Are Password hackers great fun of the pirates of the caribbean?

Did you watch Pirates  of the caribbean?  I bet  you did and more than one time  .Pirates are charming ,let alone when  impersonated by Jhonny depp  and Orlando Bloom.They have always  fascinated us.
But, has  it ever crossed  your mind  that you  can be a part of it ? You must think it’s a far-fetched dream.It’s not ! thanks to Mr Password Hacker.Well, you might not love the role of a hostage but at least it keeps you close to pirates’ world,the only difference is that Mr Password Hacker is not as bewitching as Orlando Bloom.No one knows what he looks like or knows  his real name as he has many like black hat or white hat.It looks like hackers love hats .Well, that can be a good  thread  leading  to them; hat lovers are hackers.When making a research on password hacking ,I found out that hackers call themselves “White Hat” because they hack for defensive purposes.
                Hacking is  the weapon of  employees who had been fired .Since shooting is a crime,the only way they can  get revenge on their boss is to hack his  password and blackmail  him.
Pirates  and Hackers  have the same mission ,both are determined to destroy a security system ;the former of a vessel,the latter of a computer. And both have  destructive weapons.Pirates use cannon,swivel guns while Hackers  utilize sophisticated ones including dictionary attack,hybrid attack, and brute force attack.Jack sparrow would be bewildered if he hears that.
Dictionary attack:
Hackers will try every word from the dictionary as a password.This weapon is good as it doesn’t take much time .
Hybrid attack
It  is a mixture of a brute force attack and dictionay attack.The hacker adds a couple of numbers to the end of each dictionary word.
I must say that Hackers are hard working  ,some  burn the night oil to steal our password while we ‘re sleeping,this might explain why some refer to a hacker as a clever programmer.
You might wonder how you can combat them,well there are some tools ,simple ones but they work.
1-Never stuck your password to your mirror or under your treasure chest.
2-Think of strong password that can never come cross a living soul  mind but you.
3-Change your password monthly.
4-Use an Anti-virus program, and it’s advisable to use a reside virus checker that provides a full-time protection to your computer because free web -based programme detects virus unless you are on line and at the manufacture’s web site.
Happy reading 🙂

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