21 little things about me

1-I love Greek mythology .
2-I love Korean music.
3- I love foreign languages. So far  I  have learned  4 languages : Arabic , French, English and Italian. My Italian is dying because of lack of practice. Recently I have started taking  Spanish  lessons.
4- I love cats so much . Once I had more than 10 cats .They’re fascinating creatures.
5- I don’t love crowd.
6- I have twin brother who is the world to me.
7- I love books so much .
8- I love writing fictional stories the characters of which are real .
9-I love ice cream with chocolate flavor sO much.
10- I love daisy flowers.
11- I love  the rain sO much.
12-I love me being a woman.
13- I believe that a true man  is  someone who is true to his word .  It is the essence of manhood .  I  also believe that there are two types of men ,one is the knight ,the second is half-man.
14- I believe that virtual friendship is as important as real one. I appreciate  ,miss, worry about my virtual friends . I do love them too.
15-I’m stubborn and short-tempered .It’s a disastrous combination  .
16-I love making wind chime out of seashells, I love the music they send out when embracing the summer breeze.
17- I love apples ,it’s my favorite fruit ever.
18- I love getting up at the dawn .
19-I love silver jewelry sO much.
20- I do thank our fig tree, greet cats,and feed ants.
21- I do believe in the power of prayer .
Written by arabian roses

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