Let’s speak Tunisian lesson 1:Greeting


-Aslemma – Hello

-Bislemma – Good bye

-Shniya ahwalek? – How are you?  

-Lebes?  – How are you? 

-Lebes, winti? – I’m fine and you?

-Labes elhamdulillah – I’m fine thanks (thanks to God)


5 thoughts on “Let’s speak Tunisian lesson 1:Greeting

  1. “Aslemma” what a lovely greeting!
    This simple page has got me mesmerized — or is it just the picture?
    If that’s Tunisia then I think I just fell in love…. with it.

      1. Aslema *smile*
        I was so right to say that I had fallen in love. Indeed I did — so much that I googled about your wonderful land, and came across many a things that have swept my heart off its beats *smiles*
        The architecture intrigued me most. I am so glad I came across your abode.

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