My Childhood friend is Christian (dedicated to Lady Day)

My name is Muslim,
I am the descendant of Abraham
Purity is my cloak
Mercy is my law
Love  reigns  my heart
benevolence soaks my soul
Humility adorns my  footsteps
You might be Buddhist ,Christians  or Hindu
 you might be my neighbor,or boyhood friend
and a muslim   respects his neighbor,honors his friend
For we all   kneel  and pray that our fellow-men  seize  the light of happiness.
Written by arabian roses

15 thoughts on “My Childhood friend is Christian (dedicated to Lady Day)

  1. You sweet dear…I worship the ancient God of Abraham. My faith is not classed in with the other forms of Christianity or a people. I believe my particular faith…is banned in your country. My community here is predominantly Muslim…my daughters closest school friends hold to your faith. Jamine, Danya, Haram, Mirum, Tuva…all muslim princesses who enter my home everyday and grace my front lawn:) ❤

    1. Whoever you are,I do respect you and appreciate you.We’re not raised to harm or disgrace people for their religious creed is different from us;that’s not what makes a muslim ,a true muslim that I wish someday to become. Allah won’t be happy if I do something to hurt you or disrespect you,it’s disgrace to islam too.

    2. In my country Christians,Jewish and Muslims live in harmony. Allah forbids hurting non-muslims,and we have to to respect them,they even have rights on us as neighbors,it’s just some people deviated from what Allah and his prophets oreder us to do.If muslims do what Allah and his prophet commanded them in Quoran , life would be different.

  2. 🙂 I adore you. So very much. We are different yet the same. 🙂 this is a gift. What country are you from. In case I’m mistaken?

  3. Lol. My daughters and I studied your country as part of our school program. We loved it very much. Culturally diverse and always hope for your region peace and stability. I know it’s been a year of change there. 🙂 peace always I hope for your homeland. XXOO

  4. LOvely post Siheem! 🙂 Its humanity that is our identity,rest the religions we follow are only a way of life.No religion preaches violence and hatred…its we humans who out of our selfishness and own greed change the definitions and propagate everything wrongly…

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