Words woman would love to hear

* I’m proud of you*
Either she’s a housekeeper or executive manager, a doctor or a baby sitter,tell her you’re proud of her.Woman ‘s worth since the dawn of man,has always been judged by a curvy body and a pretty face, and “I’m proud of you ” shows   that woman  is valued by her mind and achievement too .It’s your acknowledgement that she  is not less  important  than you , and that behind that glittering shell,there is precious pearl ,a thoughtful mind.
*you’re the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life*
 It’s beautiful to wake up in the morning knowing that someone somewhere , is awaiting for you to wake up,because his day rests upon your tender smile or the  sweet words you whisper into his ear .Even when going through rough time ,keep smiling! tell her that she’s your  harbor  .Don’t make her feel  that she’s worthless and that she’s a  nothing but a  burden on your shoulder.
 *you’re beautiful*
Even Venus, the Goddess of beauty would love to hear this word.Woman is a token of beauty ,that was the way Allah shaped her . She’s the soothing  breeze in a simmering life,and that word  what keeps that spark ignited.
*I want to grow old with you *
 love her in all her seasons, spring and autumn, summer and winter ,even when her beautiful locks and rosy cheeks give in  their fresh colours  to time , give her your hand   to  lean on you when her knees start wobbling,the scent  of roses are refreshing but you can rest under old oaks in sunny days.

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