My earthly stars

I will tame fireflies

And turn them into earthly stars

To illuminate your  long way

In a starless night!

Don’t forget to kiss

Your  loving mother’s forehead

And thank  caring God

For your blessed day

Before you go to bed.

If you do,my fireflies will tell me on you.

Sweet dreams to you.

Written by arabian roses


18 thoughts on “My earthly stars

              1. “On Eagle’s Wings” has had the highest votes so far. I suggest you go for it with the Arabian touch…with roses of course! Kindly let me know once you are ready. Thanks again and best wishes for the week to you.

    1. of course you’re not dead. but it seemed as if a spirit was talking in the poem, trying to protect someone from beyond. the image of transforming the fireflies seemed like something that only a spiritual being could do.

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