A true muslim is a token of purity; body and soul.

Western Media has never been a great fan of  Muslims, always twisting truth,and improvising  bed time stories , far-fetched ones in which , it’s the Muslim who has always  to wear the hat of  the evil in all its shapes  ; that of   killer,that of  rapist,  that of terrorist,and that of  illiterate .
Another story  that breaks my heart is whenever the picture of a muslim is evoked  in a movie ,it’s always  painted in dark colours.He is dirty,filthy.He  appears in shabby clothes and unwashed hair as if he was just digged out of oblivion .
             *A true muslim is a token of purity; body and soul
The other day, while flipping through internet pages ,my eyes fell on a catchy  comment stating that  a Muslim doesn’t know anything about his body. I smiled at the silliness of the speaker .If so, where do all these Muslim populations come from,may be Saint clause factory toy?!
I want to tell anyone who has even the slightest belief that muslims don’t know their bodies ,that they’re  mistaken.We do know our body ,every inch of it,and the function of each piece of it.We appreciate it and tend it like a flower and  Allah and his prophet Mohammed peace upon him  , teach  us a lot on that and warn us against abusing it.This  explains why taking care of personal hygiene is one of the pillars of a muslim’s faith.
A muslim  must Clean his   dress ,his  home  and his  body is number one priority.
The rituals of body purity  ranges from cleaning his teeth ,nostrils,trimming of nails and removing armpit and pubic hair
When  a Muslim woman has her period ,making love  is prohibited,  because sex during menstruation results in severe illnesses .
A woman is also exempted from fasting , prayingand reciting Quoran.Cleanliness is a must after making love,and a  muslim is considered to be diry till he/ she cleans her body.
Another facet of knowing our body is that we respect its needs and fabric and there are lot about that in Quoran ,we clean our body 5 times a day  and this is known as woduh, it’s muslim daily rituals of cleaning his body before starting prayer.
 A muslim starts  with saying :”in the name of allah the mecyfull the faithfull”
-1: wash your hands to the wrist x3.
-2:Wash your mouth x3.
-3:Wash your nose x3.
-4: Wash your face x3.
-5:Wash your arms to the funny bone x3.
-6:wipe your hair with a lil bit of water.
7:wash your ears from inside and outside x3.
8:your feet x3 then you ready to start prayer.
  Taking care of our body is very important in our life as muslims and hurting it is a sin;it’s a gift from Allah and we have to treasure it.
Written by arabian roses
Happy reading 🙂

4 thoughts on “A true muslim is a token of purity; body and soul.

  1. Very good post. The western interpretation of Muslims is quite an atrocity. So many people think that Islam is just a bad/false religion. I’ve had countless arguments with boneheaded people who truly believe that the Quoran preaches hate,and that all Muslims hate all westerners. Many of the same people have never met a true Muslim, nor have they ever read the Quoran. The truth is that the Bible speaks more of bloodshed than the Quoran, I guess they didn’t read those parts.If only people could look upon others with the heart, perhaps then they’ll see that God is love.

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it =)
      umm,muslims don’t hate non-muslims.A true muslim is raised to love ,to forgive,and to spread life not to rob it .You know in islam,one’s neighor whether a musilm or non-muslim has rights upon us, we have duties towards him/her including protecting his interests when he is absent,showing him respect when he is present,help him when he is inflicted with any injustice, not remaining on look-out to detect his faults; and if, by any chance, you happen to know any undesirable thing about him, hide it from others; and, at the same time, try to desist him from improper habits, if there is any chance that he will listen to you, never leaving him alone in any calamity,forgive him, if he has done any wrong.
      I believe descriminating people on the basis of their religion creed is foolish and irrational.We’re beautiful creatures ,there a lot to learn from or inspire each other and religion creed should not hinder that.It’s my Hindu friend who volunteered to review my short stories.It’s my kurdish friend who made for me e-book as a gift.It’s my Christian friend who put up with my stubborness.Muslim or non-muslim we’re precious creation, right? 🙂 yes it’s right 🙂

  2. Yes, very true. I,too, have many friends from many different faiths, they all impart knowledge and truth in their own wonderful way. Personally, I’ve always admired the Islamic faith. It comes with such devotion and discipline, it is a very beautiful thing. It is sad that extremist views and sects cloud the image of this great religion here in the west. Christianity can be just as beautiful too, or ugly, all depending upon the belief and morals of the follower. This can be said for all religious followers. There are too many who claim a religion but do not follow its truths. I believe Ghandi said it best when asked about Christianity: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians, your Christians are nothing like your Christ.”

  3. Salaaam Jeremiah . Did you check my last post,its your comment that you wrote here,i love it ,it’s deep,and i wanted to share it 🙂
    yeah ,you’re right ,extremists are uglifying islam,it’s a religion of moderation .

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