13 thoughts on “Your review for my blog

  1. Kolkata, once it used to be Calcutta, as the British used to pronounce it. Capital of the State of West Bengal, Former Capital of India under the rule of the East India Company and later under the rule of the Queen of England. Leaving here is as enchanting as the City itself. Cultural representative of the country. Pride of Bengal. Once a great man said “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow”. And I love my city.
    Ok, now you would say, “Hey, I asked you to write something about my blog, not about your city!” Yes , friend I know that and I have not forgotten either. I am coming to it.
    Ok, now where were I ? Yes, Kolkata, though its the most ‘green’ city amongst the all four Metros [Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are the other three] and unlike Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, vegetation is not a rare scene here, but honestly I still miss my childhood days at Cooch Behar, where, anywhere you see, you will see green. As if God has gifted this land the best of it. It is a small town very near to the valley of Tarai, at the foothills of the Great Himalaya. I miss the morning call of the rooster that woke me up. I miss the sound of the mist on the tin roof on an Autumn dawn. I miss the Cats ‘n Dogs of the mountain rain. I miss the sudden cooing of a lost bird in the midst of a lazy summer noon. I miss chatting with my childhood buddies, on a foggy winter afternoon sitting on the grass beside the lake. I miss the fragrance of the unknown white flowers, when the spring evening breeze would taunt the branches of the tree just outside my window. I miss my childhood.
    When I was a child [I am still one at heart you know], elders used to say, “This is the best part of your life, Student life is the Golden Life.” I did not understand what they meant. Now I do. But, is it too late. Perhaps, its never too late for anything.
    When ever, I visit your blog, I live a small portion of my childhood. Its like walking through a jungle alone, I am only accompanied by the smell of damp earth and wild nameless flowers, sound of birds, blinks of Butterflies and Dragonflies, I can even here the sound of Flower blossoming, can you ? When our mortal body is aging and you can’t do anything about it. You can always recharge your mind and soul. And your blog plays the role of charger for me. Have I written too much of Blah Blah Blah . . . . . . . ???????? Ok, pardon me. I am not a seasoned writer, I just say and write what I feel in my heart. Tell me how did you like it??????????????

  2. HI! Since I found this blog, every day I came for see this wonderful post, lovely songs, beautiful quotes, and amazing pictures, I really really love this, I’am Mexican and I know about Islam for a friend of mine from Alexandria , and I gave thanks to him for show me how wonderful is the Islam. I wish to learn more and I’am doing, thanks for all this beautiful words all this recharge my mind and soul. Thanks again. Sincerely.♥

    1. Your words brought tears to my eyes and I’m not ashmed of saying that . Knowing someone somewhere speaking properly about Islam makes me so happy .I do appreciate your visits ,I do appreciate your nice words from the bottom of my heart angie 🙂

  3. أسأل الله أن يديم هذا المواهب لكي يا إختي. ما شا الله روووعة و فنانة. أتمني لكي كل النجاح إن شا الله

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I happened across you blog while visiting Idealisticrebel and was immediately taken by the words and thoughts you express.
    I am always pleased to find sites that express the truth of Islam. In my writing, I try to express the truth about Christianity.
    I am not affiliated with any of the false Christian churches considered Mainstream.
    I have no illusions about the history or actions of the Catholic Church or any of the other standard “Christian” church.
    I am well aware that Islam is not a religion of violence but of peace and love. That it is so often misrepresented because of Political Ambition on both sides of the Political Conflict.
    Christianity (true Christianity) is also about peace and love.
    I am sure that by now; we all realize that we have far more in common than we have differences. I am saddened to see such vast wealth of wisdom and understanding of life and man used to forward the ambitions of military leaders on both sides and by doing so deceiving the world into acting to their own demise.
    I will be following your work and I hope we may exchange thoughts again later.
    interesting; what the Internet has done for/to us. Before it, this conversation would have been highly unlikely to ever take place. It is a valuable tool. the more we talk; the more we understand each other. The more each of us understands each other; the more at ease and safe we can allow ourselves to feel. The more safe and at ease we feel the more we can trust each other and communicate.
    Sadly; I have no hopes of peace and harmony as a result of my efforts, or the efforts of anyone else. I believe this world is doomed. I also feel that if that is true; it is even more important for me to account myself well before my God. Of what value is it if I act well when I am not under pressure to give in to hate.
    The value is if I behave well even when under pressure.
    I tend to run on so I will cut myself off and say good day.

    1Corinthians 8:2-3
    “Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much. But the person who loves God is the one whom God recognizes”

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