My eternal love

Published February 3, 2012 by arabian roses

My soul is sparkling with his love like a full moon
Now I know that I found my true love
A love that shakes me inside like a typhoon
And break to pieces old loves
Now I know I ’m no longer alone
He has always been there
How can’t I feel his presence
Now I will carry his love inside of me
And never let it go
Now I ’m ready to go through tunnels of darkness
Because his love will enlighten my path
I know I can touch the sky, hunt stars
Because he can hear me when I pray
He feels what i feel
Now i can confess my love without fear
Because I know he won’t laugh at me
Now I can tell him ‘I love you’
And never feel small
Because I know he will not tease me
Now I can feel complete loving him
His name is Allah the most beautiful name ever
I love Allah and how beautiful his love is in me.
My soul is sparkling with his love like a full moon.


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