How does love taste when…?

I receive a lot of love from my parents,siblings,nephew, niece , and my students as well. Honestly, I’m not that kind of person with whom people  would fall in love instantly because some find me secretive  and serious  while others think I’m quit ,actually quieter than a cat in a cold winter ,but once they know me very well , I always get  the lion’s share of their love,something I consider a God-given gift because winning some’s love is so precious.

We all  are full of flaws .Some can be seized by people around us , and some never flaot around us to be seen.

I believe that tolerating  those flaws  is a token of love,true love.In fact accepting those we love as they are and never try to change them proves that we really love and appreciate  for who they are. We  are human,and human beings  are not perfect,so why looking for perfection  in imperfection ?

I hate it when my mother or father or sister or a friend tries to change me.Change means you’re not good enough or you failed to meet someone’s expectations.I’m not born to satisfy the expectations of any nor was anyone  born to meet my expectations.I believe that I’m a woman with innate potentials and the job of those who love me is  to discove or nurture but never ask me to change.I would prefer to use the word “improve” to change  when talking about my personality because  I feel that  the word “improve” equals caring but change equals ” disappointing someone or failing to meet their expectations.” I love people for who they are and I want them to love me in the same way.Though I’m imperfect ,I’m worthy.

Written by Sihem


pains are coins

A week ago  my little sister was admitted to hospital because  her childbirth was delayed .We always hear  about  heart-rending stories about tough delivery.For this reason  we were worried.

I can’t deny  that I am very excited to be an aunt again , but I was  anxious too ,so anxious.I even  went as far as telling  her the other day  to give up the idea of having another child in the future .I didn’t mean to bother her  though I did ,but  seeing her in pain and the fear that something bad might happen to her scared me to death.

My mother believes  that giving birth to children  is what keeps life beats throbbing and she’s right for  joy  swept our house with the arrival of Jasmin, Joseph, Lina,and Jacob but the fear was great too.

Life is not free ,neither is happiness.It seems like pain is the coin that we must  put in life pocket to enjoy the pleasures in it.As a muslim, I was taught that pain is our God’s way of purifying us  from our bad deeds and that the almighty distributes pains to people according their ability to endure  and   the secret  of survival lies not only in faith but in love for life itself. Yes, though life is painful most of the time,the rewards are  worthy of keep going no matter what happens or will happen.

written by Sihem

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The soul of giving

Gifts! I love gifts for a gift is a token of  caring ,love and gratitude .I’m not that rich but whenever I am offered the chance to offer my family members  or any of my students or a friend of mine a gift I seize it.

Small or big, cheap or expensive, gifts always have their lasting magic  on souls; the soul of the giver as well as  that of the receiver.

I don’t know about you ,but I ‘m very impatient with birthdays, too impatient that  I  could not  wait  for a birthday  to light up to offer my gift .I always hand  it over  a day  or two days ahead of time because I love seeing  shimmering eyes especially when I’m the holder of the match.

Still, I didn’t know  the great power that lies in a gift till yesterday, I mean that gift  received when not expected,a gift that  is  a token of respect.It was “a souvenir” that a friend brought for me from Egypt.Receiving makes me feel shy though gifts make me happy  that’s why when I was handed over the gifl  I was drown in a sea of mixed feelings ,a beautiful sea of happiness,gratitude and shyness.I even could not sleep that night not because of the gift but because of the word I was gifted with the gift. “Sihem ,you are a good person”.I always receive gifts , but this word is the most precious  of all that I will always cherish.

Really , nice  words though  cost us nothing,they are the most precious gifts ever .For this reason  prophet Muhammed  may peace be upon him ordained us to “speak a good word or remain silent.”


Written by Sihem