Conquer their souls then teach them

I have been teaching for six years now, and they  are the most enchanting moments in my  life.
As  reaching stars, teaching takes hard work, persistence, imagination and good luck to touch the souls and minds of students.
I believe that you have to touch their soul so that they give in their minds . Be a teacher in disguise.You can wear a hat  of  a friend ,or an elder brother or  sister . Students  are not a backet to fill in . You’re not a walking encyclopedia either .They are unfinished paintings and you have to be careful when picking  your colored pencils for fear  you end up with a hideous  living  painting.
Here are some of  the tips that  may help you to maintain a goOd relationship with your students:
a- Fair play .
At your first meeting with your students,make a pact with them ,in other words tell them the things that you do not love to happen in your classroom,and make sure to tell them  the reasons. At the age of 15 and 16 , students hate taking orders ,they’re rebellious  and they will break them to prove they are independent.That’s why when putting your rules you must tell them they do exist  for their benefits.   Then show readiness to listen to the things that they do not  love you  doing them ,things that will create a tense atmosphere that might cripple learning process  . I do that every year ,at every first meeting with my new students .It’s an opportunity to show them you do care and you want their best and them doing their best .
Among the things that  most students hate are:
*Verbal abuse
*Teachers who doe not return their greeting.
*Teachers  who punish them for the slightest mistake they do.
*teachers  who humiliate them when asking  them to explain things again.
b- Learn your students ‘ names
Never ever use  that cold anonymous “you “when calling your student .Use his/her name instead .Our names are part of us .They are our identity.They are what set us apart from another person .  Not remembering his /her name means he /she is not worthy  your attention . I hate it when my close friend mispells my name ,and that ‘s what a teacher should be ;a close friend who never forgets his/her students names.Some students have so beautiful names,let them  know that too.
c-Do apologize
It is hard to say  I am sorry sometimes ,because  teachers do not tolerate mistakes,we love perfection. But Asking forgiveness when you messed it  up will teach  your  students  a good lesson that even if you have the upper hand you must apologize and take consequences of your actions.”No one is perfect in this imperefect world”, and they will enlighten your day with an amazing smile.
d- Wish them happy birthday                
 If attending your  class coincides with one of your student’ s birthday,wish him/her happy birthday.One sentence of love , one  minute  of your time might make a difference in the life of a person.Birth day wishes is our way to show our gratitude for a person for  being  in our  life.
e- Say thank you
 When your class is over,thank  your students  .They will thank you in return with a big smile in  their eyes.Thanking them means you enjoyed being with them and teaching them .They would love that. 
Written by arabian roses
Happy reading 🙂