Just pack of lies

Published September 22, 2012 by arabian roses
Why do some people say things they don’t really mean? Just cold bare words !What if their lies become the only beautiful home someone somewhere  feels safe between its ribs.Then we wonder where all those homelss hearts come from!
Why do we give up on people just because we couldn’t understand them or tolerate their differences? We ‘re willing to read a book millions of times to decode its meaning , but we fail to decipher a human soul’s gaze or tear or sigh  ! Why do books become more expensive than human souls?
Why does “I love you” become a bait  some use to fool and to take advantage of  other  instead of  warming  their hearts?
Why do some love ,enjoy and keep hurting the ones who love them truly and unconditionally  though they know the malicious  hurt they’re causing them?
written by me!

16 comments on “Just pack of lies

    • But writing a book, I think, depends on the ones we love for they are the origin of that book they are our inspirors . Love and writing a book go hand in hand that’s why we must do both wholeheartedly and genuily and this won’t be achieved if there is “must” writing and love happen on the spur of the moment they come when we do not expect them =)

  • sometimes people lie to you because they are afraid that you will not like them if they tell you the truth. they might ask you to read something they’ve written. and you do, and you don’t really care for it much, but you’ll tell them it was great because you don’t want them to feel bad. who does that help? it helps the liar, but it doesn’t help the writer – and that’s who really needed the help.

      • i have a close friend who gets mad at me when i tell her that something she has said or written in incorrect. she then gets mad at me because she does not feel “good” about what i’ve said. unfortunately, i cannot seem to convince her that it would be a bad thing for me to allow her to continue talking or writing to people with something that is wrong or untrue. those people will see her mistake and think less of her. she doesn’t see that i’m helping her avoid a public mistake or embarrassment by showing her what was wrong. it doesn’t matter. she doesn’t like it. i can’t win.

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