Love your feet

 Allah creatd eve from  Adam’s rib,this might explain why she’s so soft ,tender and vulnerable,and her body compared to man’s, is weak.

Woman ‘s body is a token of beauty  and life that she must tend like a flower and keep it from going rusty and the only way to that is appreciating it as a whole from head to toe.Here are some tips for woman on how to take care of her feet.

How to take care of your feet :
*Ingredients:    warm water,scented candles,epsom salt,foot towel and your favorite oil.


1- Foot bath

it’s like when you sit on a rock ,watching the sunset while  your feet are enjoying  the  sea water.Just realax and Soak your feet in warm water for few minutes.Don’t forget to put some drops of your favorite essential oil and if you long for those tingling sensations of the sea water ,make your own ocean ,by adding espom salt to your foot bath .It’s proven that they have the magic of healing bruises and help relax your tired feet.

Get your feet out of water and make sure they’re completely dry before starting massage.


2-Feet massage

a-Make a circular motions with your thumb and fingers over the sole of the feet and use more pressure in areas such as the heel of the foot.

b-Make a fist with your hand and knead the bottom of your feet.

c-Roll the toe between your thumb and forefinger as you slide your fingers down  the toe to the end. 

d-Squeeze the end of each toe .

3-Feet bath is a bless

-It  helps you relax .

-It improves circulation.

-Blood cleanses and gets rid of wastes and toxins  and stress cripples that mission,and to prevent that, treat your feet to a message as it decreases stress and allows  blood circulation.



Happy feet bath 🙂



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