The Mad Poetess

In a  poetry book lives my prince charming

Taken captive by poems.

Being swept , poesy fears,

Into a burning  ocean of  tears

If he enfranchises  him

For his words are enamoured with

 His angelic eye smile,

weaving it into   sighs

for poets every night.

My wrath tore my treacherous poems  asunder

and my jealousy burned down my charmed words

My prince charming is my captive

and no woman but me

Will guard him

not even  my hymns.

Written by arabian roses



12 thoughts on “The Mad Poetess

    1. I was waiting on fire to hear your opinion =D It’s the translation of my arabic poem ‘شاعرة مجنونة ” I really miss your uplifting spirit comments =) thank you for being here again =)

        1. Thannk you dear =D I will translate the other poems for you ,I was intending to but I’m up to my neck in work =( a teacher is a student in disguise there is always chore to do that.I miss writing stories =) really I can’t find the time to do so.

    1. It’s a gorgeous language indeed it’s the language if Quran =) I’m sO happy to know you enjoyed reading my poem ,you made my day =)thannk you for following my work too:)

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