Devil’s bait

Published May 2, 2012 by arabian roses

Soul is a holy pearl and body is its earthly home. Deep , mischievous waves  were striving  to fling it  on the land of sins but they broke against the sound rocks of a believing heart  till  the guileful evil sewed  for them  disguise costumes  to make the  body yield to its desires and temptation and  it can  steal that pearl of its whiteness  purity and chastity .  Those  costumes are  drinking, lying ,stealing, adultery, but the ugliest one  of them  is masturbation.

It angers the Almighty

Masturbation is evil ‘s bait to entrap a Muslim in committing sins and  strips him  of his cloak of chastity and virtue and  clothe him in corruption and  vice .Chastity  does not  only entail  you keeping  fornication, adultery  sodomy at bay. But it also entails you keeping from the distorted way to satisfy lust; masturbation .The latter rots   the soul and the body and angers the Almighty who commands us toand those who do not find the means to marry should remain chaste until Allah gives them resources by his grace. Al Muminoon : verse 32.” In that The one who masturbates will be among the seven persons whom Allah will not look at them on the day of judgment ,nor will he include them amongst the learned and Allah will enter them into the hell .They will enter the hell first except those who repent. As for those who repent Allah will accept their repentance .Those 7 persons are :

1-A person who masturbates

2-A  person who performs the act of sodomy.

3-The person upon who the act of sodomy is performed.

4-A perpetual drunkard .

5-The person who hits his parents so much so that they appeal for help .

6-The person who harms his neighbors so much that they curse him.

7-The person who commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife. ( Ibn Katheer . Vol 5 . pg 458)

A journey to the cemetery  of diseases .

An unending journey with diseases

Masturbation is a fleeting  pleasure  that will  chain your body to perpetual  diseases. Medical science have proven that masturbation :

–          enfeebles sexual organ in that it creates looseness in it.

–          creates seminal (spermatic) inflammation in the testicle which causes quick ejaculation of sperm.

–          weakens the very delicate veins and fine nerves and veins of the sexual organs resulting in sexual impotency.

–          causes an excessive loss of sperm  by way of nocturnal emission .( wet dreams)

–           causes an excessive loss of blood as it takes 80 drops of blood to produce one drop of sperm.

–          weakens the eye-sight and reduces its normal limit of vision.

–          – weakens cerebral of glands of the brain which in turn enfeebles the power of perception and reason .

–          weakens memory as well.

To masturbate is growing  a seed of a  tree the fruit of which  are rotten and  you will be  the only  to taste those sickly fruits ,that’s you  have to uproot it if you sprinkled some in your sacred body .


When committing sins or transgressing Allah’s laws ,the human feels ashamed and down hearted. When sinned , fall on your  knees and  plead  for his forgiveness . Deep down, we know that we have   a merciful  creator who is there  who ,when we sin ,keeps praying and his angels  for us to go back to him ,to repent and ask forgiveness .Allah loves those who repent because it shows that they know there is a creator   to whom we resort  when  our souls  troubled,a creator  from whom we  ask forgiveness when transgressing his  laws, laws that   he set for our welfare and well-being. When Allah forbids something , we know deep down that he does that  because it bears seeds of corruption,  and sickness in it.

Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him said:”The person who  repents from sins is the    beloved of Allah and he become like the those who have not committed sins.”( Ibn Majah)

Repentance ‘s seeds are

–          To feel ashamed

–          To discard the sin committed and to resolve on abstaining from it in the future.

–                             Du’aa

–          Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him said:” Verily ,your Lord is modest and kind .When a slave lifts both hands towards Allah then he (Allah ) feels shy to return them to him empty-handed and disappointed.” ( Abu Dawood,Tirmidhi)


Hurairah Radia Allah Anhu  said :” For everything  there is a purifier and the purifier of the body is fasting.”

Fasting is the best technique to discipline the self and   dims  its desires as fasting increases the fear of Allah. Regardless to the summer heat  we, Muslims keep fasting waiting to hear azan ;Allah’s  call for breaking our .We do that  not for him Allah not to please anyone else .It  reported  from Abdullah bin Amr radi allah anhu that prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him said:” fasting and Quran will intercede for a servant .Fasting will say :” O my RabbnI prevented him from  food and desire during the day so accept my intercession on his behalf.The Quran will say :” I prevented him from sleeping during the night so accept my intercession on his behalf.” Hence the intercession from both will be accepted . ( Mishkat pg 173).

                       Lower gaze

Allah says :” Say O Nabi to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts.This is more pure for them .Indeed Allah is well-aware of what they do.”

                   Sleep wrapped with purity

To sleep on their right-hand sides  and recite Quran till sleep overpowers you. Death you will be pure  .

                 Allah can see what you’re doing

Allah is acquainted with what we do .He  IS all-knowing omniscient .He’s the king and king  of kings should be respected and revered.Not t o mention his anger  seeing you doing things he forbid .  Ibn Jauzi said:”By the oath of Allah ,a person’s thirst to commit a sin will only be quenched when despite having the ardent desire and capability to do it ,realizes that Allah Talla  is looking at him feels ashamed and consequently discards the sin.”

                                                                                          Punishment of Masturbation

Hadhrat Anas narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said,’The person who performs Nikah with his hands (i.e. maturbates) is cursed. (Tafseer Mazhari vo.12 p.94)

Saeed bin Jubayr narrates that Rasulullah (Sallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, Allah Taala will inflict a punishment on a group of people because they played with their private parts.’

Ataa (RA) says, ‘Some people will be resurrected in such a condition that their hands will be pregnant, I think they are those who masturbate.’

A muslim’s sign is childlike eyes and a  body that is as pure as dewdrop,so do not tarnish them with passing evil thoughts.

Written by arabian roses


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