My home is a book

I wish my home was a book

I would  live in a fairy tale

And live happily ever after.

I would call children’s stories

my grandson and  my grand-daughter .

I would steal  a magic wand

To rekindle old women’s  smiles,

be a knight

reign a land

wherein bread is for all

and water is dulcet

and untarnished  like a maiden’s soul.

Written by arabian roses


9 thoughts on “My home is a book

    1. It’s a touching photo of a homeless man .I dedicate this poem for the homeless I pray wherever they are Allah show mercy towards them through the rich . Thanks for your encouraging words =) have a lovely day today =)

  1. How touchingly wonderful. I have often wished to be able to jump inside a book and live the fantasies I am reading of. Your words are beautiful. The photo of the man poignant. Why do you suppose we can know of the poor and still they remain. If a child doesn’t understand this. I wonder how we can? Great post today. Excellent thoughts, my friend.

    1. I’m glad that my poem won your admiration =) I believe that children understand everything for they see with their heart and see the world through pure eyes that don’t turn blind to truth ,im sure we can see and feel other’s pain and spot their places if we start perceiving the world with a heart of a child who doesn’t wait anything in return or fear losing anything when helping others.

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