A week ago  my little sister was admitted to hospital because  her childbirth was delayed .We always hear  about  heart-rending stories about tough delivery.For this reason  we were worried.

I can’t deny  that I am very excited to be an aunt again , but I was  anxious too ,so anxious.I even  went as far as telling  her the other day  to give up the idea of having another child in the future .I didn’t mean to bother her  though I did ,but  seeing her in pain and the fear that something bad might happen to her scared me to death.

My mother believes  that giving birth to children  is what keeps life beats throbbing and she’s right for  joy  swept our house with the arrival of Jasmin, Joseph, Lina,and Jacob but the fear was great too.

Life is not free ,neither is happiness.It seems like pain is the coin that we must  put in life pocket to enjoy the pleasures in it.As a muslim, I was taught that pain is our God’s way of purifying us  from our bad deeds and that the almighty distributes pains to people according their ability to endure  and   the secret  of survival lies not only in faith but in love for life itself. Yes, though life is painful most of the time,the rewards are  worthy of keep going no matter what happens or will happen.

written by Sihem

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2 thoughts on “pains are coins

  1. I agree with you Sihem. I have gathered a pocketful myself in my life so far. Sometimes I cherish them, sometimes they make me sad, sometimes they brings smile to my face unknowingly. I have read somewhere, I cannot recollect the exact phrase, but I will share with you the message as much as I remember.
    We laugh when we remember the time we cried together and we cry when we remember the time we laughed together. Its so simple, but so true. Is not it my friend!

    Anyways, how is sis now! And how is my dear Jasmine? She must have grown to become a very charming young Princess now.

    1. I agree with every single word you said Sudipta.Yes ,your lovely Jasmin has grown into a beautiful princess.She is at school now and every one is proud of her being a bright student.

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