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Hello Kansas مرحبا كانزس

يمكن ان تلتمس العناصر الرائعة لعالمنا في كل مكان وهي لاترى  باكتشاف الغابات اوعبور الانهارفحسب , بل هي تدرك بحق انى لاتبصر العيون و انى يتخطى العقل .ان الفضاءات المفتوحة  والشاسعة للعالم تحمل بين طياتها الكثير من العجائب في الفضاء البسيط  الذي تحتله  فقط.نجد هنا في عالم الحقول رحابة العالم الشاسع,نافذة على القلب و العقل .لايعد الحقل شيئا مميزا للبعض فهو ليس الا مساحة ممتدة من ارض تستعمل للزراعة اوللماشية.بينما يمكن ان يجد هؤلاء الذين يهتمون بالوقوف على اطرافه و النظر عبر البحر الشاسع من القمح و الحب شيئا مختلفا : حقيقة بسيطة تختبئ بداخلنا.نستطيع ان نصنع المعجزات للانسانية في رحابة القلب,فنصبح رحيمين. نتعلم ونشعر و ننمو. نشهد الحقيقة . نكبر و نحن نغذي هذا الانفتاح  . و ننمو  كما ينمو القمح متعاليا باتجاه الشمس عندما ندفئ و نروى.  يستطيع الجميع ان يشهد هذه الفضيلة اذا ما اختاروا ذلك .فتح القلب هو فتح بيت ةهو فتح الذراعين لتسمح للحب ان يشع على كل المخلوقات .   علينا ان نبقي القلب شاسعا كالحقول الكبيرة في هذه الحياة لاننا بذلك نكتسب القدرة على الرؤية في كل الاتجاهات.فيمكن ان ننتقل مع الرياح الاربعة وضم كل المخلوقات.تدعونا عوالم الحقول الى مجالها الفسيح .اعمل على ان تاتي الى هنا و ان تستمتع بذلك   .المصدر      :    عالم المعرفة

Hello Kansas

The wonderful elements of our natural world can be witnessed everywhere. These are not only seen when exploring forests or navigating rivers, but are truly realized where the eyes generally don’t look and where the mind skips over. The great open spaces of the world hold many wonders, in just the simple space that they occupy. Here in the sphere of fields, we find the vast openness of the world; a window into the heartmind.

An open field for some is nothing special, just a long stretch of land used for farming or livestock. Those who care to stand on its margins and look across this vast sea of wheat and grain may find something different; a simple truth that hides within us all.

In the openness of the heart we can work wonders for humanity. We become compassionate, we learn, we feel and we grow; we witness truth. We grow as we nurture this openness, just as the wheat grows tall toward the sun, so do each of us when properly warmed and watered. All can witness this pleasant virtue if he so chooses. To open the heart is to open a home, to open the arms; to let love shine on all creation.

I once journeyed across the Great Plains, from the Gulf south up into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Along the way I crossed through Kansas. As I crossed the southern border, the gentle slopes of Oklahoma started to fall behind me and the flat, open plain of Kansas began to come into focus. The sun was near to set and the panoramic view I now witnessed was mesmerizing. I was compelled to stop and take it all in.

I parked my car aside a stretch of old country highway. I stepped onto the roof of my vehicle to get a better perspective. I could see for what seemed like miles in every direction. The sun cast a blueish pink hue over the open fields as the wheat tops gently waved with the breeze. The air was crisp and I was attuned to the majesty of the moment. I felt as though I was in the throes of God, witnessing a space of pure acceptance and love. I thought that this had to be the place where spirits come to play; to run free and grace the Earth with pure harmony. 

In life, we must keep the heart as wide open as these great fields are. Doing this we gain the ability to see in all directions. We can move with the four winds and we embrace all creation. The sphere of fields invites all to its open space. Take care to travel here, and enjoy it.

Written by knowthesphere.

Translated by arabian roses.