Presidents should start blogging too!

Published March 5, 2012 by arabian roses
It is a brilliant idea,that I highly recommend for all world leaders ,kings and queens for several reasons,good reasons.
Genuine friendship
Blogging  is a golden opportunity to seize  to make new friends of diffrent fabric from the one you as a  president are used to.Friends  from all walks of life ,common people who will point out  to your flaws rather than coloring them with bright glitterring colours.The more sincere comments you write the more hearts you captivate.The more useful posts you publish,the more readers you win.Posts stand for your speeches,and  decisions ,while comments stand for your reactions towards  people’s criticism  of your policy.While bloggers are  the sincere counsellors.Blogging will teach you  to accept and deal with criticism .Some will follow you ,while others will block you or mark you as spam.
No more treasure hunting
Blogging is a new hobby that world leaders can take up.It’s cheap,accessible and most of all safer than playing the part of Ali Baba and  the 40 haramy ( thiefs) that some are hooked on . Not to mention the part of Casanova that  many love playing.
Besides people love writers,if  you fail to make them believe your credibility as a  politician, you can  win them over as a writer,then a ruler.
Practise makes perfect
 Practise makes perfect,then presidents don’t need to hire a speechwriter as blogging will teach them how to write their own speech by themselves,  a speech that will touch the listeners instead of  the stony ones we used to,ones that remind us of  the sound of  an old man ‘s heavy wobbling walking stick :monotonious ,repetitive  and  ,nerve -wrecking. Here ,a president can learn how to make  words come straight from his  heart to dwell in the heart of  his audience .I  recommend the use of a cheerful background too,because not  everyone is fond o f  faces . Audience need something warm than  that liveless face and that  forced smile that reminds you of George Orwell ‘s Big  Brother is watching you .
 After election most  presidents  suffer from low performance and  productivity.They don’t  work hard the way they did when preparing for their election compaign  due to the lack of rivals and competitors,and blogging  is the best way  to ignite that flame again because here allbloggers are competing with each other  to have the best blog, to win readres.
Bloggin is a free nation
Blogging is a free floor to exchange ideas without one fearing losing his neck and this policy should be extened to real life blogging too.Like  your posts ,your  legislations and decisions concerning the nation must be  open to discussion ,and instead of pulling a trigger to a head of a protesetor ,take your pen and edit them.
Tight shoes
Why don’t presidents  start blogging their  speeches instead   of delivering them  face to face.Imagine doing that while sipping  your icy  tea  ,playing your favorite music  ,far away  from  blindig camera  flashes,deafening shouts of reporters ,and a tight  pair shoes that keep you from concentration,that they have to repeat every question for you.The outcomes will be fruitful due to the lack of distraction ,and tense atmosphere.
Happy blogging 🙂

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