Precious الثمينة


لقد عثرت على اجمل جوهرة

بعض منها ازرق ضارب للخضرة

البعض الاخر من الخزف الابيض

امواج من السمرة و الذهب

انها تحفة فنية

 احيانا اتاملها وحسب

اعجب بقوامها الممتلىء الجميل

اتساءل من الذي قذف بذاك الكمال على السطح

و لكن هذا الحجر الثمين ليس ملكا لي

و عندما  ينتهي وقتي

سوف يكون على شخص اخر ايجاده

سوف يكون  في  يدي اخر

Written by Richard Voza

Translated by arabian roses


I found the most beautiful gem

Some of it is a greenish blue

Some of it is porcelain white

Waves of brown and gold

It’s a work of art

Sometimes I just look at it

admire its graceful curves

wonder who cast that perfect surface

But this precious stone isn’t mine

And when my time is over

It will be for someone else to find

It will be in the hands of another

Written by Richard Voza


5 thoughts on “Precious الثمينة

  1. i am honored that someone as wonderful as you would think that what i’ve written is important enough to put on your page. thank you very much. you are a blessed person.

    1. The honor is mine =) I must say I rejoice in challenging your thoughts and translating them. You respect my opinion as they are and I appreciate that so much , so thank you for that sO much =)

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