra) narrated that the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said:


“While Ayub was naked, taking a bath, a swarm of locusts fell on him, and he started collecting them in his garment. His Lord called him: ‘O Ayub! Have I not made you too rich to need what you see?’ He said: ‘Yes, O Lord! But I cannot shun Your Blessings” (Bukhari)


The story of Ayub should be a constant reminder for us all. We should read this story often just to remind ourselves. Many of us complain about the little things in life. Allah tested Ayub in ways that we can really relate to. His faith and patience is something that we as true believing Muslims should try and implement in our lives, when Allah tests us in these situations. In the Quraan Allah says,


“Truly! We found him patient. How excellent (a) slave! Verily, he was ever oft returning in repentance (to us).” [Quran:38:4].
During these times we must remember Allah more, pray harder, and be more thankful instead of being dissatisfied with our condition. We should praise and thank Allah for every condition that he tests us with. As we know these are the times when Satan tries to work on us the most by playing with our minds, emotions, and weaknesses. Allah would never forget to reward a servant for such a great task.


“And (remember) Ayub when he cried to his Lord: Verily, distress has seized me and you are the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.” [Quraan:21:83]


“So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his family to him (that he had lost), and the like thereof along with them, as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all those who worship us.” [Quraan:21:84]


May Allah give us the faith and the patience when we are tested. Ameen.

Source Islamic Network


Stop Looking For Me So Intently, So That I May Find You.توقف عن البحث عني باهتمام شديد حتى يتسنى لي ايجادك

توقف عن البحث عني باهتمام شديد حتى يتسنى لي ايجادك” جنفير سانتانيالو   “

احيانا تكون الاجابات الني نحتاجها نصب اعيننا . احيانا يتطلب من صديق جيد او شخص لكي يقول لنا بان ” نتريث” !!!! . ربما مانسعى اليه  هو في الحقيقة ينتظرنا بصبر لكي نتمهل و نتوقف عن الركض بشكل محموم حتى يتسنى له اللحاق بنا

نعرف في حياتنا اوقاتا تتطلب منا كفاحنا الاكبر و اذا كنا محظوظين كفاية سوف تطلب منا اجزاء من حياتنا دائما ان نتوغل ذلك العمق مع ذلك نجد في بعض الاوقات من حياتنا ما نحتاج اليه او بالاحرى ما نحتاج ان يعثر علينا في توقفنا و سكوننا . ربما السر في ذلك هو التوازن الصحيح للافعال والمثابرة و الاصرار و الصبر والاستعداد للتوقف حيث نحن و عندما نكون في حاجة  لذلك . لنكن سعداء  ولنبد الامتنان.  لنسمح للبذور التي زرعتاها طوال الطريق بان تعلو  حولنا في  عظمة وبحب

ارنو من كتابة هذا الموضوع الليلة ان اذكركم انه لاباس من ان تتريث في كثير من الاحيان و ان تسمح للاجابات التي تسعى اليها  ان تعثر عليك . فلسترخي الليلة ولتفم بشيء يجعلك سعيداجدا و ان كان ذلك يحنم عليك ان لا تفعل شيئا غير الجلوس في صمت فليكن ذلك! من يدري فقد نتلقى في لحظاتنا الهادئة الاجابات لاسئلتنا المهمة 😉       بقلم جنيفرسانتانيالو

كل حبي و نوري



مع حبي

Translated by arabian roses

Written by Jennifer Santaniello

Source :


“Stop looking for me so intently, so that I may find you.”

~ Jennifer Santaniello

Sometimes the answers we need are right in front of our face.  Sometimes, it takes a good friend and person to say to us, “slow down!!!!”.  Maybe what we are looking for is actually patiently waiting for us to slow down and stop running frantically about, so that it may finally catch up to us.

There are times in our lives which demand and require our biggest fight, if we are fortunate enough parts of our lives will always require us to dig this deep.  Yet, there are times in life where only in our arrest, in our stillness do we find what we need, or rather, what we need finds us.  Perhaps the key is just the right balance of action, persistence, determination, patience as well as the willingness to stop where we are when need be, and just be happy, feel grateful and allow the seeds we’ve planted along the way to rise up around us in greatness and

My intention in writing this post tonight is to remind you that it is ok to slow down every so often, and allow the answers you seek to find you.  Sit back tonight, relax, do something that makes you incredibly happy and if that entails doing nothing other then sitting in silence, then so be it!  Who knows, perhaps it is in our quietest moments that we receive the answers to our biggest questions (;

♥ All of my love and light ♥


~ Jennifer

with love.


Dawn Rain

We woke up at  3:00 am for  Suhur , which is a predawn meal in Ramadan , prayed , and read few chapters from Quran then all retreated  to their rooms to take a rest. It was 5:00 am when it started drizzling. I was sitting at my desk staring at my notebook trying to write something but to no avail , my heart ‘s whispers wouldn’t come  . I guess I have writer’s block . My spiral notebook is in a mess , it was a gift from my twin brother  and I  have to piece together its pages before he sees  that . I love spiral notebooks but I fail to keep them one piece . It’s like I have a  graveyard of notebooks.
The house was so quiet .Crowing of roosters was overwhelming the serene horizon perfumed with  drizzle beads . I jumped from my seat and headed towards  the French window and opened it  to greet the morning rain . I smiled  at the sky  that was studded with generous grey clouds . Deep down I know that  Mika’el the angel of rain was soothing the heat of the earth by bathing its summer breeze before muslims start their fourth day of fasting by the command of Allah .
We fast  14 hours a day  in my home country . We abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk and they’re very precious moments  that a muslim treasures and the  joy of breaking fast is unrivalled . Everything about Ramadan is rewarding , so is the  feeling it creates within us ,that of  gratefulness for being a muslim .When the sun goes down  indicating time to  break our fast , with the very first sip of water a fathomable but intangible feeling overwhelms me . A   feeling  that  I  know where it comes from but words can’t describe it . A feeling that makes my soul  recite merely  “there is no God but Allah ” . 
Written by arabian roses

If I have ever bothered you please read this

  I am not using you
I translated your works because I found them  stunning and the message it bears within  is so beautiful and pure that it can touch all souls and  all hearts  regardless of their  origin or beliefs  and I wanted to sprinkle that . When I was  a little girl  I read the masterpieces of  Shakespeare and fairy tales  that were translated in arabic  for I couldn’t read them in English that time  , I still remember them to this day . I see translation as a wind  that carries thoughts  everywhere ,that’s why I love it so much . I don’t translate your works to gain hits or readers . I don’t translate your works because I can’t write my original poems or stories. I do because I rejoice in translating them . I enjoyed and learned something precious from them and I wanted others to do so. When finishing translating your work I always end up with a basket of beautiful vocabulary and structures . Deep down I feel grateful for you  for the trust you gave me , for the happy face you gift me when you see your pieces of writing translated into another language and for learning from them  .
“If you hate difference, you’ll be bored to death.”
In difference lies beauty and growth . As a wise man told me once : “i always like your opinions, even if i do not agree with them. i prefer you openly disagree with me because maybe you will convince me that i am wrong. if you silently pass me by, i don’t have a chance to learn from you.”  . I took his words and  made of them a necklace ,beautiful one to remind me to be courageous and speak my mind . He taught me not to be afraid to have my  own thoughts . Having a different opinion than you ,or throwing light on  a topic from a different angle doesn’t mean that I ‘m doing that to disrespect you , bother you or belittle  you or belie your statement . Difference is knowledge exchange as it reveals many things or some of the  things we miss or we didn’t know . Without challenging  the opinion  of the other  , the flat earth theory would   be viable to this day.
I am not a stalker
I love pondering over every article I read , I sometimes take notes . I’m on vacation now till school will be  open again on  15 september inshallah and I seize this chance to read everything about everything and you works are included so if you find me visiting your blog more than thrice a day  or more please don’t worry I’m not a stalker  , I love reading old works of you as well ,if you feel  uncomfortable with my visits please let me know I have the right to know and I will never  tread your territory ever.
 I apologise if my comments  have ever bothered you
I apologise if my visits  have ever bothered you
I apologise if  translating your work has ever bothered you
I apologise if me challenging your opinion on your own territory has ever  bothered you
I apologise for everything I did bothered you but I couldn’t realize that . I hope you accept my apology for I wouldn’t be  happy knowing someone somewhere is upset at me.
arabian roses

Roses have thorns too

Few days I made my mind to take a rest from writing ,but today I saw a video   waging a vicious war on us Muslims  . I must say that the video was hilarious but  disgusting  ,it makes you  feel sick  for it shows nothing but the falsehood of the belief of the talker who  doesn’t know  even what he was talking about . It makes blood boil from jealousy as well for  hearing  ignorant  spreading hatred about Islam without knowing its true essence  . As a result  I decided to bring my blog to life again , people should  know there is a red line not to cross when talking about Islam and prophet Muhammad peace upon him and Jesus peace upon him too. 

the donkey can see Satan and the rooster can see angels

Why can the donkey see Satan  while the rooster  can see angels ?  This  is a miracle of our Prophet Muhammad  peace be upon him . Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying :” When you listen to the crowing of the rooster, ask Allah for His favor as it sees Angels and when you listen to the braying of the donkey, seek refuge in Allah from the Satan for it sees Satan.( Muslim Book 035, Number6581) . How many times did we  hear this Hadith of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم ? But  we  neither ponder over  it  nor  expect that it bears within it  a scientific breakthrough that has spellbound the entire world. 
The ability of  human visual apparatus is limited  and differs  from that of donkey which itself differs from that of a rooster.
The ability of  human vision  is limited  in that humans  cannot  see under Red rays nor Violet rays but the ability of both roosters and donkey outdoes  that ,which  brings to mind  the following  question : how  can the donkey  see satan and the rooster can see angels?
Satan  is made of fire  that is from red rays  that’s why the donkey can see the Satan but can’t see angels. While the rooster  can see angels  that are made of light  that is of violet rays .This explains why  Satan runs away when angels show up  when Allah is mentioned .  Why? The answer is Satan get hurt by seeing angels in other words    if violet rays and red rays mix together  in one place red rays  fade away . Who told prophet Muhammad this before 14 centuries ? We can’t help but saying  The prophet says the truth
Allah say the truth.
Translated from Arabic to English by Sihem Hammouda

Smile tender souls it’s a new day , another chance for a happy ending =)


Smile , for when night spreads his wings ,your smile becomes  the sunshine.

Smile, for when a heart breaks down,your smile becomes the bridge to the soul.

Smile , for when luck frowns, your smile becomes the ray of hope.

A  smile  is your  gift when you’ can’t afford buying him or her a gift

A smile is  the remedy that you recommend  without  prescription.

A smile is your wordless speech of kindness.

A smile is your  outward  message of love.

Written by arabian roses

Heaven Perfume

Virgin , pristine , spotless are gems  that stud  a Muslimah’s crown , once the sparkle of which  is dimmed under the shade of  sin , she will be looked upon  as  morally loose , wrong-doer and  worthless .
In Islam , woman is a token of chastity , so is man . Allah honored man by enjoining  woman to  keep herself  chaste and honored woman by enjoining man to keep himself chaste as well , and transgressing that divine law  begets nothing but  Allah’s wrath  and self-disgust.
Chastity is not a trophy  that  Muslimah  can win only by  taking  vows  of chastity  .  She doesn’t have to   shun  people  as though they were leprous  and  imprison herself in a lofty tower . She  doesn’t have to spend her lifetime only  in  praying  and contemplation  either . From  dawn to dusk , a true Muslimah is in worship ,  fulfilling all the parts that Allah has blessed  with , appreciating and rejoicing  in all the worldly blessings Allah has endowed her with  but within his divine rules .She is that chase maiden who prays , fasts , and obeys her parents and helps relatives . She is that  chase wife who  shields her husband  from sins and fornication and honors him in her presence and his absence  . She is that chase devout mother whom Allah promised heaven  for the tough times she went through during   pregnancy , child delivery  , breast-feeding  and watching over  her children , and guiding them  .  The Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him: Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother (Ahmad, Nasai). Allah says in his holy book  “We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth” (46:15).
Allah rewards  mothers who  harbor seeds of life in their wombs and tend  them till they grow into  beautiful creatures that will carry the message of life and truth  till the day of judgement  and thus  denouncing renunciation and monasticism as they violate one of Allah’s commandment  and make unlawful good things that Allah made lawful  in both holy books  Quran and bible which is marriage and giving birth to children. Allah says
“-[2:223]  Your women are the bearer of your seed.  Thus, you may enjoy this privilege however you like, so long as you maintain righteousness.  You shall observe God, and know that you will meet Him.  Give good news to the believers.” (Quran)
 -“26 God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the livestock, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. 28 God blessed them. God said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it.” (Genesis ,Old testament).
Renunciation is  unreasonable . It’s a  machine the inner working of it  shows that it is a  human creation  for it is defective  . So is monasticism  .What would happen to earth if all women  choose  to turn into nuns ? What would be the future of humanity when males find themselves alone as all females  locked themselves in  a desolate  house ? How man will be able to ” fill the earth ” as God enjoins him to do?  . Does that mean  that mothers and wives  are not loved by God ?  Are mothers creatures  who do not seek God’s grace  and pursue  worldly pleasures instead  ? If God created male and female to ” be fruitful,to multiply , fill the earth.” how can a nun claim that she is an  obedient servants  of God while she  breaks one of his prominent rules  ?
Muslimah is a gem , original one not fake. Even when she commits a mistake her repentance made her sparkle  enlighten  the entire earth   for she knows that  there is Allah to turn to when deviating from the straight path .  Allah who doesn’t  put a barrier  called mediator to listen to his servants’ pleas  . Allah who ” has greater joy at the repentance of one His slaves when he turns towards Him than one of you would have over his mount, which, having escaped from him with his food and drink in the middle of the desert so that he has despaired of finding it and gone to a tree to lie down in its shade, suddenly appears standing by him while he is in that state, so that he takes its reins and then says out of the intensity of his joy, ‘O Allah, You are my slave and I am Your Lord!’ getting confused because of his intense joy. ”  That’s the Muslimah . She follows Allah’s commands ,and appreciates all the blessing  within her, and those around her  within the frame of Allah and she will always do till the day of judgement .
Written by arabian roses

A Muslimah in Love

 Tell me tender stars, can you see any traces of him?
Can  you hear his  serene  footsteps?
I can  smell his divine perfume and see his sparkling crown from afar.
I can hear neighbors whispering his name when passing by.
It’s him ,it’s Ramadan !
He’s here my lovely star!
He’s walking tall.
It’s him, it’s Ramadan .
He’s tearing his necklace and sprinkling its benevolent  beads
Each bead  bears  a  divine seed in it
Every seed  grows  into a white rose.
It’s him ,it’s  Ramadan .
The sky gets  more generous  as he gets closer.
It’s Ramadan.
Go my lovely star and tell the earth that Ramadan is here .
Tell her to wipe her tears  and be ready  to welcome him
After  sleepless  restless nights longing for  him.
Written by arabian roses

Precious الثمينة


لقد عثرت على اجمل جوهرة

بعض منها ازرق ضارب للخضرة

البعض الاخر من الخزف الابيض

امواج من السمرة و الذهب

انها تحفة فنية

 احيانا اتاملها وحسب

اعجب بقوامها الممتلىء الجميل

اتساءل من الذي قذف بذاك الكمال على السطح

و لكن هذا الحجر الثمين ليس ملكا لي

و عندما  ينتهي وقتي

سوف يكون على شخص اخر ايجاده

سوف يكون  في  يدي اخر

Written by Richard Voza

Translated by arabian roses


I found the most beautiful gem

Some of it is a greenish blue

Some of it is porcelain white

Waves of brown and gold

It’s a work of art

Sometimes I just look at it

admire its graceful curves

wonder who cast that perfect surface

But this precious stone isn’t mine

And when my time is over

It will be for someone else to find

It will be in the hands of another

Written by Richard Voza

Quiet… صامتة

تلك اللحظات الهادئة

هي الاعز الى نفسي

في هدوء ذلك المكان

 في ثقته

 في السكون المتقاسم

 هناك قبلتك  من قلبي

اشعر بالم  حياتك

مخاوفك….واحس مغالبة الدموع

في ذلك السكون المتقاسم  اكون انا و حسب

لاشيء غير

كتاب مفتوح……لقد انتصرت علي

ا نا هناك دائما … صامتة اذا كان هذا  ما تحتاج اليه

مصغية…املة ان لا تكون بجانبك

زوايا خفية , اكاذيب , خرافات , الغاز

فتاة ذات قلب  وحسب , القلم الذي يسيل حبرا هدا هنا

القلب و الفتاة التي تهيم بك كثيرا  وحسب….

Written by ~ R

Translated by arabian roses


those quiet moments

they are the ones I hold most dear

in the calm of that place

the trust of it…

the shared quiet…

I kiss you there with my heart

feel the pain of your life

your fears…sense the hold of tears

in that shared quiet…I am just me

nothing more

an open book…

you have the best of me…

always there…silent if that’s what you need

listening…hoping beside you…

no hidden corners, no untruths, no fables, no riddles

just a girl with a heart, the pen that inks here…rested

just the heart and the girl

…who adores you so…


You cross the line and you have to step back !

You draw a Muslim as a wolfman who  preys  only on  flesh and blood  of the innocent  in your poem that drips  with hatred , prejudice , bitterness  and  ignorance . You  have imprisoned all Muslims  in a bottle  you call ” The suicide Bombers”  and released giant misleading thoughts and unfounded  allegations . You talk as though you know everything about Islam , Quran and  Prophet Muhammad’s words may peace be upon him . But you have zero knowledge about us .
♥There is no room for  hatred in a true muslim’s heart , that muslim who follows Allah’s commandments and Prophet Muhammad’s teaching .  A true muslim is raised to love , to forgive , and to spread life not to rob it . “The messenger of God said to me (Anas), Son, if you are able , keep your heart from morning till night and from night till morning free from malice towards  anyone ; then he said, Oh! My son, this is one of my laws, and he who loves my laws loves me.”♥

♥A true muslim  respects his  non-muslim neighbor and he has  duties towards him including protecting his interests when he is absent , showing him respect when he is present, helping  him when he is inflicted with any injustice  , not remaining on look-out to detect his faults ; and if , by any chance , he happens to know any undesirable thing about him , hides it from others . And, at the same time,  he tries to desist him from improper habits, if there is any chance that he will listen to him , never leaving him alone in any calamity,forgive him, if he has done any wrong .♥

♥ That was and is  the teaching of our beloved Muhammad peace upon him  whom  Allah Subhanoho wa-T’ala Says to him in The Holy Quran:

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِين

“And We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind.” (The Prophets 21:107).

Our beloved  prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him, enjoins us to show mercy towards non-muslims as he had always done . Some of his neighbors were non-muslims. He would be kind to them like the  Jewish poor family he would regularly gave charity to . Even after his death , Muslims maintained his charity towards them . Another story bears witness to his mercy ,that of Christian delegation from Ethiopian churches  who came to Medina and  the Prophet opened up his mosque for them to stay in, hosted them generously, and personally served them meals. He said:“They were generous to our companions, so I wish to be generous to them in person…” ♥

♥A true Muslim doesn’t take lives  either for life is sacred even that of small creatures and Allah the almighty will chastise those who   trespass his commandment  about that . Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him too preaches kindness not cruelty and hatred . It is narrated that during a journey the Prophet left his companion for a while. During his absence, his companion saw a bird called hummara and took two young ones away from the mother bird. The mother bird was circling above in the air, beating its wings in grief, when the Prophet came back and said: “Who has hurt the feelings of this bird by taking its young? Return them to her”. The Prophet companion then replaced the offspring in the same bush.Another stories tells that on the way to a battle, the Prophet army marched towards Makkah (now known as Mecca) to conquer it, they passed a female dog with puppies. The Prophet not only gave orders that the mother dog and puppies should not be hurt or disturbed, but posted a man to see that this was done.


♥A true muslim is not a murder or a ” suicid bomber ” . Allah condemns killing the innocent . Allah ,the almighty says in his holy book:

[Quran 60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

[Quran 8:61] If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.

[Quran 4:90]”…Therefore, if they leave you alone, refrain from fighting you, and offer you peace, then GOD gives you no excuse to fight them.”

You refer to all muslims as “suicid bombers”  in your poem and that’s wrong, and illogical and too judgmental . You disdain suicid bombers  for taking  lives of  the innocent while you point an accusing  finger at  people ,calling them murders ,stripping them of their honor, kindness and humanity on the ground that a muslim  exploded himself . You try to ruin the reputation of people  who don’t know anything about harming others . Allah don’t punish people for the faults of others , each has to take the responsibility of  their actions. Who gave you the right to judge people ? you don’t even know their names ,their background,their culture, or their dreams !
♥I am  muslim and  I am proud of being Muslim for Islam preaches love, tolerance, altruism and compassion .With every Dawn prayer ,with every Ramadan, with every new sunrise and new sunset ,I praise Allah for being a muslim for the serenity I feel is beyond description .♥
Please make sure   not to twist my words  when reporting them next time . I didn’t say suicider  bomb sisters and brothers  in Islam  . I said sister and brother in Islam , it was a warm greeting that you twisted its meaning .It would be more credible and honest to  report my words as they are  for honesty  is a fabric of us as human  too  isn’t it?

 Written by arabian roses

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“Lovely Blog Award ” ! my blog says : Thank you Brenda ,you made my day.  Who is Brenda ? She’s the landlady of  .  Apart from being a blogger, Brenda is  a published writer as her e-book  ♥ Creative Power ♥ has been recently released by Amazon .

♥ Give 7 random facts about yourself ♥

♥-I love doing household chores .

♥-I can’t cook .

♥- I love teaching and enjoy it.

♥- I love pencils

♥- The first time I was recruited as a teacher was in the desert ,it was a character-building journey .

♥- I love staying at home

♥- I’m a calm person  that my mother  sometimes  forget I’m at home ,but turn into an angry  volcano when someone tries to bother my twin brother even if he’s wrong .

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Lies, More lies and Damn lies اكاذيب, المزيد من الاكاذيب و الاكاذيب اللعينة

ان اخبار الحقيقة في زمن الخداع عمل ثوري”  جورج اروال” 

الحقيقة هي جائزة يرنو اليها الجميع . سواء  كان الشخص يسعى وراء الحقيقة عن الحياة او الروح او الموت او ببساطة يريد ان يخبر بها فالامر  سيان . لا يرغب احد في الاكاذيب.  لانتمنى ابدا ان يكذب علينا او نخدع .  و مع ذلك  نخدع من وقت لاخر رغم رغبتنا من الاخرين ان يكونوا صادقين  . ان عالم الحقيقة مكان معقد يمنح الحيرة  والتفكير  و الحدس          

لاصدقكم القول انا اشك ان هناك روحا  لم تكذب او لم تخف الحقيقة  او لم تتصرف باي شكل من اشكال الخداع  .هذه سمة انسانية لا يمكن انكارها و هي لاتمت باي صلة للروح .تكتم الروح الحقيقية للحظة عند عملية الخداع  بيد ان الضمير يشعر بالذنب عند ذ لك.

عموما نتعثر في هذا العالم لنحمي انفسنا ونحن اطفالا بيد اننا بالتاكيد نتعلم و نحن نكبر ان للخداع والمراوغة  مخاطرا.   يصبح البعض بارعا في الكذب و التلاعب اذا ما سارت الامور جيدا لصالحهم   .   في حين يتلق البعض الاخر صفعة من كارما  على وجوههم

لم يكن الكذب حصنا لي قط . فلم اكن بارعا  فيه  فكان  تقريبا دائما يرتد  علي على الفور . وبالرغم من ذلك, كان الشعور بالذنب لايطاق .  فهو يصيبني بالاشمئزاز حتى انه لا يمكن ان يغمض لي جفن ابدا مهما كان الوضع    

ذات مرة و عندما كان عمري في  الثالثة عشرة وقعت في مازق تمكنت انا و صديقي الخروج منه  عن طريق الكذب  . كل شيء كان هادئا لمدة اسبوع تقريبا و لكن خلال ذلك الوقت  ظللت قلقا.  بعد اسبوع و نصف تقريبا كشف السر ونزل العقاب كالسندان  .  لن انسى ابدا الصفعة التي تلقيتها من امي على وجهي لانني كنت انظر في عينيها و انا اكذب  .  مازلت اشعر بالالم  ليومنا هذا. حينها  و باختصار تعلمت درسي

لدينا الاكاذيب الكبيرة و الاكاذيب الصغيرة  و اكاذيب اللعينة . يقول الناس ان الاكاذيب البيضاء الصغيرة غير مؤذية .. هل هي كذلك ? ما الشيء الغير مؤذي في الخداع

? تذكر فقط ان شخصا ما سوف يخدع مهما كانت الكذبة و هو  سلوك مدمر

لاتخشى ان تعترف بخطاياك وتدرك اخطاءك . كن منارة للحقيقة  لجميع من حولك . فباماطة اللثام عن روحك و الاعتراف بافعالك تصبح جزءا لا يتجزا من عالم الحقيقة 

تذكر ان الشيء الرائع من قول الحقيقة هو انه ليس عليك ان تتذكر شيئا لان الحقيقة طبيعية  .  اعرف العالم

Written by

  Translated by arabian roses

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~George Orwell

Truth is a trophy that all seek. Whether one seeks “the truth” about life, spirit, death and afterlife or is simply wanting to be told the truth is very much the same. Nobody wishes for falsehood; never does one wish to be lied to or deceived. Yet, we all deceive from time to time despite our desire for others to be truthful. The sphere of truth is a complex place, one that imparts confusion, thought and intuition.

To be honest, I highly doubt that a soul has lived who hasn’t either told a lie, hidden the truth or acted in some form of deceit. This is an undeniable human characteristic that knows nothing of spirit. In the action of deception, the true soul is muffled for a moment, though the conscience feels the guilt of the action.

We all stumble into this sphere generally when we are protecting ourselves as children, though as we grow we certainly learn the perils of deception and prevarication. Some become very “good” at lying and manipulation if it works in their favor. Others have the hand of karma instantly slap them in the face.

Lying has never been my forte. I was never good at it, and it almost always seemed to instantly backfire on me. Despite this, the feeling of guilt afterward was often too much to bear. This feeling would make me sick to my stomach, and I could never sleep no matter the situation.

After getting into a sticky situation once at the age of 13, a friend and I managed to lie our way out of it. All was clear for about a week, but during the time I remained very uneasy. About a week and a half later the cat was out of the bag and the punishment came down like an anvil. I’ll never forget the slap across the face by my mother for looking her in the eye and lying to her. I can still feel the sting to this day. Needless to say I learned my lesson then and there.

We have big lies, little lies and damn lies. But we also have the white lies. People say little white lies are harmless.. Are they? What is harmless about deception? Just remember no matter the lie, someone is getting deceived and this is a destructive behavior.

Travel the sphere of truth. Do not be afraid to admit your wrongs and recognize your faults. Be a beacon of truth to all those around you. In baring your soul and owning your actions, you become whole and one with the sphere of truth.

Keep in mind, the great thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything; truth is natural.

Written by

I Am You~! انا انت

بما اني اتريث  قليلا قبل اي تبادل مع رفيق سفر اخر  في هذه الرحلة واخذ بعين الاعتبار  ان ما في جعبتهم قد لايكون ما هم عليه في حقيقة الامر , ينعم  علي “برؤية” مختلفة لمن  ساتواصل معهم . علاوة على ذلك كل ما اراه و اسمعه ليس الا نتاجا ثانويا من التكيف الاجتماعي و الانماط الراسخة و انظمة من المعتقد و التجارب

ان الاحاطة علما بذلك جعل من ايجاد و الاتصال بما سوف  اطلق عليه “بالنفس التاسيسية”  امرا  سهلا . وفي تساءلي عن ماهية  هذه الروح قبل الالم , الخوف والهجر اجد الاجابة لكن كما انت دائما  .  فانا اتجاذب اطراف الحديث مع طفل الخالق  الجميل والبريء والضعيف  و الخائف والوحيد احيانا انا اتحدث الى “انا” ♥ .  حتى

حتى وان صرخوا في , تكون المصفاة  في مكانها مسبقا و بذلك ما اسمعه هو نداء للحب ورغبة لان يفهموا في ظل حقيقة ما هم عليه فعلا  . من هذاالمنظور, استطيع بحق ان اكون عونا لهم كما انا. و رغم  اننا نبدو  مختلفين لاننا ننحدر من خلفيات و ثقافات و انظمة معتقد  مختلفة الا ان” انفسنا غير المقيدة”  ♥الطفل♥  قبل ان يدرب , هو نفسه تماما ودائما   .   انا انت

بقلم ساتبرم

  Written by

Translated by arabian roses

                                                                            I Am You~

As I take a moment, prior to any “exchange” with another fellow traveler on this journey and consider that what they are be bringing to the table, may possibly Not be who they really Are, I am graced with a different “view” of who I am communicating with. Moreover and in Most cases, what I am seeing and hearing is just a byproduct of social conditioning, ingrained patterning, belief systems and experiences.
With this knowing, it becomes easier to find and relate to what I will call “the foundational self”. As I ask myself who this soul was prior to the pain, fear, abandonment, etc. I find the answer to Always be the same. I am talking to a beautiful, innocent, vulnerable, sometimes scared and lonely Child of our Creator.
I am talking to “me”~♥ 
Even if they are screaming at me, my “filter” is already in place and what I hear is a cry for Love, a desire to be understood and held in the Light of who they Really Are. With this “view” I can truly be of service to them, As “ME”. After all, we may look and sound different, come from different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems, yet our “unconditioned selves”, the *child* before training is Always exactly the same.

I Am You~

Copyright © Satprem 2012

A NEW ERA عهد جديد

  بعيدا عن ضجيج الكون
هيا نذهب الى الطرف الاخر من العالم
الى ما وراء الافق الذهبي
حيث  تسمو الافكار لتصبح مشاعرا
اعمق من  محيط من الحياة  هو الاكثر عمقا
بعيدا عن حزن الفؤاد
حيث  تصبح روضة حياتنا غناء
نخلق موسيقى مع اوتار القلب
نشدو  انغاما  تكون  طيورا عذبة وديعة
بعيدا عن االحياة الجد خاوية
بعيدا عن الثراء و علقات التفكير في المال
لنخلق عالما خاصا بنا
حيث  تنساب  السكينة و الافكار المنسجمة
حيث  يكون الحب و الانسانية  الاحجار الكريمة المعروفة
حيث   يحل عهد جديد من حرارة الشغف ….    قصيدة لسميا
Written by Soumyav
Copyright 2012
Translated by arabian roses
                                                         A New Era
Away from the noise of the universe,
Lets go to the other end of the world,
beyond the golden horizon,
where thoughts transcend and become feelings,
deeper than the deepest ocean of living.
Away from the melancholy of the heart,
where the garden of our life becomes blossomed with flowers,
creating music with the chords of our love,
singing the tunes will be  the humble sweet birds…
Away from the life so meaningless,
away from the riches and money minded leeches,
to create  a world of our own,
where tranquility and harmonic  thoughts flow,
love and humanity are the gems known,
where a new era of passion and ardor  embarks…
Written by Soumya
Copyright 2012

Submit and Decide, then…. …. استسلم وقرر ثم

قال محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام , استسلم

قال المسيح عليه السلام قرر

دعنا لانشعر بالحيرة

فليس هناك تناقض فيما كانا يقولانه

فالعبارتان تكملان بعضهما بعضا

لنسلم انفسنا لله سبحانه و تعالى

حينذاك سوف نصبح الريح

التي تهب في اي اتجاه تشاء

لنقرر ان نكون سهما لها

حينذاك سوف يتسنى لنا ان نحرك جبلا

دون تحريك اصبعنا

استسلم و قرر

حينذاك سوف نجد ان قلوبنا نقية كالماء

وتلمع كالماسة

استسلم و قرر

 حينذاك سوف تكف الارض عن تحولها  الى ساحة للحرب

لتصبح ذاتها ملعبا جميلا

استسلم وقرر

حينذاك يسكن هدوء ابدي كف يدنا

Written by Subhan Zein

                                                          Copyright  2012

Translated by arabian roses

                                          Submit and Decide, then….                                                                

Muhammad said, “Submit”

Jesus said, “Decide”


Let us not get confused.

Nothing is contradictory in what they were saying,

for the statements complement each other.


Submit ourselves in humility only to the Almighty,

then we will become the wind

that blows to any direction She wishes.


Decide that we want to become Her arrow,

then we could move a mountain

without even moving our finger.


Submit and decide

Then we will find our heart is pure like water

and sparkle like a diamond.

Submit and decide

Then the earth ceases becoming a battlefield.

It turns itself into a lovely playground.


Submit and decide

Then eternal serenity resides in the palm of our hand.

Written by Subhan Zein

Copyright 2012

Why am I Crying~? لماذا ابكي

ابكي الوجع و التعصب الذي ارى

ابكي لانني اعلم انك انا

ابكي عندما تحزنين لانني قد حزنت ايضا

ابكي عندما انسى انني انت وحسب

ابكي ابتسامة صغير فرحة

ابتهج للفرح الذي تشعرين به في كل الاوقات

ابكي عندما لا استطيع ان  اقدم لك الافضل

ابكي الاكاذيب التي جعل منها العالم حقيقة

ابكي المجاعة و الحرب في وجع

ابكي و انا ارقص تحت مطر الصيف الدافئة

ابكي وانا اضم طفلي الي

ابكي لان صغيرك قد انتزع منك

ابكي خسارتك و اشد مخاوفك

ابكي حتى خلت انه قد رقات ادمعي

ابكي المك وكل ماتبقى

ابكي لان حياتي جد مباركة

قصيدة لساتبرم

Written by

Translated by arabian roses

                                                                 Why am I crying ?

I cry at the pain and intolerance I see~
I cry because I Know you are me~

I cry when you mourn as I have mourned too~
I cry when I forget that I am just you~

I cry at the joyful smile of a child~
I rejoice in the joy that You feel all the while~

I cry when I can’t make it better for you~
I cry at the lies that this world has made true~

I cry at starvation and war and in pain~
I cry as I dance in the warm summer’s rain~

I cry as I hold my child so close to me~
I cry because your child was taken from thee~

I cry for your loss and your deepest fears~

I cry till I feel like I have no more tears~

I cry for your pain and for All the rest~
I cry because my life is so blessed~


Copyright © 2012

21 little things about me

1-I love Greek mythology .
2-I love Korean music.
3- I love foreign languages. So far  I  have learned  4 languages : Arabic , French, English and Italian. My Italian is dying because of lack of practice. Recently I have started taking  Spanish  lessons.
4- I love cats so much . Once I had more than 10 cats .They’re fascinating creatures.
5- I don’t love crowd.
6- I have twin brother who is the world to me.
7- I love books so much .
8- I love writing fictional stories the characters of which are real .
9-I love ice cream with chocolate flavor sO much.
10- I love daisy flowers.
11- I love  the rain sO much.
12-I love me being a woman.
13- I believe that a true man  is  someone who is true to his word .  It is the essence of manhood .  I  also believe that there are two types of men ,one is the knight ,the second is half-man.
14- I believe that virtual friendship is as important as real one. I appreciate  ,miss, worry about my virtual friends . I do love them too.
15-I’m stubborn and short-tempered .It’s a disastrous combination  .
16-I love making wind chime out of seashells, I love the music they send out when embracing the summer breeze.
17- I love apples ,it’s my favorite fruit ever.
18- I love getting up at the dawn .
19-I love silver jewelry sO much.
20- I do thank our fig tree, greet cats,and feed ants.
21- I do believe in the power of prayer .
Written by arabian roses

It takes two to tango

Whenever a woman  asks for divorce , all point an accusing finger at her . All are all ears when  narrating evil stories about her  but  deaf to her pleas to listen to her part of story as well. Even when she is a victim of  emotional and physical violence, she shoulders most of the blame .
That wife brings marriage  to closure,   proves  that man hasn’t praised  Allah’s grace upon him .  Woman is a soft creature who cherishes appreciation , respect , comfort and love. When a husband  fails to teach  her how to  adjust in his world softly and safely she will seek another territory where she can have a space of her own or set up her own kingdom  to live free from fear , abuse , prejudice and misjudgment.
A wife has countless rights over her husband, when not fulfilled , her trust and respect vanish and when they do, love perish for love is born  of respect.
All women , no matter where they come from , no matter who they’re  , are one and the same  .They love to be tended like a rose , treasured like a precious stone , listened to like sea ripples and taken care of  like a child  for  Allah the glorified and the exalted has created them as  Prophet  Muhammad peace upon him said, ” from a rib and the most crooked portion of the rib is its upper part; if you try to straighten it, it will break, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so I urge you to take care of the women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 114).
Remember , if a woman  has ever trod your gracious land, to appreciate her as she is  and never try to change her because putting up with  her flaws or silly habits is a token of your unconditional love . Rememeber to overlook  her mistakes . By doing so, you teach her to overlook and forgive yours .  Remember  to keep your angers secrets from her  for your home  is nothing but a  sanctuary  where only hymns of love and compassion must be sung as a woman’s  soul is so soft  that  angry talks can  break her. Spare no effort to help her with household chores . One day the Messenger of Allah peace upon him paid a visit to the house of Ali and Fatemah  peace upon them . He saw that Ali  was sieving the pulses and Fatemah  was busy cooking. On observing this the Prophet  may peace be upon him remarked, “O Ali, I do not speak except what is revealed to me. Anyone who helps his wife in her domestic affairs obtains a reward of one year of worship equal to the amount of hair on his body. This year of worship will be as if he has fasted during its days and prayed during its nights. Allah will reward him equal to the reward of all the patient ones, Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) and Hazrat Isa (a.s.).”
Marriage is a story that you can make of it a fairytale the characters in it live happily ever after  just with simple but hearty and loving smiles , apologies,gifts  or surprises.
Written by arabian roses