The lighthouse

Drop a coin on  the ground.The wind  will carry it and lay it at the feet of  a destitute whose pride kept him from begging compassion. Trust the wind , he’s the  god ‘s servant.

Thank the lemon tree or the apple tree in your yard  . Over years ,she has shielded  you from the ablaze  locks of sun and   given you the most delicious fruits .Like women ,trees love to be appreciated .

Pray for your teachers whenever you read a book .Without them we would have been  trapped in  the abyss of  merciless  ignorance.They’re honored by god,don’t disgrace them, for they’re messengers in disguise.

Don’t hurt the one who loves you but you don’t love.They are the lighthouse when your ship is at loss.They can find you when no one else can.

Written by arabian roses

A package of lovely awards from lovely bloggers !

I had a great week here thanks to lovely readers,lovely writers for whom I feel grateful for giving me beautiful awards I wished to embellish my treasure chest with ,that obtaining them made me sOo happy.

My precious gifts are :

Sunshine Award was given to me by Ash the landlady of   Moment of Clarity   and Other Things . Ash’s blog is as a gorgeous as a field of wild daisy flowers,; it’s simple but alluring. I picked a poem of that field for you. Thank you Ash for giving me such honor.

Will you ?

Will you hold my hand through this storm tonight?

Will you kiss away my tears.

Will you still love me when the secrets are out

And you feel like I feel now?

For now just let me lay here

And listen to the beat of your heart

To know that in this moment

There is love still inside you

Makes it so much harder

Tomorrow I will pour it out

Then maybe the healing can start.

I was also given Thanks for Writing by a writer who besides his talent to write, he has the talent to bring smile to people’s hearts .He’s  Wendell . A Brown  the landlord  of http://foreverpoetic.Thank you Sir .

The landlord of gave me

It’s pink,I love it .Thank you Sir for such a gorgeous gift.Thank you for appreciating my writings,it really means a lot to me.


I aalso received Versatile Blogger Award from Arab Writer Chic. I appreciate that a lot too.

I want to tell all of you ththat your gifts made me on the nine cloud.Thank you for giving me such beautiful feeling . Salam.

arabian roses

Reader Appreciation Award !

I love gifts especially  when they’re not beautifully wrapped because it shows that he  or she didn’t forget me though he or she was up to neck in work. It shows they do care.

A gift ,no matter how small it is ,no matter how simple it is, it remains a token of love and appreciation. Gifts unite people, we all ,no matter who we are ,no matter where we come from ,love gifts  because they bring smile to heart and make  a tear feel shy to stain a beautiful face . I opened my eyes this morning to find that a beautiful lady that I have never met before gave me an amazing gift that coloured my morning with happiness . I feel so happy because of her and flattered too ;her doing that is an indication I’m doing a good job here ,her name is soumya  ,she is the landlady of  soumyav , . It’s an amazing land where love reigns , and hope and inspiring poems live.

I unwrapped my gift  ,I found that I was nominated for

I’m sO happy today .Awards are special gifts here  . To show my appreciation ,I have to work harder. Thank you soumya for enlightening my day  and my blog.

There are countless creative souls in blogging kingdom, many ,many of them.People here are amazing.They’re supportive, besides being inspirational and thus turning blogging into an amazing experience.

I would love to name 7 blogs that I enjoy reading them . Those are the following:

1- The land lord of which is Andy. He is a multi-talented blogger.He’s a photographer,a poet, and a devoting father.Yep, you must have talent to be a goOd father ,and you are Andy.

2- landlord is Satprem33. He’s a great poet. Shakespeare would feel jealous of him if he was still alive.Maybe he will steal his poems too.

3- The landlady is Jodie .She is an amazing writer,her stories invade your soul that you become part of it.I felt like a ghost once,it’s a beautiful feeling.

4-  .Bob is the landlord of this blog. I love this blog for its noble purpose ;showing  the beauty of Islam.

5- . Sean has amazing way to play on th chords of life when weaving his poems. It’s a young blog but great in its thoughts .

6- .In this kingdom,you can find the most beautiful mind’s pearls, and soul’s whispers hidden in Chandan Mishra’s poems.

7- Christopher set his blog for a noble cause:to raise money to help the sick.He tries to fulfill that through his amazing poems .

My list is so so long,I wish I could mention all my favorite bloggers. I’ll seize another opportunity to do that inshaallah .

Sieze the gift and let it sprinkle joy into your day .

Happy blogging

Written by arabian roses.

Lost recipe of happiness

People  around us keep  showering   recipe  of happiness on us , recipes  they tried and worked and they wish with all their heart to work for us  the way they worked for them , to  bring us happiness that  we end up with  a package of happiness . Some recipes  leave  us bewildered ,as we ‘re not sure which one  to choose . Others muddy the serenity and contentment within us as we start  questioning whether  the happiness we live  is true or fake for none of those recipes is compatible with ours .

Happiness  is not a recipe to try ,it can’t be taught either. It’s a unique experience .Sometimes it takes  time   to figure out what makes us happy .Sometimes  we have to endure pain  and loss  to figure out the essence of our happiness .

Some  weave their cloak  of  happiness   from the unconditional love  of a mother , from  helping  people  they barely know, from the mere thought that sharing their  loaf with a homeless keeps hunger at bay ,from  kissing  their  father’s  forehead when asking  forgiveness for raising their   voice rudely or from  seeing others happy even though  they  have a slight share  of their  happiness.

Others  see happiness as a bubble  ; it withers once they have it so they spend their entire life in  the pursuit of things they don’t have and they don’t need .  Happiness is to have what is  in other’s hands as well .

Happiness can wear many masks ;some masks  are  ugly .Other masks  are beautiful and it’s t up to us to choose which one to wear and once choice is defined by   one’s  up bringing, religious belief,  other’s expectations or the way one   feels about themselves .

Written by arabian roses


Your love kept me alive

It’s the love for a childless land that kept a farmer alive.

It’s the love for honor that keeps a wounded soldier alive.

It’s the love for health that keeps the sick alive.

It’s the love for challenge that keeps a mountaineer alive.

It’s the love for hope that keep the unfortunate alive.

Love has many crowns ,but they are all adorned with a precious jewelry  of life.

Written by arabian roses.



Childish daylight

When the daylight teases you, embrace it , and don’t take  your beautiful eyes away  from him. Spread your arms ,and try to race the sun ,and reward yourself with a tender flower for reaching places she can’t reach. Look up at the sky and trace the migrating moon and if he turns round thank him for lightening  your solitude. Shred your armors of gloom ,and clothe yourself in attire of hope and joy .It’s a new start .It’s a new day. It’s your gift to complete your unfinished painting of life and there  spring is holding in  his hand  bright colors waiting for your commands.So choose a bright color that personates  you , a color of love and hope.

Written by arabian roses

Marriage the inescapable blessing

“And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace and tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” (Quran 30:21).
“Marriage is an inescapable  evil “I heard this statement by some ,but it’s not , for a true Muslim. It’s a package of blissful gifts. Marriage keeps the hideous evil at bay  including fornication  and other distorted ways to satisfy lust that rot the soul and the body. For example people who fornicate from partner to partner  reap what they sow ,a crop of deadly sexual diseases and  generations of illegitimate children.
Allah created man and woman and commanded them to keep chase till their souls and bodies are united under the wing of marriage.Virginity in Islam is  a token of purity,it’s the gift that mn and woman offer to each other . In Islam ,a fornicator should  marry but a fornicator  not a virgin or a chase person .Allah says:

” The fornicator shall not marry save a fornicatress or an idolatress, and the fornicatress, none shall marry her save a fornicator or an idolater; and all that is forbidden unto the believers.”Surah Al-Nur.

Also The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: A Muslim man can acquire no benefit after Islam greater than a Muslim wife who makes him happy when he looks at her, obeys him when he commands her, and protects him when he is away from her in herself and in his property.’
Marriage combats  deadly sexual diseases,and provides sound pillars for a healthy society and keep the nightmarish future of a clans of illegitimate children away .Besides the spread of  immoral crimes like a brother marrying his sister unknowingly , for one of them was  the output of a gloomy night of  foggy souls driven by lust ,or by wine or by drug.
That your marriage collapsed doesn’t mean it’s a barren land.It doesn’t mean that marriage is a house doomed to fall down either .It’s your choice of the  rotten seeds that ate it away to the bone.In Islam, man and woman are advised to choose their marriage  partners . The Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him  says: “Make a wise selection for your sperm”.He also says: “A wife is chosen for four qualities: her faith, family status, wealth and beauty. Choose the one who is strong in faith”. “If any of you proposes to a woman, he should try to see of her what encourages him to marry her” In another hadith the Prophet is quoted as saying to one of his companions: “Look at her, for that helps to bring you closer together”. It’s very important to choose your partner to ensure the success of marriage psychologically, socially , and sexually.
Marriage is that armor that will protect the soul and body of society against corruption ,so try your best to not dim its light by making the right decisions and choosing the right partner.
Written by arabian roses.

Music box

I took my colored pencils to draw you but their colors melted away under the warmth of your heart.

When a treasure chest for your love poems I made the sea , his heavenly waves shunned him.

I hunt  all bird songs to make for you a music box  but their songs were tuneless  being bewitched with the charm of your voice.

Rainbow was praying for rain to rekindle his fading colors.

The seven seas  wolfed my love letter in bottle I wrote you  to soothe  the envious waves.

Jealous  sea can wash away your name from his sandy forehead.

From your drawings, rainbow can steal colors.

But the warm hymn you whisper to  world’s heart  is invincible , because it’s a hymn of a man of honor.

Written by arabian roses

Is your name Mohammed?

-Gender: boy
-Origin: Arabic
-Meaning: Praised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632); Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam.The name is also transliterated as Mohammad (primarily in Iran and Afghanistan), Muhammad (in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India), Muhammed (Arab World, primarily in North Africa), Mohamed, Mohammed and Mohamad (Arab World), Muhammad (Arab World), Muhammed, Muhamed (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Muhammed, Muhamed, Muhammet, or Muhamet (Turkey and Albania).



Next life …

Even if the sad fate’s shadow covers me

I can’t get rid of myself who loved you

The person whom I feel like I can catch if I close both of my eyes

The person whom I can feel even if I can’t see

The relationship that we established while  alive

Can I have it even after death?

My lingering feeling that loved you

My dreams to start over

I don’t even have heart to feel more pain

In this life ,next life,even if I can meet you………………….

Presidents should start blogging too!

It is a brilliant idea,that I highly recommend for all world leaders ,kings and queens for several reasons,good reasons.
Genuine friendship
Blogging  is a golden opportunity to seize  to make new friends of diffrent fabric from the one you as a  president are used to.Friends  from all walks of life ,common people who will point out  to your flaws rather than coloring them with bright glitterring colours.The more sincere comments you write the more hearts you captivate.The more useful posts you publish,the more readers you win.Posts stand for your speeches,and  decisions ,while comments stand for your reactions towards  people’s criticism  of your policy.While bloggers are  the sincere counsellors.Blogging will teach you  to accept and deal with criticism .Some will follow you ,while others will block you or mark you as spam.
No more treasure hunting
Blogging is a new hobby that world leaders can take up.It’s cheap,accessible and most of all safer than playing the part of Ali Baba and  the 40 haramy ( thiefs) that some are hooked on . Not to mention the part of Casanova that  many love playing.
Besides people love writers,if  you fail to make them believe your credibility as a  politician, you can  win them over as a writer,then a ruler.
Practise makes perfect
 Practise makes perfect,then presidents don’t need to hire a speechwriter as blogging will teach them how to write their own speech by themselves,  a speech that will touch the listeners instead of  the stony ones we used to,ones that remind us of  the sound of  an old man ‘s heavy wobbling walking stick :monotonious ,repetitive  and  ,nerve -wrecking. Here ,a president can learn how to make  words come straight from his  heart to dwell in the heart of  his audience .I  recommend the use of a cheerful background too,because not  everyone is fond o f  faces . Audience need something warm than  that liveless face and that  forced smile that reminds you of George Orwell ‘s Big  Brother is watching you .
 After election most  presidents  suffer from low performance and  productivity.They don’t  work hard the way they did when preparing for their election compaign  due to the lack of rivals and competitors,and blogging  is the best way  to ignite that flame again because here allbloggers are competing with each other  to have the best blog, to win readres.
Bloggin is a free nation
Blogging is a free floor to exchange ideas without one fearing losing his neck and this policy should be extened to real life blogging too.Like  your posts ,your  legislations and decisions concerning the nation must be  open to discussion ,and instead of pulling a trigger to a head of a protesetor ,take your pen and edit them.
Tight shoes
Why don’t presidents  start blogging their  speeches instead   of delivering them  face to face.Imagine doing that while sipping  your icy  tea  ,playing your favorite music  ,far away  from  blindig camera  flashes,deafening shouts of reporters ,and a tight  pair shoes that keep you from concentration,that they have to repeat every question for you.The outcomes will be fruitful due to the lack of distraction ,and tense atmosphere.
Happy blogging 🙂

When you smile…

 Smile , for when night spreads his wings ,your smile becomes  the sunshine.
Smile, for when a heart breaks down,your smile becomes the bridge to the soul.
Smile , for when luck frowns, your smile becomes the ray of hope.
A  smile  is your  gift when you’ can’t afford bying him/her a gift
A smile is  the remedy that you recommend  without  perscription.
A smile is your wordless speech of kidness.
A smile is your  outward  message of love.

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