His forgotten heart

Feels lonely.

  So does his old guitar.

His rough hands molded

By faceless  time,

Yearn for

A  tender touch

To rejuvenate

His  antiquated melodies.

So does his lonesome guitar.

The veins of life in the old man

Are parching

Rust  has made of

the strings of  the guitar

His eternal home.

From afar the Northern star

Listens to sad love songs

played by an old woman on a broken guitar .

Written by arabian roses

A sepia tone pencil drawing by June Pauline Zent 18×24  I took it from ″ http://zentcreativeblog.com/

14 thoughts on “The lonely guitar dedicated to June Pauline Zent

        1. Soumya loved it too and that means it’s good poem for she’s a great poet and that makes me happy for I wanted to write something that goes with the beauty of your painting and I think I did it ! =)

  1. Oh wonderful. It reminds me of an old Hindi song called “Purani Jeans aur Guitar” (Old Jeans and Guitar). Its a fantastic nostalgic song, which reminds of our by gone school college days.

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