Notes for man only!

1_Kiss your woman  tenderly at her forehead, she would love the sensation it will leave on her soul .It’s comforting,respectful and endearing kiss .
 2-Suprise her! women of all sizes and shapes,love surprises besides chocolate,even  if they are  lying on their  death bed.Be in times and places  she  never thought you would be there because she knows you’r a busy man and has more important things to take care of  than helping her with her parents’ silver wedding,or taking  her sick cat to a veterinarian .In your day off,instead of hanging out with friends,dedicate it to her.Go into  the kitchen and cook for her. Seeing her man cooking  is one of the most bewitching view a woman can see,it makes her feel  like a princess.
 3- She is from Venus ,you are from Mars, and this makes  her  different to you.She has her own channels of communications, own emotional needs,and even values.,and to fathom her depth ,you have to study her.Keep a  secret diary where you write down every single detail about her  even litte ones ,you know ,little things can make a difference.Ask her close friends or parents about her likes and dislikes.Those notes will come in handy in the future let’s say when you want to give her an unforgettable gift .Besides a diary can save your life if you  don’t have an elephant memory,nothing can  maddens a woman more than forgetting your marriage anniversary .Also , look for books or sites about woman ‘s issues,you can’t read her mind but you can read about her.You will find piles of information to educate yourself on how to boost her self -esteem,dissipate her insecurity and make her love being a woman.

Words woman would love to hear

* I’m proud of you*
Either she’s a housekeeper or executive manager, a doctor or a baby sitter,tell her you’re proud of her.Woman ‘s worth since the dawn of man,has always been judged by a curvy body and a pretty face, and “I’m proud of you ” shows   that woman  is valued by her mind and achievement too .It’s your acknowledgement that she  is not less  important  than you , and that behind that glittering shell,there is precious pearl ,a thoughtful mind.
*you’re the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life*
 It’s beautiful to wake up in the morning knowing that someone somewhere , is awaiting for you to wake up,because his day rests upon your tender smile or the  sweet words you whisper into his ear .Even when going through rough time ,keep smiling! tell her that she’s your  harbor  .Don’t make her feel  that she’s worthless and that she’s a  nothing but a  burden on your shoulder.
 *you’re beautiful*
Even Venus, the Goddess of beauty would love to hear this word.Woman is a token of beauty ,that was the way Allah shaped her . She’s the soothing  breeze in a simmering life,and that word  what keeps that spark ignited.
*I want to grow old with you *
 love her in all her seasons, spring and autumn, summer and winter ,even when her beautiful locks and rosy cheeks give in  their fresh colours  to time , give her your hand   to  lean on you when her knees start wobbling,the scent  of roses are refreshing but you can rest under old oaks in sunny days.

Ex-lovers are the most lovable teachers you have ever had in your life.

Never ever  feel grudge against  the man or the woman you loved once ,instead smile when you remember her or him .

Remember that man or woman was once upon a time a piece of the puzzle of your heart.They taught you lessons about life and most importantly about yourself. They digged things in your soul you  have never thought they  would be  there .They have always been there when you need them. They put  up with your flaws when everyone couldn’t.They laughed at your jokes and liked them when others think they are silly .They said sweet things they know you love to hear .They did things you love  even if they don’t.They got so concerned when you’re sick .They  yell at you when underestimating  yourself  in front of them.They showed up when you didn’t expect anyone to be there for you .Tell me now how can  you feel grudge against the man or the woman who did  all those things for your sake?

People must stop using ex-boyfriend or ex-girl friend  when talking about their past lovers .I would recommend  instead ,the term  “my first love” because we carry their love  within  us, inside our heart through our lifetime. Heart is not a cold cemetery because people, we met in our life and love , don’t die as they touched our life in a way or another  and that  makes them alive in our heart.Just a smell of perfume they used to wear ,or hearing their  name would bring them back down to your world.

You would lie if you say you can’t  remember the first man or the first woman you fell in love with .No one can do that;love wound can be healed but it leaves scars,stubborn ones that’s why  we  can’t  forget the way people make us feel .Feelings never die ,love never dies. It just moves home.So stop frowning when you hear the name of your past lover, instead smile and remember how that person gave you a reason to live another day once upon a time .Ex-lovers are teachers and teachers do not stay by our side  all our life ,one day they have to leave .

Happy reading 🙂

Tell him ” I love you” in different languages !

LOVE ,is a four –letter word that makes  invincible kings,emperors, and dictators  fall down on their knees .

LOVE is a magic spell that turns the most hideous woman into a princess in the eyes of her lover.

LOVE makes  out of a fool a poet writing his poems from the silver moonlight .

LOVE . L .O .V.E : people all over the world spell the  word “love”differently , say ‘ I love you ‘in differnt tongues,but they  all experience the same feeling  ;they feel happy to be alive because someone at last found  them,someone who appreciate their existence into their life .

L : the sacred  letter in the word LOVE .It stands for loyalty .Love ,as any other game in life, has rules of its own and to play it you have to stick to them or you lose,and one of the rules is to be loyal . You can’t see but the person you love .Loyalty also binds you to be there comes what may. Loyalty binds also to protect him or her  .

O :the dictator O .It stands for ownership.I love you means I own you ,you’re mine soul and body the day you occupied my heart .

V :the mean V .It  stands for vecious .I will do what ever it takes me to keep you in my life .Your love is  the fount of life and I  won’t let you go so I’m going to fight for your love to death.

E: the eternal E  stands for eternity ,you love will be eternal.If you stop loving me I will saw the seeds of your love  in friendship garden .


“I Love You” in Different Languages

Italian : Ti amo!

Japanese :Kimi o ai shiteru!

Korean : Dangsinul saranghee yo!

Latin : Te amo!LatvianEs tevi milu!

Lithuanian  :As tave myliu!

Malaysian :Saya cintamu!

Turkish  :Seni seviyorum!

Urdu  :Main tumse muhabbat karta hoon!

Happy reading 🙂