Notes for man only!

Published February 3, 2012 by arabian roses
1_Kiss your woman  tenderly at her forehead, she would love the sensation it will leave on her soul .It’s comforting,respectful and endearing kiss .
 2-Suprise her! women of all sizes and shapes,love surprises besides chocolate,even  if they are  lying on their  death bed.Be in times and places  she  never thought you would be there because she knows you’r a busy man and has more important things to take care of  than helping her with her parents’ silver wedding,or taking  her sick cat to a veterinarian .In your day off,instead of hanging out with friends,dedicate it to her.Go into  the kitchen and cook for her. Seeing her man cooking  is one of the most bewitching view a woman can see,it makes her feel  like a princess.
 3- She is from Venus ,you are from Mars, and this makes  her  different to you.She has her own channels of communications, own emotional needs,and even values.,and to fathom her depth ,you have to study her.Keep a  secret diary where you write down every single detail about her  even litte ones ,you know ,little things can make a difference.Ask her close friends or parents about her likes and dislikes.Those notes will come in handy in the future let’s say when you want to give her an unforgettable gift .Besides a diary can save your life if you  don’t have an elephant memory,nothing can  maddens a woman more than forgetting your marriage anniversary .Also , look for books or sites about woman ‘s issues,you can’t read her mind but you can read about her.You will find piles of information to educate yourself on how to boost her self -esteem,dissipate her insecurity and make her love being a woman.

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