A beloved’s confessions

It was me who stole your Queen chess piece.

I hate it when you call her my inamorata, that word is mine.

It was me who made your car’s four tires flat the other day ,it wasn’t the delivery boy.

I didn’t want you to go to the mountains ,I had a bad dream.
It was me who put your black t-shirt in the clothing donation box, it wasn’t your mum. I hate it when girls liked it on you.
It was me who made myself catch a cold, I went barefoot in the rain. I love the way you get worried about me when I ‘m sick.
It was me who broke the CD your ex-girl friend gifted you .I hate that look on your face whenever you listen to it.

13 thoughts on “A beloved’s confessions

        1. Thank you .Would you please replace my name by another blogger’s ,I was nominated for this award before.I’m sure someone else is eager to have it and especially from you.I’m not declining your gift,it’s precious and I want someone else feel what I felt when I had one from you the first time.I hope you agree PLEAAASE agree . =) =)

    1. Salam, I’m glad seeing you’re here . You’re absolutely right my poem is about possession .I’m possessive when it comes to people .I love sharing things ,giving up on things but not people ,people are so precious for me .:)

    1. I love this poem too 🙂 I don’t know why ,I just love it:) I’m glad you share the same feeling about it :)thank you for your uplifting words.Many blessings to you 🙂 Have gorgeous moments please.

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