We can’t shake hands but you can say hi !

 Whenever  you appear online facebook,or msn,and there are  friends on the other side online  ,greet them,because they can see you too .Like gifts ,greeting   brings warmth to a friend’s heart.Greeting  is cheap ,it wouldn’t cost you  a penny ,on the contrary you will gain a lot;your friends’ admiration  and respect.

Even  if you’re in a hurry ,and you just log in to check your emails ,  you can stop what you’re doing  for a  minute and say  “hi” ,and to spare yourself  a long conversation ,use the following expression ‘I just wanted to say hi”,he/she will get the hint.


What if  you’re busy talking to a friend , and another one appears  on the stage? Well, don’t say ” Im busy ” because it’ looks like you’re avoiding him /her for one reason or another , that’s why  you ‘d better say” I’ m sorry I’ m taking to a friend , I  can’t talk to you right now ,may be another time or I will be with you in few minutes.Make sure you use the sweetest words to not offend him/her.Most importantly,never make a fool of your friend by telling him/her ” I need to make a phone call  ,be right back,or you have a phone call to take ” then never show up for the whole day while he/she is waiting for godot .


It’s virtual,but people in it are flesh and blood and when they come to virtual they carry with them the same feelings ,attitudes perceptions and reactions they have in real life. We feel sad and confused when a friend appeared online but  ignores us or  doesn’t ruturn our greeting ,in the same way we get hurt when  we come cross  a  close  friend in the shopping centre and passes  by without saying hi.I f you don’t feel like talking to someone on your friend list just be fair to him/her and delete him/her .



I sort of think that GREETING has a vital  part to play in human relationships,and animal as well;ants for example , greet each others when they meet.It’s a gesture of communication.It’s our genuine way to  make our presence known  to each other, and to show attention either through a wide smile,simple kiss,a hand shake or a hug and in virtual we can do all  this thanks to emoticons .


power of greeting

-It feels really good to know that although your friends were busy they stopped to say hi.It matters you are there.

 -Muslims all over the world use the Islamic form of greeting, “Assalamu alaikum”, which means peace be to you. Thus, when two Muslims meet who are total strangers to each other, the moment they use this greeting, they immediately feel that they have common grounds, even when they do not speak each other’s languages.

 The rule in Islam is that when we are offered a greeting, we return it with a better one, or with its equal at least. God orders in the Qur’an:

“When a greeting is offered you, answer it with an even better greeting, or (at least) with its like. God keeps count of all things.”
[Surah an-Nur; 4: 86]

Greeting in English


  1. Hello!
  2. How are you?
  3. How are you doing?
  4. How is everything?
  5. How’s everything going?
  6. How have you been keeping?
  7. I trust that everything is well.

General greetings (Informal)

  1. Hi.
  2. What’s up?
  3. Good to see you.
  4. How are things (with you)?
  5. How’s it going?
  6. How’s life been treating you?

Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time (Formal)

  1. It has been a long time.
  2. It’s been too long.
  3. What have you been up to all these years?
  4. It’s always a pleasure to see you.
  5. How long has it been?
  6. I’m so happy to see you again.

Greeting a person you haven’t seen for a long time (Informal)

  • How come I never see you?
  • It’s been such a long time.



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