You reproached me for scratching the fair sky

Those are the  love poems

My restless  heart  is repleting with

And only big sky can contain them

so I entrusted her with .

You reproached me for disturbing sleepy stars

You made a wish  last night

I  wanted to give you a shooting star

 To mak it come true,

That’s why I tried to wake them up.

You reproached  me for coloring  my dark hair   blue,

You   love blue sea and I  wanted you to love me too.

My love for you  is bigger than  lofty sky

My love for you is deeper than  blue sea

But today I disown you of my heart  territory

And abdicate  my throne  of servility

  to seek a land

where her lord treats me like a  fairy queen.

Written by arabian roses


3 thoughts on “Surrender

    1. I just added some adjectives to make him feel guilty : ) I really really really appreciate your uplifting words I always feel so happy after receiving your comments , and I always look forward to receiving them =)

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