War of Roses

Yesterday,I was a knight

But today I am a warrior.

A knight ‘s offering is a mild rose

But a warrior’s offering is  a wild soul.

 I shed my armor to shield my wounded heart

And go to the battlefield of your love

with one hand I drag  my coffin

with  the other I hold my honor.

I will fight viciously like a warrior

but die nobly like a knight.

Today,either  I win back  my soul

 Or drop my weapons at your feet

To become eternally  the captive

Of your bewitching eyes  .

Written by arabian roses



One thought on “War of Roses

  1. We all are warriors of the battles of our lives. Being a Knight matters a lot . Surely there is a distinguished difference between a warrior and a knight.

    However I like this line the most: – I will fight viciously like a warrior
    but die nobly like a knight.
    Today,either I win back my soul
    Or drop my weapons at your feet

    A brilliant piece of art.

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