I’m hoOme =) I miss my blog too


5 thoughts on “I’m hoOme =) I miss my blog too

  1. This is the part of Definitely True Knowledge. May I ask you? Where are you studying so many best definitely true knowledge? It is rarely between young people. I really interested to your idea, because, in this world, is difficult to find wisdom thinker like you. To find definitely true knowledge, you must think free, and i see that. That impossible, dogmatic people, can find life wisdom. Not every man think about himself, the day after, human being and to be a wisdom people. Why you, as a woman, learn so much about life, religion, human relationship etc. You must be a a well-being woman, and, i hope, you keep post your wisdom and knowledge to your blog reader. Thank You Ms. Roses..

  2. Yes, you are a thinker. That Islam way, and you understand of afala ta’qiloon. Indeed, humans are told to think by using reason. It does ask people to think logically. But, sometimes, we also only use the feeling. I like being and read your blog, because I can think, because of your posts, actually the result of clear thinking. Give me info, how to think, how clear thinking, and how do you get a lot of intuition. Only a few people who are flooded with a lot of intuition, and thus, like you ….. Looks like you’ve never afraid and never worry about ….. Thank’s MS. Roses. I like your posts. Hilal Achmar. June 30, 2012.

    1. Your lovely words make me work very hard today .I have spent all day studying your questions to find the proper answers to quench your thirst for knowledge and quest .I will answer all of them inshallah 🙂

  3. I am waiting your answers. who is seeking, she will find. Therefore, I keep looking for. Maybe you’ll be able to find many things for you and me. As the purpose of our life is happy in this world and hereafter. What Is happy? Can you show me the happiness of life? How can human beings be happy? Are you and I really happy? 🙂

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